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Early night, Youkai Mountain, Aya's house, Aya's PoV:

"Now that they've healed up some, let's see about a test flight, hrm? Flap 'em!" I aimed a wide grin at my cousin, with intent of bolstering her confidence.

With a nod, Hatate began to flap her wings, wincing slightly with every flap, and gaining nothing but pain for her efforts. Before long, she gave up, falling to theher knees. "Hatatata...! It's no use...! I'm still unable to..."

Her wings, while healed for the most part, still had patches of baldness, and a bit of rawness to those patches. While it was a good effort she had put forward, it simply wasn't enough; the pain had been too much for the poor girl. However, a light suddenly went on in my head, and a wide grin split across my cheeks. "Ayayaya, I guess you're still not healed enough to fly, huh? I guess I had set my hopes too high; if it were me, I'd be healed enough to fly by now!"

Just as expected, my little bit of bragging was enough to get Hatate to try again. Before my eyes, the little birdie began to flap harder than before; she always was motivated best by knowing someone was better at something than her. Soon she was off the ground, and flapping just enough to stay in the air. "If you can do it, I can do it...!" It was obvious that she was in pain, judging by the strain in her voice. Her efforts earned her a grin and a pat on the head, causing her to blush.

At the silent praise, Hatate began to grin as brighty as she could muster, reminding me of why she's my favorite cousin. I have a couple dozen of the things, after all... "Aya, I did it!" That bright grin soon turned cocky, as I had anticipated it would. "I knew I could!"

While I was busy seeing Hatate off, Wriggle had turned in for the night, as it wasn't as if she could safely go outside and join me in watching the test-flight that had now turned into a farewell. As she is an outsider, it would be unwise to let her out of the house, lest she be spotted by a tengu.

Midnight, Misty Lake, Koishi's PoV:

Now that I've thoroughly inspected the tiny house, it's about time for... "Fishing~!"

My tiny little batty friend gave a gleeful little cheer, throwing her arms into the air. "Fishing!"

I grinned at how cute she was acting from me piggy backing her. I'll need to remember that for later~!

As I continued to bounce her on my shoulders, my arteries holding her in place, I made my way the the edge of the lake. Upon reaching the edge, I knelt down, and dipped a finger in, before recoiling. "Cold!"

In my surprise, my coiled arteries constricted the legs of the little fanged girl, causing her to squeak cutely. "Uuu... Th-that hurts a little..." Had she been human, I probably would have broken her legs by accident just then.

Thankfully she wasn't, not that I even thought about it, what with my eye in the state it was.

Having found that the waters weren't going to be fun to put my feet in, I left my boots on, and uncerimoniously plopped down on the side of the lake, not bothering to set down little Remi Remi. Instead, I simply put a tackle on the end of a rod, and handed it off to the little one, before doing the same for the second one. I didn't really know how to fish, so I didn't even bother with bait.

"Yay!" Remilia reared back her arm, before casting her line. The thing went flying far enough to make a splash in the exact center of the lake, about a kilometre away.

"Yay~! Fishing!" Soon after, I did the same, subconciously avoiding snatching little Remi Remi's hat on the pull-back, or otherwise hooking her. After all, I'm here for fishies, not leeches~! Mine landed a bit towards the middle, but nowhere near as far as Remi's.

And so we waited.

And waited.

And waited...

"...I'm boooored... Where's all the fishies...?" I gave the lake a pout, and a glare, as if it would listen.

"Uuu~..." The leech seemed to hold the same sentiments, while looking at the slightest glow of the sun over the horizon.

As if trying to answer my call for fishies, suddenly little Remi Remi got a bite, and was uncerimoniously yanked from my shoulders, just barely catching herself mid-air. She had to flap those big ol' wings of her really hard to keep from plunging into the deep, dark lake, where an huge shadow was just under the surface, seemingly waiting.

