Okay, so I know this isn't exactly the most original plotline in the world, but it's been on my mind, and I thought it would be fun to do. So, I hope you all enjoy ;) Okay, so here we go!

FYI: While the main pairings in here are MordecaixMargaret and RigbyxEileen, there will be MusclemanxStarla and slight BensonxPops. Oh, and Skips is in here too! :) Anyway, enough with the super long intro, here we go!

At East Third St., only a couple blocks away from the video store and about a mile from the park. That old coffee shop was still open. Though it didn't surprise Mordecai that much, they did have pretty good coffee.

Walking through the door, Mordecai's name was immediantly called.

"Hey Mordecai, hey dude!" Mordecai smiled and shook his head. Same old Rigby.

"Hey dude," the bluejay replied, sitting down by his bro, "You order yet?"

"Nah, the waitress hasn't come over yet," said Rigby, "maybe you should get Margaret to come work here again."

"Didn't you use to say that by the time she stopped working here there would be robot waitresses?" Mordecai joked, remembering a random comment his friend had said years ago.

"Shut up, how was I supposed to know she would graduate and quit her job in a few months?" Rigby said defensively. Mordecai just chuckled.

"So, how's Eileen? Did you two go camping?" Mordecai asked.

Ever since that camping trip between the four of them all those years ago, Rigby stopped thinking of Eileen as 'that weird mole girl'. She was kinda cool. Once he stopped ignoring her, the two became friends. And thanks to a little pushing and encouragement from Mordecai and Margaret, the two eventually hooked up.

"Nah, she said she was feeling a little sick," replied Rigby, looking away. Mordecai could tell something was up.

"You okay, dude?" Mordecai asked.

"Yeah, sure," Rigby replied, still not looking.

"Dude, don't lie." Rigby sighed. "Look, if your worried, I'm going through the same thing. So, you know, if you wanna talk about it..."

Rigby stayed quiet for a few moments, then groaned. "Why do you have to ask me these things?"

"Because if I don't, you won't tell anyone and you'll probably end up doing something stupid."

Rigby groaned again. "Fine," he said surrendering, "It's just that, I screwed up at school, at my first job, at everything. How do I know I won't screw this up too?"

Mordecai was silent for a minute. "Well, if it makes you feel better, there's one thing you didn't screw up, or at least, we wouldn't let you."

"What's that?"

"You and Eileen." Rigby looked at him but didn't turn his head. Mordecai continued talking. "Everytime you acted like a jerk, or a baby, or accidentally said something or did something stupid, you still man'd up and appologized for it. You bought flowers and girly presents, even though it embarrased you. You even got a secret second job at a crappy diner just so you could by Eileen an anniversary present, which you totally forgot about but still tried your hardest to make up for.

"Dude, honestly, if you could get a girlfriend and actually marry her, you can do anything."

Rigby was silent, then he looked at his tall friend. "I couldn't tell if that corny speech was supposed to encourage me or encourage me and at the same time make fun of me."

"Let's just say it was encouraging," answered Mordecai, "So, you think you'll be okay?"

"Yeah," said Rigby, smiling a little, "I think I'll be okay." Besides, if he ever did screw anything up, he could ask Eileen or Mordecai or even Skips for help (thank goodness the yeti still worked at the park, otherwise he wouldn't know how the heck to call him).

"Good," smiled Mordecai, "cause if you were all depressed, I couldn't do this." He then punched the raccoon in the arm.

"Ow! Whyyy?" Mordecai just laughed as Rigby punched him back, and of course Mordecai barely felt it. Just then, a waitress ran up to the two.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't know we had customers," she said, frazzled, "What would you two like?" The two friends ordered, and to make up for the long wait, the waitress brought their coffee's out at lightning fast speed.

"Ahh, just drinkin' joe with my bro," said Rigby, after a long sip of coffee.

"Yep, just like always," replied Mordecai, a relaxed smile on his face.


"Oh Eileen, this is so cute!"

