SO this has been (somewhat) rewritten with added detail and side stuff~ Hetalia is not mine but the scenario in this fic is mine.


That night was pleasantly chilly in British countryside; enough that one would only need a light sweater to stay warm.

A large figure glided over wrecked farmland towards a town. Wait; no, it's five figures crowded together.

Young Arthur yawned as he sat on a woman's lap, he began to doze to the lullaby she sang. His four cousins sat on either side of the woman and held onto each other so they would not fall off the large broomstick they rode.

The woman kept singing as she slowly rocked Arthur with one arm. Her blonde hair was wrapped into a loose bun. On the left side of her head was a braid that curled around the bun and ended in swirls. Her green dress looked like it popped out of a storybook.

Arthur looked around at the – finally – clear sky. There was no moon, but there were more stars than he could imagine! Is that a real galaxy!? Amazed, he reached out to grab it.

The woman chuckled and gently pulled his arm down. "Now, now, we don't want any of you falling off." she chided lightly with her melodic voice. "We need to pick up one last child. He is new to all of this so play nice, alright boys?"

The five boys mumbled sleepily in agreement.

"Hold on~!" The woman cooed playfully and slowly lowered the broom into a neighborhood. After flying at an angle she found the house she was looking for and stopped directly above the roof; contemplating which window she is supposed to use. She decided to check the windows at the front of the house.

She lowered the broomstick further and hushed the boys. The streetlight in front of the home conveniently turned off and hid the riders.

She hovered in front of one window and peeked inside. There was a large bed on the opposite wall. This can't be it. She's looking for something smaller than that. She then checked the second window and peeked in. This room has its lamp lit dimly, like a nightlight. Up against another wall stood a three-walled crib. Laying in it was her newest passenger.

There he is.

The mystery woman began to sing a different song.

Come little children

I'll take the away

Into a land of enchantment

The window in front of them silently flew open and the blue curtains inside swished slowly, as if a breeze flew in.

The child – nothing more than a toddler – crawled out of his small crib and waddled over to the window, dragging his blanket behind him.

Come little children

The time's come to play

Here in my garden of shadows

The woman stopped singing and smiled gently at the little boy. "Hello Peter. My name is Alice. Would you like to come with us and have some fun?"

The small boy gripped his blanket close to himself, unsure. He didn't notice, but Alice saw that the water in the flower vase on the bedside table began to overflow and spill out; the boy's fear was causing his magic to affect his surroundings.

That's not good. Not good at all.

'I was wondering why the report said this town rained every day.' Alice thought. 'I need to take him before there's another flood.'

Alice smiled and held out a hand. "There is no need to be afraid. Where we will go is a place where you will be safe and have fun. Your momma and papa will be fine. You won't be gone for too long."

After a moment the toddler clambered up the windowsill and Alice leaned over slightly, wrapping her arm around the boy and pulled him close. "Arthur dear?"

"Hm?" Arthur rubbed his eyes.

"Will you please hold Peter?"

"Okay." Arthur pulled the toddler into a firm hug and Peter snuggled against him.

Alice then waved her hand and her magic shut the windows softly and locked them in place.

The broom silently rose above the houses. The streetlight below lit up again.

They sailed above the neighborhood and above the nearby forest, barely brushing the tips of the tallest trees; some of which were beginning to change color. The air steadily grew colder as they flew even higher.

They were heading towards a portal.

The younger boys stared in wonder at the giant glowing blue ring that hovered in the air. As they got closer, they saw a beautiful and majestic city inside of it. It seemed to be nighttime there too.

"Are we going there?" the twins sitting on the front of the broom said simultaneously.

"Yes." Alice replied.

They flew through the ring and the warm breeze on the other side cast a spell on the boys. Without knowing, they all fell asleep.

Alice stayed awake, having been used to this spell for years now. She was thankful that her magic would never let the boys fall off when something like this happened. This was a necessary precaution though; if an outsider without a guide trespassed into the ring, the spell would put them to sleep and they will be taken back to where they came; with their memory sealed and the ring moved elsewhere.

The jingling of tiny little bells coming closer excited her. Another guide was arriving.

She glanced over her shoulder to see a flying silver sleigh pulled by two reindeer enter the realm from another portal. Large chunks of snow trailed in behind through the portal before being melted away by the warm air.

"Hello, Alik. How is your night?" She called out.

The man pulled up next to her, readjusting the strap of his helmet. "Other than having no warning that my portal will end up in the air and giving me a shock, I'm doing fine, Alice. I had to leave a little earlier tonight. Missouri's schedule would not let her come, so Junius and I volunteered to pick up her children." He gestured to his extra seven passengers. He already had enough children to carry before volunteering, so the seats were crowded this time. Some of the children had been sitting on the floor with pillows to cushion them.

"That's so very kind of you, considering what a grouch you usually are."

"Oh, hush." He snapped.

Alice laughed as the two directed their transports to the front of the palace in the middle of a forest. The palace itself was a nice shade of off-white with a tint of blue and its rooftop shingles were a deep ocean blue. Due to the fact that it was nighttime now they looked more of a midnight blue. The landing area was actually made of marble that was smoothed down and enchanted so sleighs and chariots wouldn't have such a harsh landing as they would on gravel.

As the guides landed their vehicles, all the children simultaneously awakened. They began to chatter as they became fully awake and they woke up those who were still drowsy.

"Play nice, children!" Alik said as the children in his sleigh clambered off. "Alfred! Stop swinging Ivan and Matthew around!" He chastised a boy who was spinning and swinging two boys around in the air as if they weighed nothing. He was only holding Ivan's hands while Matthew was clinging onto said boy's waist. They were squealing with delight.

"I'll take Peter on a tour." Alice said as her boys got off the broomstick. "Have fun, boys, and don't get into trouble! Arthur! Remember, your transformation class is today!" She took Peter from Arthur and shooed the boys over to the palace entrance with her broom. She carried Peter and her broomstick and walked out of the landing area just as a large chariot came into sight. "Peter. Let's go to the swimming pool after the tour. You can practice controlling water there!"

Back at Peter's home, his father ran out in a panic, sleeping clothes and cap, to find the nearest police station and his mother was searching the house frantically and close to tears.

She didn't notice the glitter on the windowsill.