She came to find him. Apparently the guys figured that it was about time that they got the old Dee back.

And how would they do this?

By getting rid of Rickety Cricket.

She doesn't know what they said to Matt, but she knows what they wanted: they wanted the Dee who would do crazy shit with them. Neglect the bar with them. The Dee that they could abuse and ignore, and everything would be alright because Dee was desperate for companionship. That Dee. And if she had felt like she needed to be wanted and like she belonged, she would have gone back with them, except….

She didn't feel that way anymore.

There was someone who she felt could make her feel good about herself without having to take others down with her.

Someone who believed she had some worth.

This was the guy that she was looking for.

As she ran blindly down side streets and alley ways, she thought about what she would say to him.

What could she say? She single-handedly ruined his life. She should have no right to use him anymore than she already had.

She caused him pain.

"Goddamnit!" Dee kicked the air as she ran out of possible alleyways he could be in.

She's been looking for him since this morning, and yet no sign of him.

She leaned up against a graffiti covered wall and weighed her options.

Go back home without him? Or continue aimlessly walking around on the off chance that she'll find him randomly? But what if-

Oh god.

A big, burly homeless man. Popping out from behind the trashcans opposite the wall she's leaning on.

Time to go now.

"Kay, I'm just gonna go leave…." She says as she back away from the stranger (he could be some cannibal rapist! Run bitch!).

Someone grabs her hand.

Her punch is stopped midway through the air when she realizes who it is.

"Matt-" Then her hand is being yanked, and they're off running, like it was back when they ran in the rain.

They're back again, not inside the doorway of the abandoned building, but inside it this time (turns out it was a church, no wonder he'd go here).

Except this time he's pissed.

"What the hell are you doing, Dee!" He's mad, and yet he's the one who's been following her, shouldn't she be mad that he didn't have the goddamn decency to reveal himself before she was about to be molested?

She told him just that, with a lot more cursing than what is deemed appropriate in the house of God, but she's frightened and confused right now. Why did he leave?

She didn't think about it then, but she kissed him. Never mind that he's been living on the street and was dirty and had hobo germs on him, that didn't matter.

The kiss is a little bit of a let down. He's angry, so he's not kissing her back as much as she would like, but that's not the point of that. It's because she wants him to know.

She came because she realized something. She wants to be forgiven. She thought she was doing him a favor when she let him stay with her. She figured once he left that it'd be over- she'd even cheer and sigh and say "THANK GOD HE'S GONE!" But it wasn't that.

She took away his job. His house. The food that he could be eating. The bed he would have been able to sleep in. The love he would have been able to have if he had just gotten over her and she hadn't tried to lead him on just to make herself feel better.

She was a terrible person.

And she needed him.

She got down on her knees, held his hands, and told him so.

He just got down there with her and hugged her.

"From now on…. Home is wherever your heart is."