Remilia's PoV:

What the hell did I just snag?! Try as I might, I simply couldn't gain any ground at all on whatever might be down there!

In fact, unbeknownst to me I was actually losing ground to it. If not for these kappa-made fishing poles that a door-to-door sales tengu had sold us a few years back, the line would have snapped by now, or maybe just the rod itself. Why uses titanium in literally every componant...? Well, I assumed it to be titanium, anyways... The things were a little heavy, so maybe not...

While I was busy getting distracted by my thoughts on what would weigh this much, and also be this strong, the shadow suddenly reared it's ugly head, so as to yank my towards it.

...Is... is that the giant catfish that Meiling spoke of...? She fought that?! This thing must fill a quarter of the lake! What would that even eat?!

Before It had a chance to yank me into its mouth, Koishi chose now to zip out and grab me, losing her hat in the process.

Thankfully the surprise was enough to loosen my grip on the handle of the rod, while she kicked off of the nose of the enormous fish, and landed gently on the shore. "Phew, that was close~!"

I blinked in surprise at the sudden change of location. Fast...

When I looked up, I found myself being dropped, while Koishi patted at her head like wild for a few second, before she vanished.

The next few moments I saw many splashes coming from under the lake, as she wasn't about to let it keep her hat.

Moments later, I heard a horrible howl from the lake, and saw that the water had been filled with a great deal of blood.

Another moment later, and Koishe rose from the icy depths, hat in tow.

...I'll need to remember to never make her angry, as she also was carying a slab of meat from the fish large enough to feed the entire mansion for a fort-night.

Midnight, Mt. Shiro, Letty's PoV:

From far above, floating amongst the clouds, I watched a very special friend of mine gradually climbing the mountain.

Under my breath, I whispered, "Welcome home, little one..." With a small smile upon my lips, I watched as my dimunulative general was escorted by 15 pixies, and within a strange little party. I knew something to be wrong, but I couldn't guess as to what; did she get a new haircut...? Something was different, but I couldn't place what.

No, that's not it... What could it be? I knew that my little general wouldn't come to visit me without reason, especially at this time of the year, when I will be seeing her in a short few months... However, that also rose the question of why those two would be with her. Just what sort of reason would the Devouring Darkness, and one of the mikos of old be climbing this mountain for...? On that note, I really must wonder as to if that is Miko or Mima; they both look reletively the same, and so telling them apart by sight alone was quite tricky. ...Also, shouldn't those mikos be dead by now? Or atleast look old?

I suppose all I can do is pray that it is not Miko the cruel; if it is, she is likely here to kill me. If it was Mima, at worst I would have to worry about being sealed further, or the blob's blade. ...Now that I think about it, what sort of describing feature would Mima have to make a title from...?

The Holy Magician?

Curious Curiocity?

I'll have to think about the answer to that question awhile...

While I was busy thinking about rather irrelevant things, their little band began to leave my sight, and got quite the lead on me.

Flandre's PoV:

I spy with my little eye, the little eye of a spy in the sky~! Well, Atleast she's stopping following us!

"Hey Flan, what ya lookin' at, ze?" The black-white had noticed me grinning at the sky, but as she couldn't see eyes, she didn't know that someone was spying on us. I wonder who that was, anyways?

"I saw a strange eye in the sky, and was thinking about making it go kyuu!" Might as well warn her, right? Better than telling fibs!

At this, my usual playmate cringed. "F-flan, you really should be less trigger happy..."

I tilted my head. "But I've got no gun!"

"No, what I mean is... you should atleast check if they want to play before making them go 'kyuu,' da ze." The witch let out a sigh at my apparent lack of knowledge in such things.

"Fiiiine..." I put on my cutest little pout, and crossed my arms with a grumpy little huff.

As expected, Marisa found it to be cute, and couldn't help but chuckle at my actions. The smile it put on her face also put a smile on my own; I always enjoy seeing my playmates be cheerful, and happy.