"I thought you would like it."

Margaret smiled at her friend, who had brought over a present for her, or specifically, the person in the next room. "I love it, and I'm sure the baby will too," replied Margaret.

She still couldn't believe she was going to be a mother. That she and Mordecai were going to be parents. It seemed just like yesterday when Mordecai first asked her out. He was shaking, and there must've been about twenty 'um uh's in his one sentence. But it was still sweet, so she said yes.

After that, she and Mordecai grew more comfortable around each other. They went on more dates, and they also worked together to help two other certain people get together. Margaret graduated from college, and got a job working at an office building, a publishing company. Eileen also quit her job at the coffee shop, and got a job as a librarian at a local school, the perfect job for someone as organized as Eileen.

Eventually, her and Mordecai moved into an apartment together, and just a few months later, Mordecai proposed (She was surprised he didn't keel over before he could get the question out). Her life was great, and now, in just a few weeks, it was going to be even better.

But Margaret and Mordecai's lives weren't the only ones changing.

"So Eileen, how's your baby doing? Did you find out the gender?" Margaret then giggled. "I bet Rigby's been driving you crazy asking about it."

"Well, he has been asking a lot," replied Eileen, "but he usually forgets about the subject if I bring up something like what movie's coming out or something like that." The girls laughed. Even after almost five years, Rigby hadn't changed at all, excluding a few things.

"As for the gender, I don't know," said Eileen, "I'm kinda hoping it's a boy."

"A little Rigby?" replied Margaret, "Sounds like fun."

Eileen giggled. "Yeah, he would probably be a handful, but he'll also be sweet like his father." Margaret would have to take her friend's word for it, since he had almost never seen Rigby acting 'sweet'. There was one time where she walked into their house, and saw Rigby holding a bouquet of flowers. But Rigby, now embarrased, quickly hid them behind his back and acted like there was nothing in his hands.

"What about you, Margaret?"

"I'm not sure what the baby's going to be," said Margaret, "but I do know one thing: Whatever gender it is, Mordecai's going to treat it like royalty." That was the one thing Margaret really liked about Mordecai. He was always so nice and kind. He could be a little lazy at times, but most of the time, he was really sweet. And she knew he was going to be a great father.

About half an hour later, the door opened, and Mordecai and Rigby walked into the apartment. "Hey girls," said Mordecai, before giving his wife a peck on the cheek.

"How was your weekly coffee?" Eileen asked.

"Fine..." said Rigby, looking at his wife's growing stomach.

"What are you thinking about?" Eileen asked, with a smile.

"Oh nothing," Rigby said with a sly smile, "Just the latest and goriest movie e-vah!" Both Mordecai and Margaret mentally face palmed. So much for being sweet. But Eileen didn't mind her husband's answer.

"What movie is it this time?" Eileen asked.

"Tell them, Mordecai!" Rigby said, practically bouncing with excitement.

"Zombacolypse Redux 3: The Re-Deadening!" said Mordecai, making his voice sound like the narrator's in the movie trailers. Margaret and Eileen giggled.

"A movie does sound like fun," said Eileen.

"Yeah, why not?" Margaret said, "I just need to get my coat."

"Oh, I'll get it!" Mordecai volunteered. Quickly, he went to the master bedroom and grabbed Margaret's coat. But instead of going right back to the living room, Mordecai quietly opened another bedroom door, and stepped inside.

The room was dark, except for a single lamp on a table in the back of the room. A soft lullaby was playing on the radio by the lamp. An incubater was on, and inside it under a bright blue blanket, was a single egg. It was only the size of Mordecai's hand. He couldn't believe that there was a son or daughter in there. It seemed so strange, and yet so great.

"I knew I would find you in here," said a voice from behind the bluejay. Mordecai didn't even need to turn to know who it was. Margaret wrapped her wings around her husband.

"Have there been any cracks or whatever?" Mordecai asked.

"Mordecai, the doctor said the earliest the baby would hatch would be three weeks from now," said Margaret, "It's fine."

