"Wake up!" Zoro opened his eyes and looked at Nami. "Could you please shut up? It's too early." He replied after giving out a yawn. "You were the one who slept during the watch! What would've happened if they got free?" she screeched.

"But they didn't, witch." He said and narrowly avoided a kick. "Never talk to Nami-swan like that, marimo!" Sanji said angrily. "Could you brats shut up? It's too early." A deep voice growled.

'De javu?' Nami thought as soon as she heard Smoker. "Are you finally awake, old man?" Zoro said. "Don't get too cocky, brat!"

"Ah, everyone seems so lively today." A calm voice sounded. Everyone turned towards Robin. "Cook-san, could you please start cooking breakfast?" she asked. "Anything for you, my beautiful flower!" Sanji swooned as he noodle danced to the kitchen.

She waited for him to disappear before speaking again. "May I talk to you in private, swordsman-san?" Zoro looked at her with confusion before shrugging. She motioned for her to follow him and they soon arrived in the library.

"Please take a seat." She gestured towards a chair as she took her own.

"Swordsman-san, I have heard a very intriguing conversation last night and want you to answer me truthfully." Robin said while staring at Zoro directly. "Just cut the crap woman and spit it out." He replied gruffly.

"Are you and Smoker brothers?" she asked almost immediately causing Zoro to glare at her. "How'd you know? Wait! Don't bother answering. We're not really brothers though. We're half-brothers." He said with a sigh. "But I suppose you want to know more?"

"I am quite interested about your past." Robin said with a smile.

Zoro frowned as if in deep thought. "Fine… that is IF you promise not to tell anyone else." Robin smiled in glee as he finally gave in. "You have my word."

He sighed again before starting. "Okay, it all started when I was about 5 years old…


"Brother, how does smoke taste?" a 5 year old Zoro asked a 20 year old Smoker. The age difference was quite big. Smoker's mother was killed by pirates recently so his father remarried another woman and gave birth to Zoro.

"It's… complicated." He answered as he dressed in a marine uniform. Zoro tilted his head in confusion. "What's brother doing?" he asked.

Smoker turned to him and grinned. "I got accepted in the marines! I'm gonna defeat pirates all over the world and avenge Mom! I'm also gonna bring justice to the world."Zoro's eyes widened in awe but his mood quickly deflated.

"That means you'we weaving?" he asked in a wavering voice. Smoker panicked. Zoro always talked like that when he was close to crying. "Don't worry, I'll be back."


"Promise, pinky swear?"

"Pinky swear!"

"Stop moving Usopp!" a voice said from behind the door, causing both occupants of the room to stop the story. Zoro walked towards the door calmly and opened it, causing Nami and Usopp to fall down on the floor. "Ouch…" said the sniper as he nursed his broken nose.

He gulped when he felt a dark aura above him and soon noticed that it was Zoro glaring at them.

"Were you eavesdropping?" he demanded in a tone that would frighten many. "W-we we…" Usopp stammered while Nami gulped. "ANSWER!" Zoro yelled in a tone that he rarely used. Both immediately got up and bowed down. "We're very sorry!" Nami and Usopp said in unison.

"Oh dear, it looks like they overheard us." Robin said calmly.

Zoro growled in annoyance and left. Nami waited for his retreating back to disappear down the corridor before she and Usopp began bombarding Robin with questions. "Was that true?" Robin nodded. "It seems like swordsman-san doesn't like his past being revealed. I think it would be better if we give him some time to cool off."

Nami and Usopp looked at each other before nodding.


Zoro quickly put on a stoic expression as he walked outside but inwardly, he was very pissed. As he walked by the captured marines, he caught Smoker raising an eyebrow. "What's gotten you pissed, brat?" he asked.

"Maybe you calling me brat!" Zoro yelled at him before going up the crow's nest. Smoker frowned. "What's gotten into him?" he asked himself. As he pondered on what may have angered his brother, the marines, especially Tashigi, stared at him with mixed expressions. Mostly confusion and shock were written on their faces though.

'Was he worried about him? And how did he know he was upset when he looked so indifferent?' Tashigi thought.

Robin chuckled at their confused faces. 'Seems like everybody is taking a hint…' she thought with a mysterious smile on her face. She grew an ear on the crow's nest and listened to the conversation between the captain and swordsman.

"Ne, Zoro, wouldn't it be weird if you and Smokey were long lost relatives?" Luffy said as he played with one of Zoro's dumbbells, not noticing the tic that was growing on the said man's forehead.

"I mean you're both grouchy and you look the same." He continued as he tried to lift one of Zoro's large weights. "He also has some green streaks on his hair. Hey! Maybe you're brothers!" Luffy turned to Zoro with an excited grin but it was quickly replaced with worry when he noticed that his first mate was glaring at him.

"GET OUT!" he yelled as he threw Luffy out of the crow's nest, effectively damaging one of the windows.

Robin put on an amused expression. Luffy was right on the spot yet he was so naïve to notice it. She chuckled and went back to reading her book, not knowing that Nami and Usopp weren't the only ones who heard. "Yohoho, things are certainly getting interesting." A familiar figure laughed.


Yes, Luffy's intuition is always bull's eye but he's still an idiot