Usagi's PoV:

W-why won't the... the pixies just leave me alone...? I can't say that, however; without them, we would never have gotten so far so fast.

While we were climbing the steep incline of the mountain, the group of fourteen pixies had decided they were going to... snuggle with me in various ways. Master and Rumia had indirectly prepared me for this, but I still felt like it was wrong to let them have their way, and yet... and yet... it felt so nice...

"Lady Usagi?" The intelligent one of their group, who was currently the only one leading the climb, was also the only one not busy with trying to please me in some way.

One pixie was on my shoulders, making me give her a piggyback ride; as a bit of reciprocation for making me carry her, she was gently carressing the slight pair of slight hills that was my chest with her toes, which had surprising strength. If I was paying more attention, I would notice that she also had the same taste in underwear as my master; none at all.

The next two pixies of my little entourage were enjoying linking arms with me, and had beaming smiles on their faces; they would have also rested their heads on my shoulders, but the pale thighs of the first fae were in the way.

Another pair of pixies were smiling shyly, and each held onto one of my hands. They were the least troublesome of the thirteen that felt the need to stay close to me.

The remaining eight had paired off, and were mollesting my four wings in an atempt to mimick the pleasure I had given them. They each licked, suckled and nipped at the blade-like icy hoops, ocasionally trailing a finger along the bladed edge. Every little action they performed upon my wings made me twitch about in bliss, my knees wobbling with weakness; if not for the pair of fae that were linking arms with me, I would likely have fallen down by now. As I was led along, my senses dulled as they were, I had not noticed the eye in the sky, or even the simple question being asked of me.

"...Lady Usagi?" Once more the pixie spoke up, trying to get my attention. Recieving no answer, she chose now to stop dead in her tracks, and simply state the obvious to those that would listen. "We have arived, lady Saruno."

Cirno's PoV:

I couldn't help but reminisce, as before us was a rather familiar tower of mirrored white; this towering cylinder of shining ice once was the central tower of mine and Letty's fortress. ...Well, it was made to look like it; the fortress itself was utterly destroyed over onehundred years ago, and this was a mere immitation of the portion that Letty favored the most. If not for having a hand in creating this tower, I would likely not be able to tell the difference between it and the real one. ...Well, from the outside, that is. On the inside it's far less... practical when compared to how once it was. Plus, the size was another obvious change. The size had been upgraded, as the original was not for living within.

It brought back memories of when Letty and I put our power together, and created this thing. Before I left the mountain, I had lived in this tower here for... ohh, about fifty years. However, the side-effects of our combined efforts were quite apparent to any with power over ice; the bricks that made it were thicker, larger, denser, and far heavier than ordinary blocks of ice. The original was made by the power of many ordinary ice fae, and so they had limited power. A fake avatar, and her false herald? Ohh, we had the power of atleast a hundred of the common fae between us, and far more control over it than their crude methods.

Letty figured that it would be best to get comfortable, and so we went all-out in the construction of this tower; the tower itself was atleast twice the diametre of the original, and the insides... Well, I forget what the inside looked like, what with being away for as long as I have, so it would be best to not go by memory. I gave the one particularly smart looking pixie a glace, and motioned to the five metre tall door, earning me a nod of understanding.

With her orders known, the pixie began to glow with an icy blue aura, her red irises burning brightly. After a short build-up of her internal mana reserves, her entire eyes began to glow a deep red, and the door glowed with the same icy blue color that her body was giving off.

After a few moments more, the glow faded. After one final moment, the massive doors began to slowly grind open, giving way to the end of our journey. With the doors were out of the way, one could see the rough ice floors, which were of the few things that weren't mirror-like in their shine, as well as being stained a pale magenta, unlike the pale blue of the walls. The spiraling stair-case was an ordinary white, however, as well as wrapping around the walls of this ground floor, and leading towards the next floor.

As we made our way in, I began to hear the sound of echoing foot-steps descending the stairs, telling me that the one we came all this way to meet was just where we wanted her to be.