"Yeah, I know," said Mordecai. He smiled. He was nervous about being a dad. Maybe not as nervous as Rigby, but still nervous. He knew it would be a lot of hard work and responsibility, two things he still didn't really care for. But despite that, he couldn't wait to have a little version of himself and Margaret.

Giving a sly smile, he grabbed Margaret's wing, spun her around so that she was in front of him, and then kissed her. Margaret happily kissed back. "I love you," she said.

"I love you too."

The two probably would've kissed some more if not for a certain raccoon. "Mordecai, stop makin' out with Margaret and get out here! We're gonna miss the movie!"

Mordecai scowled while Margaret just laughed. "He's right, we better get going." Smiling again, Mordecai took Margaret's hand, and the two walked out the room, and quietly closed the door.


Yells could be heard from down the hall. Rigby hated being here, and he hated the thought of what his wife was going through even more.

"Oh my," said Pops, "I hope she's alright."

"She'll be fine, Pops," said Benson, gently squeezing the lolliman's hand, "They've got tons of doctors in there, plus Skips. She'll be fine."

The whole gang, minus Skips, was in the hospital waiting area. Margaret and the yeti were in the room with Eileen. Margaret, because she was Eileen's best friend, and Skips because, well, he knew everything. If anything went wrong, he would know what to do.

Rigby would've been in there too, if not for the loud screams and the fact that the whole 'giving birth' think kinda freaked him out.

"Dude, how long has she been in there?" Rigby asked.

"I don't know, maybe an hour," said Mordecai, "but, I'm sure this is totally normal. Right Starla?"

"Maybe, I had little Mikey in only an half an hour," replied Starla. Mordecai mentally facepalmed while Rigby looked a little more worried.

"But that was because you're such an awesome mom," said Muscleman, smiling at his wife, "And you know who else is an awesome mom? My mom!" Starla, HFG and Mikey laughed, while everyone else (except for Pops, of course) just gave them a glare of annoyance.

Probably the most surprising thing that had happened in the past five years was that Muscleman had gotten married first. After Muscleman and Starla got back together, they were inseparable. About a year later, Starla was pregnant, which wasn't a surprise to most of them, since Muscleman was always bragging about you-know-what (Despite the fact that no one wanted to hear it). The only one surprised was Muscleman, but instead of freaking out, he thought it was great.

A few months later, since Starla wanted their child to have married parents, the two got married in Las Vegas and stayed there for a week (The group tried not to think about what they probably did there). After six more months Micheal, or Mikey, was born.

He was a husky toddler, with messy brown hair and green skin like his parents. Mikey also shared his dad's personality. In fact, he was rude to everyone except for his parents, his godfather (High Five Ghost) and of course, his grandmother.

"This is boring!" complained the three year old.

"Mikey, sweety, why don't you go play in the toy room with all the other kids?" Starla suggested.

"Okay Mom, thank you," Mikey said with a sweet smile. See what I mean? On his way out, Mikey bumped into a person, a tall raccoon. "Move it, loser!"

"Whoa, careful there little guy," said Don.

"Don't tell me what to do!" Mikey shouted before leaving. But Don just simply shrugged it off and walked over to his big brother.

"Don, what are you doing here?" Rigby asked.

"Yeah dude, I thought you were in New York, doing some millionaire's taxes," said Mordecai.

"Well I wasn't about to miss seeing my little niece or nephew for the first time and giving them some sugar," said Don with a smile.

"Well, I'm getting first dibs! I'm the dad!" said Rigby.

"I knew that bro. At least, I hoped it was you," Don joked. Rigby was about to make a snappy comeback when Benson stopped him.

"Wait, do you guys here that?" Everyone stayed silent. The yells and screams had stopped. Then, they heard a small cry. After a few short moments, the small cry turned into a loud wail.

"Yep, that's definitely Rigby's kid," said Mordecai, "No one else can scream that loud." Rigby didn't say anything. He just looked at the doors, where his new son or daughter was.

