Hello everyone. Here's a story about Zoro and Smoker being brothers. Please enjoy and review afterwards ^^


Zoro yawned in boredom and watched as the marine trying to free himself from the handcuffs once again. "You do know that those handcuffs are made of sea stone, right?" he asked, causing Smoker to glare at him. "Shut up."

"Captain Smoker, what will we do? These pirates will surely do something to us if we don't escape soon." Tashigi said and several marines behind her nodded. Zoro stared at them blankly. 'This is getting bothersome. How the hell did they end up in here again?'


"MARINE SHIP SIGHTED AND SMOKER'S ON IT!" Usopp yelled into the intercom. Nami immediately got out and started ordering everybody to prepare to escape. "Couldn't we just beat them up?" Luffy asked. "No way! It'll be too risky and that's Smoker's ship!" she said.

"Smokey's here? Yosh, let's fight!" he yelled but he was stopped by a punch to his head. Suddenly, Nami felt something strange. She listened carefully and then her eyes widened. "A storm is coming!" she whispered alarmingly. "Sanji-kun, raise the sails and Franky, prepare to use Coup de Burst! A big storm's coming this way!" she yelled.

"Hai, Nami-swan!" Sanji immediately replied while Franky nodded.

"STRAWHAT, ESCAPE IS FUTILE!" a familiar voice from above shouted. "Smokey!" Luffy grinned at him and got into a fighting stance. "Look behind him! He's using smoke to make their ship move faster!" Usopp shouted in alarm and panic.

"Attack their ship!" a cry was heard and then the marines were soon crowding the Thousand Sunny.

"COUP DE BURST IS READY!" Franky's shout was heard from below. 'Damn it! The storm's coming fast and if we won't have much time if we get rid of these marines.' Nami grit her teeth as she contemplated on what to do.

"Go for it! We won't have time if we push these marines overboard!" she shouted back as she hit a marine with her Climatact. "Alright then, everybody hold tight!" Franky hurriedly pushed some buttons.

"Eh? What's happening?" a marine looked down as he felt the ship shake and rumble. "COUP DE BURST!

"AAAAHHH! WE'RE FLYING!" the marines shouted in surprise and every one of them, excluding the pirates who were holding onto something tightly, were knocked out when they landed roughly.

Flashback over

"Oi, lunch is ready." Sanji said as he appeared from the doorway. He instantly appeared in front of Tashigi and placed a well decorated plate in front of her. "Please enjoy, mellorine!" he said with hearts in his eyes.

She was reluctant but decided to eat it anyway. "Delicious." her eyes widened at the first bite. "Mellorine!" Sanji said as he did his noodle dance. "Pervert cook." Zoro muttered under his breath. "What was that, moss for brains?" Sanji replied.

"You heard me, dart brow!"

"Why you lazy –"

"Enough!" Nami punched them both. "Nami-swan is so cute when she's angry!" Sanji wooed while Zoro called her a witch. "Anyway…" she turned to face the marines who were tied up on the grassy deck. "What should we do with these guys?"

"You could untie us for a start." Smoker replied, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "If we did, you would probably attack us and try to capture us so the answer is no." Zoro said. "I thought I told you to shut up, brat." The marine glared at him once again. A vein appeared on Zoro's forehead. "What did you just call me?" he growled. "Enough! We don't need you fighting! Sanji-kun, give them their lunch and Zoro, will you please try to control your temper?" and with that, Nami walked away and left.

A few hours later…

Zoro yawned. 'Why am I still watching these guys when I should be sleeping already?'

"Having a hard time sleeping, brat?" He glared at the marine officer. "Yeah and you are the reason why along with your stupid comrades' snores." Smoker glared. "That's no way to talk to your brother, brat."

Zoro snorted. "So calling your brother a brat is supposed to be the right way?" he replied. Both glared at each other but the staring contest was broken when they heard a crash. They both turned around and saw Usopp standing in the doorway in his pajamas. Near him was a broken glass of water.

"Ah~ Zoro and Smoker as brothers? I must be dreaming." He said to himself. "You are and if you are not, then we would've killed you already." Smoker growled while Zoro just glared at the sniper.

"Ah~ I see. Goodnight then!" Usopp said and then hurried to the men's quarters.

The two brothers inwardly let out a sigh of relief. "Well, sleep well brat." Zoro snorted and said, "Sure, if you don't snore."

As the two men fell asleep, an ear on the floor disappeared.


Why was Robin eavesdropping? I don't know but she knows when something is going on. And if you haven't figured it out, Usopp got up to drink a glass of water. I will try to reveal their past in the next chapter so please review for suggestions!