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Epilogue - EPOV

I'd never given much thought about my future.

I knew I was eventually going to go to college and get a job. If I were lucky, at some point I'd get a girlfriend and maybe a dog.

Looking back at the last five years of my life, I couldn't be happier.

Forgotten are those days of self doubt and uncertainty.

I don't picture myself in a kick-ass classic SNL skit anymore; living in a van down by the river.

After graduating high school, Bella and I did end up moving to New York together.

Uncle Alec's apartment was more than we could have ever imagined.

We'd spend our days at our respective classes and then came home and spend time together.

Some nights, we'd cuddle in the living room and watch television, others we'd do homework and barely talk to each other.

But we always went to bed together.

Whether Alec was there or not, we shared my bed.

He didn't care. He loved having us around.

The four years we spent living there where truly amazing.

Even during the rough times were my jealousy got the best of me, Bella was able to talk me down and make me understand that she was mine and always would be.

When we went home after finishing our third year, I'd asked for her hand in marriage and she'd said yes. We were young, only twenty but, it just felt right.

Seeing Bella's hand with the ring I'd picked out slipped over her ring finger made my heart swell.

It was my way of marking her. She knew this and still wore it with pride.

She made me a better man.

She was home for me and I knew we'd get where we are today eventually.

We graduated last week.

I've gotten a job at Masen Animation and she's freelancing for the New York Times.

We've moved out of Uncle Alec's.

Mom and Dad helped us find a converted duplex brownstone.

It's great.

Especially since Alice and Jasper are moving in the apartment downstairs from ours in a few weeks.

They have also finished school and New York beckoned for Alice to be here and wherever she is, Jasper follows.

Emmett and Rose are still in Seattle.

Lilly is turning two in a few months.

That was unexpected but they're happy.

Bella's an aunt, well, cousin...whatever, they're family and it's cool to know that my best friends have been blessed with the girls of their dreams, like I am.

As I watch her in her father's arm as she walks down that isle, I can feel tears prickle my eyes.

She looks so beautiful in that dress.

It fits her curves perfectly. Alice had ended up changing her major mid first semester and had taken fashion design classes. I'd had no idea where that life altering decision had came from but she loved it.

Judging from Bella's dress, Alice had a very promising career ahead of her.

The smile gracing Bella's lips as she meets my gaze is absolutely blinding.

Mine's probably just as bad.

I've told her on so many occasions that I loved her.

Hell, for me, it was probably love at first site.

I was such a dork and she took a chance on me anyways.

That night changed my life.

I'll never regret it. Any of it.

I have no doubt in my mind that Bella and I were meant to be like this.

Soul mates.

As Charlie hands me her hand and tells Mr. Webber, the Officiant, that he's giving me his daughter. I can't help the tear that spills from my eye, I'm so fucking happy.

Happy that one, he hasn't killed me and two, that nobody will ever be able tear us apart.

Bella has as much faith in our relationship as I do.

Her smile as she repeats her vows and her fingers lingering on my own as she slips on my ring is proof of her love for me.

When I recite my own vows, and tell her I love her, she breaks down with happy tears trailing down her pink cheeks.

And when Mr. Webber finally says that I can kiss her, it's like the entire world comes to an abrupt halt.

It's just the two of us as my lips descend onto hers.

Her lips mold to mine instantly. Soft and pleading as everyone and everything around us disappears.

Bella lets out a soft moan as we deepen the kiss, her tongue meeting mine in a sensual dance that ignites a fire inside me.

Mine. All mine. Forever.

After a few minutes, I hear catcalls and Emmett screaming at us to get a room and I realize that we're not alone.

I pull back from Bella's swollen, pink lips and kiss her chastely, smiling as I take her hand in mine.

We face the crowd and make our way down that aisle together.

We get into a limo and go back to kissing.

There is a reception set up for us at some luxurious hotel but we tell the limo driver to take his time as we explore each other as husband and wife.

We're not gentle about anything, this is pure lust and love and fuck I want her even more now than ever before.

The knowledge that she'll be mine forever pushing my need for her body beyond anything I've ever known.

"Fuck, Bella, you're driving me crazy," I say in between kisses and touches.

"Well, this dress is a pain in the ass," she smirks and finally pulls the skirt up around her waist.

Only to reveal a white garter belt and stocking with, "No underwear, baby?"

She smirks, "No need for them."

We pull and push and finally I'm home buried inside her to the hilt as her head tilts back and I trace the column of her throat with my tongue.

Apparently we have a limo fetish but it's awesome and hot and I couldn't wait for later.

"Fuck, tight," I mumble against her chest as it rises and falls.

We come together quietly stifling our screams with a searing sloppy kiss.

Something we've gotten used to doing because of our living situation but it's hot as fuck and the limo driver doesn't need to know exactly what's going on back here.

We're greeted by our family and friends at the reception. It's a huge party and it's actually quite fun.

We don't stay long though, the look in Bella's eyes when I pull her upstairs to our suite is something I'll never forget.

This time, we explore each other thoroughly before sleep finds us exhausted and satiated.

I wake up the next day and look down to my sleeping wife.

Her face is buried in my chest and her bare legs intertwined with mine.

I smile knowing that this is the way I'm going to wake up every day for the rest of my life.

THE END...for now...

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