The doors opened, and a doctor walked out smiling. "Rigby, would you like to see your new baby?" he asked. Rigby nodded, and jumped down from the chair he had been sitting on. He followed the doctor to Eileen's room.

"Isn't this great, Benson?" Pops said, smiling happily, "Our little family is growing bigger. Isn't this wonderful?"

Pops had always refered to everyone as his 'family'. And in a way, they were. Even after Mordecai, Rigby, Muscleman and HFG left the park, everyone still kept in contact. They were still a family. A weird, disfunctional one, but a family nonetheless. "Yeah, I guess it is," Benson replied with a smile.

Eileen was laying in her bed, looking exhausted but happy. Her hair, normally in a neat ponytail was now down and messy. "You did great, Eileen," said Margaret. Skips didn't say anything, but smiled at the new mother. The two then noticed Rigby in the room. "We'll leave you two alone," said Margaret, still smiling. She petted Rigby on the head, and then left with Skips.

"Rigby," said Eileen, "Did you remember...?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah! They're right here!" Rigby took out a pair of glasses, and handed them to his wife. Eileen had switched to contacts a long time ago, but still kept the glasses. A few hours ago, since she knew she wouldn't have time to put her contacts in before going to the hospital, she told Rigby to bring her old glasses. That way she could get a clear view of her baby.

"Where's the baby?" Rigby asked.

"Getting cleaned up," replied Eileen, shutting her eyes for a moment.

"Do you know what it is?"

"We're about to find out." Rigby turned, and saw the nurse walking towards them, holding a blue bundle.

"Congratulations," she said, "It's a boy." A boy. He had a son? The nurse handed him the baby, and Rigby took a good look at him. He looked a little like Eileen, since he had light brown/golden fur. But he was also a raccoon, and had Rigby's nose, had circles around his eyes and he even similar looking hair. Underneith the baby, Rigby could see a striped tail, the stripes alternating between gold and dark brown fur.

"Whoa," said Rigby. He couldn't believe it. He smiled at his son. His son. That sounded awesome to say, to hear.

"Rigby?" Wait, no. Not his son, their son. Still smiling, he handed the baby to Eileen. "Wow," she said, tears running down her cheeks, "He's so cute."

"Um, Eileen?" Eileen looked at her husband. Quickly but lovingly, Rigby kissed her on the lips. "I, you know, love you and all that junk," said Rigby, blushing slightly.

"I love you too," replied Eileen, kissing Rigby back. After almost ten minutes, the others started coming into the room. Rigby complained about everyone holding the baby ("I only got to hold him for like two minutes! Besides, I'm the dad, remember?"), but nevertheless, it was a sweet family moment.

"So, what's the little guy's name?" Mordecai asked.


"You didn't pick one out?" Benson asked Rigby, "You've got to be kidding."

"I just forgot, okay!" Rigby turned back to Eileen. "Well, what about Rigby Jr.?"

"Uh, he doesn't really look like a 'Rigby'," said Eileen.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Well, what should we name him?"

"What about, ummm, Chris?" Eileen suggested. Nah, that didn't sound right either.

"What about David?" Benson suggested.

"Joseph?" Pops added.

Names were thrown out, but none of them seemed to fit. "What about Robert?" Skips suggested.

"Robert?" Rigby repeated.

"We could call him Robbie for short," Eileen added.

"Robbie...Robbie..." Rigby said, trying out the name. Finally, he smiled. "I like it."

"Alright, we'll name him Robert," said Eileen, looking down at the baby, "Little Robbie."


It was noon, about two and a half weeks after Robbie was born (four and a half weeks after the four had gone to the movies). The egg still hadn't hatched yet, but the two literal lovebirds weren't too concerned. The egg had another two weeks before it was offically late, and when they officially had a reason to worry.