Letty's PoV:

I slowly descended the stairs, and worked on catching my breath; I had to rush on the return trip, as I had gotten distracted by my thoughts. They had actually gotten a rather spacious lead on me due to this, and as my flight speeds aren't the greatest, I had to push my body to the limit to not seem as if I had been following them.

I hope none of them have sensitive ears, as my heart is beating like mad. ...Not to meantion my sweat, but that freezes on contact with the air, thus making it easily brushed off. ...On that note, I suppose I should do that, shouldn't I?

As I slowly descended the steps, I brushed the frozen droplets from my skin, and took steps to calm my heart. Think about cold things, and it will all feel better... Snowflakes, blizzards, hail, sleet, cold, ice, old silk hats.

Alright, I think I've calmed myself down enough... I hope none of them could hear my heart from this distance, now that I think about it... Little did I know, the girl in red with the sticks on her back could hear my heart ohh so well, not to mention smell the frozen sweat, and noticing that I was the eye from earlier.

As I came into view of my visitors, I aimed a smile as warm as they come at Saru, as I have missed her so. It had been over ten years since she had last set foot inside this prison that I call home.

I shall have to be sure to only call her... Cirno, was it? Yes, I believe that was the name she said she was using, back when I was first allowed out on grounds of being the new avatar of winter. Ohh, how happy I was to see her, even if her pale skin became downright ghostly at the thought of being found out. To find out that she had made a friend of the blob was... surprising, to say the least.

"My, I never expected you to take me up on that offer, Cirno... I mean, to come all the way out here, and climb a mountain, just to see little ol' me? I'm flattered!" As I continued to make my way down, I gave her a friendly wave, doing my best to support our agreed upon cover-story.

With a sigh, my general reaveled a slightly too vague detail of what had happened. "Letty, drop it. They already know..." That answer was quite enough to wipe the warm smile off my face, and replace it with a chilling frown.

At that revelation, I formed a trident of ice in my hand, and threw myself at a conclusion, while preparing to attack. "So you have come to finish the job, have you? So be it."

In response, the miko pulled her knife from it's sheath, twirling it in her hand idly, and taking a defensive stance. Seeing as only Mima had a knife, I believe it would be safe to assume her to be the miko of yin- Hey, that's a perfect title! ...Focus, girl... Can't let myself get distracted at a time like this.

The blob bared her teeth, and and growled seemingly at her lack of a weapon; had she brought her weapon, she would have obviously drawn it by now. Furthermore, if she were to directly touch me, I could probably freeze her solid in a few hits, even if getting hit is hardly a wise strategy, especially with all the strength she has in that little body of hers...

The strange little youkai in red pulled out a bent, spade-tipped... piece of twisted, and bent metal? Whatever it was, it stunk of hellfire and blood, both of which being particularly low in the rankings of things I enjoy being around.

Before the situation got out of control, my potential herald got between her party and I, shouting, "Stop it, Letty! They aren't here to do anything to us, this time!"

As I gave her a searching look, the demented grin of the one in red faded into that of a pout. "Aww, now I don't get to play..."

I let my trident fade into my body, and replied, "...As you wish, Saru." I fixed the maiden a glare, telling her that now would be a good time to stand down as well.

Upon seeing my weapon fade, as well as my icy glare, Mima swiftly sheathed her weapon, while the blob simply kept looking at me with caution.

The last to put away their weapon was the little girl in red, whose weapon vanished in a pouf of flame, causing me to flinch. I don't like fire; it reminds me too much of the summer fae. Thankfully such things are usually not a problem at this altitude, but it also leaves me open to little surprised such as that one.

Saru cleared her throat, and answered one of the numerous questions on my mind. "Now, the reason we are here is simple; Yukari turned me human, and I need your help to return to normal."

