Chapter Four

This wasn't where he wanted to be.

No. Instead, he wanted to be in the safety of his room or preferably away from here.

His mother had been so kindly to NOT tell him he was invited to stay over at Daemon Spade's house for the weekend as she so conveniently had to leave and had informed him at the very last second. Why did she have to wait for the last second to tell him? And no that wasn't a figurative saying he was being as literal as possible.

It was Saturday and he had just come back from morning classes. He opened the door to his house when he felt an unpleasant and familiar presence behind him. To confirm his fears the familiar voice jerked him from behind.

"Nufufu. It seems I had arrived just on time, Tsunayoshi."

Tsuna held his nerves down as he turned around to face his neighbour. He held his gaze in a defensive manner as the other's eyes flirtted with blue amusement. He tugged on the straps on his book bag tightening his grip around it.

"Whatever do you mean, Spade-san?" He spoke as politely as possible lest he speak out his disgust. His neighbour, Daemon Spade, raised his eye brow in feign of questioning amusement. "Ohya? I'm going to presume that your mother has failed to tell you?"

Tsuna narrowed his eyes at that comment. It seems his mother was failing to tell him her schemes again. Before he could ask him to elaborate he was interrupted by an excited motherly voice behind him.

"Spade-san? You're here!"

Tsuna turned around only to see a colourful blur pass him. He looked back to his neighbour to see his mother chatting excitedly with the older man. He waited for their conversation to die down before he said anything. He waited for around 5 minutes when he finally got impatience with the constant glances his neighbour would send him.


Luckily, he had voiced himself in perfect timing when the two had taken a small pause from discussing. She looked at him in surprise as if she had actually only noticed him then and Tsuna did not want to confirm his theory, but her actions were nothing but.

"Tsuna?" She looked at him in small surprise. "You're finally home!"

Tsuna frowned, just how badly will his mother get distracted, she wasn't always like this and it was annoying him greatly with the way she was acting ever since this odd man moved in.

"Okaa-san, Why is Spade-san here?"

Nana raised an eyebrow up in confusion. "Well, to take you to his house silly." She smiled at the two.

Tsuna gapped. "N-na-ni? W-why?"

She looked thoughtfully at him.

"Don't you remember? I'm going out on a small trip to one of our relatives for the weekend. So he volunteered to watch over you while I'm away. It was good timing too because I was so worried about you since last night. You should thank Spade-san for being so kind, Tsu-kun!"

Tsuna could do nothing but stare at his mother incredibly. There was not a single moment did she ever tell him that. She seemed to notice his expression.

"Oh? Did I not tell you, Tsu-kun?" She said worried. "Did you have any plans made Tsu-kun? I'm sorry."

Tsuna frowned at his mother's worried expression and at the slight surfacing of guilt he was experiencing before sighing. He spoke shakily refusing to have his neighbour in his view of sight.

"Ahh, No Okaa-san, it's alright. I have nothing planned so I'll just be staying over at our neighbour's house."

Nana smiled and relaxed. "I'm so glad you don't mind Tsu-kun."

Oh, but he did mind…a lot. She smiled at her son kissing him on the cheek and bowed at their neighbour. "Well then, I'll be taking my leave and Tsu-kun, I already dropped your things at Spade-san's house."

Tsuna smiled at his mother not trusting his voice, watching as she walked away leaving the two on their own. Tsuna sighed as he closed the door of his house that he had yet to enter and locked it. He turned to reluctantly look at his neighbour's face that irritated and bothered him, worst of all, that all knowing smirk was so-Arghh!

"Don't stare at me. Just lead me to your house already."

The moment his mother left him, his only security, Tsuna went on full defense. He gave up on his polite approach, in fear it would lead to more unpleasantries, and just opt to short curt words. Tsuna shivered at the glint in the other's blue orbs. Daemon's smirk widens and Tsuna could see the resemblance of a snake in that.

"Of course."

The taller, older man spoke as he turned around and strode away not looking back knowing the other had no choice but to follow. Tsuna was a bit weird out that when Spade-san turned around to walk away from him Tsuna was reminded about the other day when Hibari had walked him to the DC room. He mentally hit himself for even thinking that the two were even in the slightest of being the same. Hibari was a thousand times better than this creep of a neighbour. Nonetheless he followed the man that had been following him since day one, Tsuna did not know what was going to happen when he entered the man's house but he wasn't looking forward to it.