Mordecai was in the kitchen, making himself a giant sandwich. "Aw yeah, put some roast beef, some cheese, some tomatoes, and little lettuce, and finally..." The bluejay was about to finish his masterpiece when he heard an alarm go off. It wasn't loud, almost muffled, but Mordecai could still hear it. And he knew what it was.

Dropping the sandwich, he ran to the baby's bedroom. The alarm on the incubater was going off, which meant the egg was getting ready to hatch. To the untrained eye, it would seem like there was nothing wrong with the eggshell. But when Mordecai squinted, he could see a small, thin crack in the front. It was slowly getting bigger.

"Crapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrap!" said Mordecai, panicked. Normally he would run to go tell Margaret, but she wasn't home. She had been staying/sleeping in the baby's room for the past week, and while she didn't say anything, Mordecai knew she needed a little fun. So he convinced her to go shopping with Eileen for the day.

"Of course the one day Margaret's not home you decide to come," said Mordecai, grabbing the cell phone. Quickly, he dialed the number. After five rings, he heard a voice.

"Hey, this is Margaret. I can't get to the phone right now, I'll try to call you back later."

Mordecai groaned. "Okay, calm down," he told himself, "You've survived video game monsters, giant snow monsters, zombies and a whole bunch of other crap. You can handle this." Taking a deep breath, Mordecai pressed 3, calling the 3rd person on his speed dial.

"Hello?" answered a raspy voice.

"Skips! Dude, the egg's hatching and I'm here by myself!" Mordecai yelled. So much for staying calm.

"Have you tried callin' Margaret?"

"Her phone's off!"

"Okay, how many cracks are on the shell?"

"Just one, but it's getting bigger."

"Okay," said Skips, "I'm on my way. Trying calling Eileen to get a hold of Margaret, and then stay in the baby's room. If more cracks start to form and it looks ready to hatch, call 911."

"Okay, okay," said the grateful bluejay, "Thanks Skips!" Hanging up, Mordecai dialed Eileen's cell.

"Hello?" Rigby answered.

"Rigby?" Mordecai shouted, "Where's Eileen?"

"Dude, stop screaming!" Rigby shouted back, annoyed, "Don't you remember, she went shopping with Margaret. I guess she accidentally left her phone here."

"Dude, the egg's hatching!" Mordecai yelled, "I tried calling Eileen to try and get Margaret."

"What! The egg's hatch-... Oh great, you made me wake up Robbie!"

"Look dude, I'm sorry," Mordecai appologized, trying to lower his voice a little, "Just please try to get Margaret, tell her to come home. Do you know how pissed she'll be if she misses her kid hatching, and I don't exactly know what I'm doing either!"

"Okay okay, I'll try to get her," said Rigby over the cries in the background, "Just try not to have a freakin' heart attack."

"Thanks dude." Mordecai hung up and then ran to the baby's room. The first crack had gotten a little bigger, but overall nothing had chang-...wait, was that another crack? Mordecai cursed under his breath. "Skips, where are you?"

"I came as soon as I could." Mordecai screamed and fell to the ground in surprise. Skips held back a laugh.

"Dude! How did you, where did, augh! Just help me!" Mordecai shouted.

"Alright, alright, just calm down," said Skips as he skipped over to the incubater. The two watched the egg for the next fifteen minutes or so. To Mordecai, it felt like an eternity. Only a couple more cracks had formed.

Mordecai then heard the door open, and in a flash, Margaret was right next to him. "What's happening?" Margaret asked. Not waiting for an answer, she ran over to Skips. Eileen and Rigby ran into the room.

"Rigby?" Mordecai said in surprise, "What are you doing here? What about Robbie?"

"I left him with Don," Rigby answered. Mordecai gave him a look. "What? Someone's gotta be here to make sure you don't fall apart."

Mordecai gave him a hard punch in the arm, but secretly, he knew the raccoon was right. He needed someone there to keep him together, and at the moment, Skips was busy.

A couple more cracks had formed, and the ones already there were getting bigger. "It's time," said Skips.