"Ohh, is that all?" I had yet to fully process the information, and so my general gave me the strangest of looks. A moment later, I blinked in shock, once realization finally hit me like an oni. "...Sh-she can do that...?" The pale skin of my face went pure white at the thought of her doing that to me.

A sigh and a single nod was enough to answer that question, but she went on to add, "Yukari turned Mima, Usagi, and I human."

Her intuition telling her that I was about to ask a very obvious question, Mima offered me the desired knowledge without me even having to make a peep. "I became an evil spirit, as my life ended in a... unique way." With a sigh, she went on to say, "I killed Miko, and Yukari made me kill myself." As I was about to open my mouth to ask the next obvious question, she said, "While I was stabbing her like mad, Yukari came along and gapped my final stab into my own heart. Needless to say, I died."

Ignoring the annoyance of being continuously interrupted, I began to shake with laughter just a bit. "So let me get this strait... Of all the people in the land that had a bone to pick with the girl, it was you that finally killed her? Never thought you would have the balls... Finally gave up on changing her, did we?"

Mima, who was used to strange compliments, simply took it in stride. "Thank you, I suppose." Spending a decade among youkai was enough to prepare her for far worse than being congratulated on killing her own sister.

Choosing now to speak up, little Saruno loudly cleared her throat so as to bring our attention back to her. "Letty, I need some of your blood."

I rose a brow at the vague request, but decided that she would likely only ask for such a thing if she truely needed it. "Alright, Saru. How much?" I made an imitation of the Hakurei's knife, and held it to me wrist, ready to slice my wrist at her command.

At my readiness to shed my own blood, Marisa gave a wide grin. "You two must be real close, ze!"

I smiled at the observation, as it was just about spot-on. "If not for her, I would have died long ago, and that god would still be alive. She's the best general I could have hoped for, and more."

While I was busy smiling at my memories of the past, the black-white was busy searching for something within her hat. Somehow, she had fit her entire arm in the thing, and looked like she was cursing her inability to see what it is that she was grabbing at. Eventually her face lit up, and she pulled out a pair of glittering bars of... gold? No, they look too rough and powdery to be gold... I wonder what they are?

"All we need is a drop of blood per brick, ze!" While the witch was grining, I gave my general a questioning look, which earned me a nod. It would seem that the mono-chrome one is the one in charge of... whatever it is that my blood is needed for. Now knowing that only a couple drops were needed, I removed the knife from my wrist, and instead poked a thick in the pad of my thumb, letting my frigid blood drip onto the pair of bricks. I made sure not to get any directly on the hands of the witch, as my blood would likely be able to freeze any tissue it comes in contact with; being the avatar of winter has its perks, and its down-sides. ...Not to mention that some of the perks are also down-sides. Once the anti-climactic process was over with, she handed one to my general, stuffing the other back into her hat.

Upon seeing her stash the second one, I couldn't help but ask yet another obvious question. "...What was the second one for...?"

Before the widely grinning witch could answer that question, Saru said, "Payment. The witch wishes to become a youkai, and sees this as an easy option. Judging by how I likely have the key to becoming a fae once more in my hand, I think I would agree that it is rather easy, so long as one has the dust..." Dust? What dust?

I couldn't help but snort at the thought of the black-white being short and frigid. The witch in question gave a slightly adorable pout, likely thinking I was looking down upon her for her choice. "Cirno showed me just how much power a fairy can contain... Not only did she defeat me, but she also beat lady Mima, ze!"

The blob chose now to point out a bit of uncommon knowledge. "Is that so~? That's to be expected, really! Back in the day, it took both Mima and I to take her down! In the end, we had to double-team her, just to knock her out. If only Mima had learned some fire magic, that may have been easier." The girl fixed the shrine maiden with a look.

"W-well, I never expected to end up fighting living ice!" The once-spirit stammered a bit, as she hated when her Sunshine brought things like that up.

The rather insane sounding revelation caused the black-white to raise a brow in confusion. "Really...? She didn't seem all that strong, when I first fought her... Heck, you were pretty weak too, Rumia..."

