To Good for Cerulean

Chapter 1

"WHAT, you can't do that" she screamed. "Sorry Misty, but the gym isn't getting as many trainers as it used to, we have to close it temporally" One of the Indigo league board members said. Another began "Or you can hand it back to your sisters, you've gotten too good for this league and to be only the second gym. Trainers are completing gyms seven and eight before even thinking of coming here. But if you hand it over to your sister we could also place you in a harder region. Though you would be an elite four not gym leader." "Ok" misty sighed " I'll give the gym to daisy but you have to give me information on this region before I do so" " Sure" said Kate as she handed over a pack of information " read through that and give us your answer tomorrow" and with that Kate and John, the league board members left.

Misty looked at the information pack she was given.

Tula Region

*Pokémon- contains the same Pokémon from the Kanto, Johto and Hoenn regions

* Gyms- each gym has a type gym 1 being rock, 2: electric, 3: flying, 4: fire, 5: grass, 6: ghost, 7: water and 8 being the final dragon

Each gym leader may have two Pokémon out of their category: e.g. gym one could have one grass Pokémon and one fire Pokémon

*trainer/gym leader/ elite information- each may carry 9 Pokémon unlike any other region where the total is six. The reason is because this region is unlike any other, to most unknown. Most wild Pokémon run around at a gym 6-8 level and are fiercer than others though, some are nice.

*Cities- there are only ten cities in Tula as most is training land.

City 1- Navajo City home to the Tula Port also known as 'Rest City' to Trainers

City 2- Taupe City home to the Taupe (1, Rock) Gym

City 3- Jonquil City home to the Jonquil (2, Electric) Gym

City 4- Munsell City home to the Munsell (3, Flying) Gym

City 5- Cordovan City home to the Cordovan (4, Fire) Gym

City 6- Dartmouth City home to the Dartmouth (5, Grass) Gym

City 7- Sangoire City home to the Sangoire (6, Ghost) Gym

City 8- Celeste City home to the Celeste (7, Water) Gym

City 9- Tangelo City home to the Tangelo (8, Dragon) Gym

City 10- Amaranth City home to the Tula region League and the Tula Elite Four

'Wow', Misty thought to herself, 'Stronger Pokémon and Gym Leaders yet I'm not going to be one of them, I'm going to be an Elite Four. How strong am I? I must be good enough if they want me there but I can't take all my Pokémon because without them Daisy would have the gym to the point of being closed down because it's too weak hahaha Since I'm allowed nine Pokémon I'll take eight with me and catch one over there.'

Misty went to the pool to not only feed the pokemon but to tell them the news. "Come guys chow time. I hope Daisy keeps getting Tracey to drop off this food from professor Oak because the Pokémon really love it."

After all the Pokémon finished eating the looked at misty knowing something was going on. Misty took in a deep breath "Ok guys I have some big news. Turns out I'm too good for this place so to stop the gym being shut down I'm moving to the Tula Region to be one of their Elite Four. The only problem is I'm only allowed to take eight of you, I've thought long and hard and I've made my choice. The ones that I've decided have to stay it's because you are what this gym needs and I know you won't let me down or the rest of Cerulean for that sake. This gym needs to stay open and you are the Pokémon to do that. The ones that are coming with me are Caserin, Gyarados, Vaporeon, Kingdra, Dragonair, Starmie and Azurill. Oh how could I forget Golduck? You guys have been there with me for a long time most on my travelling days with Ash. Ok guys get some sleep it's about half eleven and we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow"

Misty went back up stairs, not thinking about Tula, instead a black haired boy with a Pikachu. 'Oh Ash if only you could see me now, she thought, do you still remember me? Would you know me if you saw me because I'm no longer that 12 year old girl with the side pony tail and a mallet', she laughed thinking of the memory. 'No my hair is shorter and lighter it's more of s brown blonde colour instead of bright ginger and I don't even own a mallet any more. I guess being away from you caused me to mature a bit. It's been what two or three years since I last saw you? Do you still wear that hat? Are you still that idiot boy I knew they couldn't navigate his way around a region even if your life depended on it? Do you still carry Pikachu on your shoulder? Who knows maybe one day Ash we'll meet again in Tula because I know you are good enough to make it there. You might not beat me of course but you'll make it to Tula. Good luck on your journey and for the future.'

Misty Sighed while opening her bedroom door she was tired yet couldn't get to sleep. She had too much on her mind to sleep. Where Ash was, how he was doing, did he remember her, would the gym be alright without her, Would her Pokémon forgive her, did she make the right choice, is she as strong as everyone think she is and randomly she thought 'I wonder how Togetic is?' With the amount of worrying being too much for her misty drifted off to sleep.