"Right," said Margaret. She walked over to a rocking chair they had set up in the room, and Skips opened the incubator. Taking the egg, he placed it in Margaret's wings. For birds, it was always best to be born by their mothers, either in their arms or underneith them if they didn't want to use an incubator.

The four friends surrounded the red bird, watching the egg. A grey beak pushed a couple off pieces of shell away. "You're almost there sweetie," Margaret told the baby, smiling as her eyes filling with tears.

Everyone heard a 'peep', and the top of the shell was broken, revealing a very pink and squinting bird.

"Aww," said everyone except Rigby.

"It's bald?" Rigby said. Mordecai hit him again. Skips took the bird, and looked it over. After a few moments, he smiled.

"She's perfectly healthy," said Skips, handing the baby to Margaret.

"She," breathed Mordecai.

"We have a little daughter, Mordecai," said Margaret, "Aren't you happy?"

"A daughter?...I...we...she's...?"

"Speak English, dude," said Rigby. But Mordecai didn't say anything. Instead, he smiled at Margaret and kissed her deeply. "Oh barf," Rigby commented. But the birds just ignored him. Mordecai then held his daughter in his wings, and carefully hugged her.

"She so small," Mordecai commented, "I wonder when she'll grow her feathers."

"It'll probably be a few weeks before you start to see any feathers," said Skips, "and it'll take even longer before you see any actual color. Since blue is more dominant than red, she'll probably have blue or violet feathers."

"She's so beautiful," Eileen said, looking at her goddaughter.

"Yeah, I guess she's kinda cute," said Rigby, "So, what's her name?"

"Madeline," Margaret answered, smiling at her husband. She had picked out the name if it was a boy, while Mordecai was allowed to pick the name if it was a girl.

"I picked the girl name, and I don't know, it sounded nice," explained Mordecai, still smiling. He was certain by the time the day was over, he wouldn't be able to smile without his face hurting.

It didn't take long for Benson, Pops and the others to arrive, but it took them nearly three hours to leave. By that time, the two new parents were starving. Mordecai volunteered to feed Madeline.

That was half an hour ago, and Margaret was getting suspicious. Even a newborn doesn't take this long to feed. So, she got up from the table, and walked into the baby's room. She almost cried at the sight.

With the empty bottle beside the incubator, Madeline was asleep in her warm, glass bed. She looked like an angel. Sitting in front of her, was Mordecai sitting on a chair, with a sketch pad and pencil.

It was no surprise to Margaret that Mordecai was a talented drawer. He had went to art school, and did city projects around the city that involved art, like teaching an after-school class or painting a mural. Mordecai had even drew a few pictures of Margaret that he was embarrased of, but Margaret thought were wonderful.

She snuck up behind the bluejay, and saw the picture he had drew. It was a perfect sketch of Madeline sleeping. Underneith it, Mordecai had wrote 'Maddie sleeping after feeding her for the 1st time'.

"Wow," said Margaret. Mordecai jumped, but didn't shout.

"Um, sorry I kinda forgot about dinner," he said, "I guess I just got distracted."

"It's a really great picture, Mordecai," said Margaret, smiling and kissing her husband on the cheek. The two stood up, and quietly walked out of the room, shutting the door behind them.

Both couples were now parents. Mordecai and Rigby were already talking about the cool things they could teach their kids, while Margaret and Eileen were just happy to have a baby to love.

Either way, everyone thought the same thing:

It couldn't get any better than this.

Basically, this first chapter is the intro, then we'll have a couple chapters of Mordecai and Rigby being new parents, and then the rest will be the kids at like ten years old (I won't focus that much on making baby chapters since I don't really want to make this into Rugrats meets Regular Show). They'll also be other chapters just focusing on the adults (I mean, this is Regular Show, we have to give some attention to the main characters.)

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this (very long) first chapter. I tried to make the characters seem a little more mature, but still have the same personalities. This should be a fun story to work on, and I hope you all have fun reading it. Please review, and the next chapter should be up soon! See you then :)