As Daemon Spade opened the entrance to his home, Tsuna stood quite a few feet behind standing in an anxious frenzy. He looked around nervously before finally settling to look at his neighbour's house in resign. The dark intimidation to stepping foot inside the house of a knowing stalker is never a fun fact. Tsuna closed his eyes and let out a shaky breath, midway from letting go stress he was interrupted by a light and amused chuckle pointed his way. He snapped his eyes into a glare at the opposing man before him. Daemon Spade stood to the side as he held the door opened waiting for Tsunayoshi to walk through but instead he had the feat to see the obvious nervous wreck the boy was in. With a softer version of his signature laugh Tsunayoshi seemed to remember that he was still here. He watch in fair amusement as the young boy walked pass him in quick strides refusing to acknowledge him but he could hear a quick mumbled and forced 'Thank you'. His eyes watched from above as they trailed on top of the smaller male. He chuckled once more before walking after Tsunayoshi, closing the door behind him.

Tsuna stood there in shocked amazement. If he hadn't seen the house from the outside or have known how the house looked before, he would have believed he was in a small mansion. When had the renovation for this place been done? He could strongly remember not seeing any sort of construction anywhere near this place so how did it become so beautifully different?

"Do you like it?"

Tsuna could not stop the innocently honest nod of his head nor the baffled reply.

"It's really beautiful."

He continued to look around in awe, everything looked to be so extremely expensive and seemed to have a rich glow to it all. A firm warm hold on his shoulder and the gentle hot puff of breathe against his ear seemed to remind him of where he was. Fear stilled him.

"I'm glad you like my humble home, Tsunayoshi."

Having said that, Daemon Spade stood away from the now flustered brunet and began to remove his coat. Tsuna could not stop the slight blush pour on to his cheeks nor could he stop the stinging tingles dancing around the area of when hot air connected to his ear and neck. He stopped the urge to grasp his ear lest he gave any satisfaction to allow Daemon Spade to know he managed to bother Tsuna. A call of his name pulled him out of his thoughts.


He turned around to see Spade-san reaching a hand towards him. Tsuna jerked away from it confusing his neighbour. He spoke trying to conceal his own surprise. "What is it?"

Daemon Spade pulled back his hand to his right side and smiled.

"I was asking for you to remove your jacket, as you can tell it is already hot inside the house so I'm sure that any extra layers will be uncomfortable."

Tsuna looked at him skeptically but then nodded his head.

"I'll remove it myself so I don't need your help, just tell me where the coat hanger is."

Tsuna said as he began to remove his mittens and scarf. Demon Spade kept the smile on his face as he nodded his head, he pointed with his left hand to the mirrored closest already opened from when he removed his own coat and scarf. Tsuna stuffed his mittens into his jacket pocket and worked his way to removing his jacket. Unaware by Tsuna, Daemon Spade fisted his right hand on his right side as if holding down a tempting urge as he kept his face into a tight lipped smile. He was reminded of the other's presence when Tsuna called out to him, he relaxed his hand.

"Yes, Tsunayoshi?"

Tsuna looked at him curiously before dropping it.

"I want to change out of my uniform; can you bring me to my stuff?"

Tsuna did not miss the sudden lightening flash by Spade's mystic blue eyes but decided that he was possibly – hopefully – overreacting.

"Yes, right this way."

The taller man smirked as he walked pass Tsuna leaving him behind moving down the red carpeted hallway pass the living/family room decorated in what could only be fine riches and walked up the spiral staircase beside the white marbled kitchen. Tsuna was brought back into further awe. How did he manage to do all of this without anyone noticing? The entire walk to his stuff was a silent trip, one he did not mind since it gave him enough time to look at the space freely. It was in a few minutes did Daemon Spade lead Tsuna towards his room and it was at that last minute did Tsuna realize they were walking around aimlessly on the second floor.

'Was he indirectly showing me his house?' How strange. Tsuna could not stop the amusement he was having. 'He could have just ask-' that's when he realized, if Daemon Spade had asked him, Tsuna would automatically said no. Tsuna frowned in thought, was he going too far? To be honest he had to admit, so far nothing bad had happened to him.

"Here is your room."

Tsuna looked to Daemon Spade; he had opened the varnished wooden door revealing a beautiful dim light room.

