"Holmes, as your doctor," Watson was quickly cut off by Holmes' inquisitive voice interrupted his.

"He will be straight as a trivet in no time."

"As your friend!" Watson raised his voice. "You have been in this room for two weeks," Watson paused to give Holmes a deeply worried look. "I insist you have to get out."

Holmes took in Watson's pose and words for a moment before resting back into his seat and looking away.

"There is nothing of interest for me out there on earth. At all." Holmes looked at Watson with a blank face, eyes giving away a hit of sadness.

Watson looked away and heaved in a breath to remain calm. Shoving his hands into his pockets, he spoke again.

"So you are free this evening?" Watson asked.

"Absolutely." Holmes curtly answered.

"Dinner?" Watson continued.

"Wonderful." was the short reply given.

"The Royal?"

"My favorite." Holmes said staying focused on looking away from Watson.

"Mary's coming." Watson said and moved to take his leave.

Holmes turned sharply and examined his friend with an exasperated look. "Not available." He said quickly.

"You are meeting her Holmes!" Watson shouted at him, turning back to face him.

"Have you proposed yet?" Holmes offered, itching the find his pipe.

"No, I just have not found the right ring yet." Watson replied, knowing where their conversation was heading.

"So it is not official then?" Holmes said truthfully, keeping his eyes locked with Watson.

"It is happening, whether you like it… or not." Watson offered, glancing away.

A stifling silence fell upon the two grown men. Holmes' hand ached to hold the clay bowl of his pipe. Watson let out a sigh and strolled over to where Holmes sat. Bending over to be face to face, he caught the detective's attention.

"You know this has to happen." Watson said, watching the reaction in his friend's eyes.

"I do." Holmes said, his expression faltering ever so slightly.

Watson leaned in closer, pressing a delicate kiss upon Holmes' own. "I still do love you, William." he whispered.

"And I to you, John."