This bit of ignorance earned the human magician a shark-toothed grin from the blob. "Is that so~?" At the flinch from Marisa, her grin began to literally split her cheeks open, showing just a few more teeth than one would think her mouth to contain. "Do remember that the spell card system is there to weaken us youkai. Heck, I was still new to the system the first, and thus far only time we fought. If we were to fight outside of spellcard rules, and I had a blade, I would be a match for... well, you wouldn't be a match for me."

The matter-of-fact sort of way she said it made Marisa bristle with anger, and her usual grin turned into an annoyed frown. "...Alright, I think I'll take that bet, pipsqueak."

I cleared my throat, interrupting them. "Take this outside, if you must do this; I don't want my home to be destroyed like some sort of shrine."

With my suggestion stated, and the lines in the sand drawn, the pair of blondes made their way outside. Marisa jumping on her broom, and flew off, followed by the bounding bipedal blob, who simply ran after her with a wicked grin on her face. She didn't have a particularly quality blade, but she could make something like a blade of bone, at the cost of a bit of her body mass.

Mima let out a groan, and followed after the pair, not wanting Marisa to get hurt too bad. On her way out, she rose a brow at the pile of writhing pixies, with a gooey Usagi center.

The girl in red skipped after them, not wanting to miss the show, and quite curious as to who might win. The one that smelled of human flesh seemed like a safe bet, but she rooted for Marisa anyways.

Cirno's PoV:

With only Letty and I remaining, I looked at the reddened fairy dust, which felt colder than normal due to the yuki onna blood mixed in. I can't believe I'm about to do this, but...

I took a small bite, while cringing in anticipation. I was sure it was going to be disgusting, but... it was delicious. I couldn't help but blink in confusion, before taking another bite, followed by another, and another. Before I knew it, I had scarfed the whole thing down. Why is it so tasty...? I would rather not have the stuff that makes up my soul taste good.

At first I felt utterly normal, but soon I felt a horrible, chilling pain in stomach, causing me to wince a bit. Before long, the coldness of it began to feel nice, and my body gradually went from warm, to freezing. My lightly tanned flesh began to quickly go back to being slightly pale, and my eyes began to glow with an inner power, giving my aqua blue eyes a faint icy glow to them, sclera and all.

The chilling ice of the floors stopped hurting against my bare, badly frostbitten toes, and instead started to feel nice, the dead tissue being rejuvinated by the very thing that had once caused it so much woe.

Soon my body began to feel lighter, and lighter, untill it finally felt weightless. The water in the air around me began to pull towards me, making the tiniest set of 6 wings I think I have ever had. They were each the size of my thumb, and looked as if they would break with the slightest touch. I'm going to need to bathe a lot, untill they return to normal... Maybe I'll just sleep in a basin of water.

Tears began to freely flow down my face. They weren't tears of pain, even if a fair bit of pain was involved. They certainly weren't tears of loss, as I wasn't human in the first place, and had no desire to be one ever again. What they were was relief; I was afraid that I would die as a human. Humans are so very fragile, and at the slightest harm, their life is snuffed out. Mima is a good example of this. She was so strong, for a human! But a single stab to the heart was enough to take her out, apparently...

"...Are you okay, Saru?" Letty looked at me with concern in her eyes.

"I... Yeah, I haven't felt this good in days." I gave her a blazingly brilliant grin, so as to prove my point.

With that said, I began to wiggle my tiny wings, flying over towards the writhing pile of my people. I couldn't help but shake my head with a slight chuckle, as I began to dig my way through them, and pulled a sticky Usa to freedom. They continued their little bit of fun amongst each other, not even noticing that I had stolen their god from them.

I held up my prize, and gave her a grin. "Hey there, Usa."

She blinked in response, and looked me over with slightly dull eyes, at first thinking she was just imagining things. "...M-mas... ter...?" Her voice was rather breathy, seeing as she was having a rather lovely time I would imagine.

