If I had to pick one event that I hadn't expected to happen to me, it is my current situation. Don't get me wrong, I had expected it recently because of the circumstances, but in my old life I would never have dreamed of something like this; I am currently lying in the middle of a room, with the body of a werewolf behind me lying in a bloody mess, and a vampire is walking toward me with bloodlust clearly apparent in his eyes. Yep, I don't think this was the most likely situation for a simple law student to get herself into. A small part of me thought the situation was laughable, but one quick look at the vampire's eyes quickly dispelled me of that notion.

I quickly looked behind me to the crumpled body of the werewolf I had brought with me, but more importantly, I looked for the stake he had in his possession.

"Ah ah ah… I wouldn't do that if I were you," Zhukov said as he slowly walked towards me, almost looking human, with the exception of his unnaturally smooth movements and his bright red eyes that seemed to shine with the fires of Hell itself. As he said this he bared his teeth, which were stained red with the blood of the werewolf whose body was behind me.