"My room is just down the hall, so if you need anything, do not be afraid to come over and ask." Tsuna nodded at him curtly. They stood still for a few more seconds not knowing what to do. Spade simply tilted his head forward and took his leave.

Tsuna looked into the room; it really was quite large, different from how it looked before when the crazy dog lady lived here. It didn't even look like a bedroom it was more like a giant living room for a mansion, exactly how did Spade-san do this? Tsuna sighed, shaking his head to rid his mind of thoughts of praise and amazement. Right now he needed to change out of his uniform. He walked over to the end of the large bed near the windows. His luggage was placed on top of the bed, already opened up for him, He noticed – as he neared – that there was only a small stack of clothes patted inside the opened bag. He was confused. Where are the rest of his clothes that his mother spoke about? He picked out the first clothing up in the air as it unfolded in his grasp. It was his favourite orange cotton T-shirt, the one with the bright red 27 written across the mid-section. His mother bought it for him on his 13th birthday and with great happiness – and possibly in sad truth – it still fit.

He looked down and recognized the familiar blue jean material of his shorts. He placed his shirt down, slightly over lapping the shorts and moved his way to pick them up. He lifted it up in the air. He was very surprised that his mother would pack these since she had complained once when he was sleeping over his aunt's house that those shorts weren't going to keep him warm being way too short. He didn't see what the problem was; I mean they are so comfortable. He placed the shorts against his waist seeing the length of it. As he bent down to see, he realized he didn't have a good view of it. He looked up turning his head around, looking for a mirror. Luckily he didn't have to search for long; there was a mirror right across from his door at his left. He walked over to it with the shorts in hand.

Looking at himself he deducted the shorts were just above his knees – okay more like a little midway to his thighs – but what did it matter? Clothes were all about being comfortable. Not worried about his clothes, Tsuna walked back to the bed, he moved over to the side of the bed with his back facing the white curtained windows. He put the shorts on the bed and lifted his book bag over his shoulders, dropping it to the ground with a soft thunk. He removed his navy cotton knitted vest over his shoulders throwing it inside the opened suit case. He looked down at his fingers as they unbuttoned down his white dress shirt. Pulling the thin material off his shoulders he tossed it after the vest.

The bright orange from the afternoon sun radiated against his back and glowed warmly around his soft wild brunet hair. He removed his buckle and unzipped his pants, pulling them down his legs as he bent over for better access. He threw the pants over the suit case with the rest of his clothes and grabbed his blue shorts. He put each leg through the soft inner jean material and pulled them up to fit snuggly on to his hips and bottom. He zipped, buttoned and fixed the pockets from sticking out awkwardly.

Finding that his shorts were good enough he reached over the bed to grab onto his shirt, but was interrupted by a soft chuckle.

"Nufufu. Tsunayoshi did your mother forget to teach you to close your bedroom door while changing?"

He shot up straight, the t-shirt in hand covering his upper body. He did question why he did that considering that they were both men but he has a feeling it would be wise to cover up when around that man. Tsuna glared at Daemon Spade. 'Did I forget to close the door? But I'm sure I did.' Tsuna grumbled in his head before directing his speech to the other man that continued to stare at him, lecherous even if Tsuna has a say in it.

"Pardon me, Spade-san but could you please close the door? I seem to have forgotten."

He tightened his grip on the soft cotton material of his shirt as those predatory blue crystals travelled over his figure from what the other could see before zoning to his own insecure eyes. A taunting – even perverted – smirk was formed on Daemon Spade's red lips, his eyes held a quivering light as he spoke.

"Of course, Tsu-na-yo-shi."

For the sake of him, Tsuna could not conceal the reddening in his cheeks. The minute the door closed, leaving Tsuna as the only occupant of the bedroom, did Tsuna turn around and fall on his knees. His entire body felt weird. He knew he never liked that kind of man but this was a whole new meaning.

His body was shaking uncontrollably. 'What was that? I-I-I…my body…It's as if it can't decide between fear and embarrassment.' He was stuck in the home of a dangerous man and must do everything he can to not drop his guard. He shook his head with an unstable resolve. 'Okay. I do not have the time for this! I need to hurry up and get dressed. Somehow I have to get through this weekend without being permanently damaged.' With that thought Tsuna hastily pulled his orange t-shirt on and stood up.

"I can do this…"


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