At her recognition of who I was, I let a grin creep across my cheeks. "That's right, Usa." My grin quickly faded, and I placed her on top of a snowbank. "I know it's a bit late, but I'm... I'm sorry, Usa. I can't say that I should have told you sooner, as I had my reasons, but... I'm sorry..." At the thought that my good relationship my be ruined, I teared up. "I'm sorry, okay...?" Even if we had known eachother for such a short time, the thought of her hating me was a bit heart-rending.

She blinked a couple times, while trying to process what I was talking about, before smiling slightly. "It's... it's okay, Cirno..." She gave me a weak little hug with one arm, and used the other to brush away the tears that had frozen to my cheeks. "I forgive you."

I gave her a timid smile, and asked, "Really? You... you can accept what I did in the past...? The lives I ended? Everything"

By this point she had steadied her breathing, and cleared her head of the fog that had settled within it. "The past is the past; you've obviously changed... You were let out 'cause you felt sorry, right?"

Ehh? How did she... "Who told you that...?"

She gave me a sweet little grin. "I figured it out on my own, Master... I was told the story of the past by the pixies that you commanded long ago."

So she knows everything, now...? "Y-you're okay that I started a pointless war...? You're fine that I killed that god?" How can she be fine with something like that? I know I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, but...

Not sure how else to answer my question, she chose that moment to pull me in for a timid little kiss, causing my eyes to widen for a second. However, that second was short-lived, and soon I began to return to kiss. As my pupil began to close her eyes, I began to gently lick at her lips, begging for entrance that she was more than happy to give. I began to lick at her tongue, which caused her to gently lick mine in return, while her cheeks slowly started to resemble tomatoes.

It wasn't long untill I had pushed her into the slow beneath us, and for the next few minutes I busied her mouth with my own, all the while Marisa and Rumia were having a noisy little battle. Mima tried to stop them, but eventually ended up giving up, while Flan cheered for Marisa, even if she was reletively sure she wouldn't win by this point.

Good End.

You lean back in your computer chair with a wide smile across your face. You finally did it, Huh? 1CCing DoP was easier than you had expected, honestly...

As you watched the credits roll, you let out a satisfied sigh at finally beating the game without using a single continue. Those bad ends were pretty sad, really. You're glad that you managed to not die against Flandre's playing, nor did Cirno fail to catch you, not to mention Yukari not killing you in the very start of the game, or when you fought Mima followed by Yukari as Yuuka in Usagi's body. Or that one time that you manage to get eaten by Rumia. How did that one even happen...?

As you get ready to eject the disk, you notice a new option on the main menu. "'Extra,' huh? That was locked before, wasn't it? Heh, might as well try it."

And so you start the Extra Stage.

Early morning, Garden of the Sun, Yuuka's PoV:

"My, what a bright day it is~" I looked to the sky, shielding my face with a hand, and continued speaking to myself. "The flowers will be quite happy with so much sun, but..." As I don't enjoy the sun nearly as much as a flower, I opened up my parasol, and leaned it against my shoulder. I was out strolling through the fields, in wait of a very special guest to arive.

From behind, I heard a very familiar voice from that very special guest. "I don't feel all that special..."

I had been looking forward to this meeting for days, what with having had no company for some time. Well, save for myself, but that hardly counts. "My, what else would you have me call you? 'Abnormal,' perhaps? Maybe 'uncommon'?" I grinned widely, and went on to say, "After all, they are all true; you come by so rarely, that I sometimes forget that you live here, too..." My wicked looking grin melted into a cute pout, as it's rather boring to have only the flowers to keep one company. Even the nameless ones have been rarely coming by these days...

Noticing I had started to spin my parasol in irritation, yet not reacting to it at all, Dai retorted, "It's not as if you're any more bound to these lands than I; why not leave them, and go make some friends? While you are away, I can tend the fields in your place." She began to give me a demented looking grin of her own, which made her the spitting image of myself.

"Ahh, much like when I went to the feast a number of days ago?" I gave her a teasing grin.

"Yes, much like that, but that was business; I want you to go out on pleasure." Thinking for a moment, the fae went on to say, "As in enjoyment, not a great deal of sex. ...Although, if you were to find a lover, I wouldn't mind you two having some fun when I'm not around, so long as you warn me. I don't particularly want to suddenly feel that through our connection." Thinking a moment moment longer, she added, "And only when I'm not around. No playing around, or twisting my words as an excuse."

I couldn't help but snort at that statement. Me? Find love? Who could possibly handle me...? Shaking myself out of my thoughts, I said, "Will do, little Dai~"

The little fae sighed at my thoughts. "...Right. Now, if we've nothing more to speak of, I'll be taking the majority of our power; I wouldn't want to be unable to protect our lands, you know? Ohh, and be sure to keep your end of the mental link open. As you always close it, I had to trouble my friends with ridding our old home of a pest."

What is this, some sort of lecture...? "Okay, okay, fine! I'll stop closing the bothersome thing."

At her request for power, a massive pair of purple-feathered wings came into being upon my back, and began to split appart. As if made of hot rubber, my wings began to stretch, before tearing in two. Somehow, the four wings were the exact same size as the oringinal pair. Soon those two pairs of wings became four, followed by eight, and finally ten.

Daiyousei chuckled at the sight. "Been awhile since I last saw your wings, huh? Just as impressive as ever..."

"Well, I like to keep them hidden~" It was the truth. I found it to be rather embarassing when people ask the obvious question.

"Sounds more like you're ashamed of your species, to me." Dai crossed her arms over her flat chest, and gave me a slight pout, while splitting her single pair of wings into three pairs.

Not answering her jab at my self-conciousness, I began to let my wings burn into energy, which swirled into the shape of a small danmaku-like orb in my hand, which floated over my palm. The energy within swirled, and looked much like glitter with an inner glow pulsing within water. When all but three of my wings were gone, I let the energy flow into Dai, ending my part in the ritual.

The green eye fae sighed at the feeling of power, making her grow a fourth pair of gold-trimmed insect-like wings, followed by a fifth pair. This continued untill she had ten pair of wings, and the grass around her began to grow like wild untill she reined in the sudden burst of power. "Ohh, that's much better..." She began to stretch a bit, and made her way towards our home. "Well, see you some other time, Yuuka; I need to go get changed, now that I can easily manipulate flowers once more."

As she turned to leave, I tossed her our parasol, which caught without even looking.

Daiyousei's PoV:

The flowers seem well watered. They have propper fertilization, and with the sun as it is today they are positively glowing. All around me, the heads of the flowers faced me, welcoming me home as I passed. Ahh, it's good to be home for a change. Just don't get too used to it; I intend to return soon enough, as I'm sure that I will not find anything to do.I couldn't help but chuckle at her. Yuuka, why don't you go to the big red mansion next to the lake? I'm sure there is someone there that you may find interesting. ...I will see about that.

After a short while, I had reached a section in the field with noting but dirt. It was a small, well fertilized section, and it accomplished it's use very well, not that it was immediately obvious as to what that was. I opened a small chest resting against the wall of our little cottage, and took a hand-full of seeds. "Perfect! Just what I need." I cast the seeds into the bare earth, and gave them the smallest fraction of my power, causing them to instantly bloom into rose bushe of both black and red roses. With a flick of my wrist, the petals of the plants all came off, and flowed into an orb, and I removed my power from the bushes, causing them to revert back into seeds. With a bit of conductor-like handiwork, the pettals began to weave themselfs into an odd sort of cloth of my favorite design, while the seeds made their way back into the chest.

Once it was done, I grinned widely at my new red and black plaid dress. Ahh, how I missed wearing such things.