(A/N) Oh. My. God. It's a miracle! AvatarIsMyLife is doing a non-holiday related Avatar: The Last Airbender Modern Day FanFic! Sadly, I have to say, I got writers block. I didn't think it would ever happen to me ever because I mostly always have an idea for an Avatar FanFic.

This idea came from a big school dance that I had last night. I was thinking at the dance and sad to myself, "Why don't I write about this but turn it into an Avatar FanFic? So I did just that. Although I made every one of my friends a character in Avatar.

This time I made Aang and Katara their original age.

So without further ado, I present to you my school dance!

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It was hot and sticky and she was sweating. But Katara knew she had only an hour left of the dance. She couldn't take it anymore. The music was pounding in her ear, her hair was falling straight instead of staying curled, and she couldn't see her friends anywhere. Suki was probably out dancing with her brother, Sokka. Toph was maybe beating up some boys who were trying to get her to dance. Ty lee, she knew, was mingling. Mai was dancing with her boyfriend Zuko by the looks of it. And where was she? Well, Katara didn't know what to do. Right now she was sitting in a chair that was against a wall.

It was her first High School/Middle School dance. Katara was in 8th grade. She had just turned 14 a week before. Toph was her best friend and was 2 years younger than her. Sokka, Suki, and Mai were all 15-years-old. Ty Lee was 13 but was turning 14 in a couple of days. But that wasn't the point. The point was that she was dateless. Again. Jet, who was 16 years old, same age as Zuko, asked her to dance. But she kindly rejected. She rejected Jet because he was a snob. A jerk. Katara knew that Jet liked her, but she didn't want to date a trouble maker. Haru, who was also 16, asked her to dance as well. But Katara rejected him too. She rejected Haru because, even though he was nice, he wasn't Katara's type.

At that moment, Katara got up with a mission. She was to dance by herself. Alone. Without a partner at all.

As Katara moved deeper into the mob of people it got hotter. And hotter, and hotter, and hotter until she felt like she could faint. When she got to about the dead center of the cafeteria, someone pushed her. Making her fall flat on her face. People moved out of the way to make room the sprawled out girl. That's when she felt it. The hot tears at the back of her eyes. It was too much to handle. Katara knew she shouldn't have let Suki talk her into coming to this. But noooo! She had to be there because Toph had begged her to come too.

Just as she was about to cry and make her mascara run, she felt it. Another presence. A person, maybe, hanging over her. Then there was a soft voice. One she didn't recognize.

"Need help?" It said.

Katara looked up to meet the eyes of a young boy. No older than 12 or 13. He had short, scruffy blackish-brown hair, grey eyes, and a smile that made the world seem bright again. His hand was extended forward as an act of kindness to help her up.

Katara just nodded her head after some time and grabbed his hand to pull her up. Once she was on her feet again, the boy introduced himself.

"I'm Aang," he said.

"Katara," she answered.

"Are you ok?" the boy asked. "You had quite a fall."

"I'm ok," Katara answered. "Thanks for helping me by the way."

"No problem," Aang answered.

"I haven't seen you around before," Katara said.

"Oh, I'm in 7th grade," Aang replied. "Although I'm guessing you're a grade higher than me seeing as you look older than a 7th grader but younger than a 9th."

"You guessed correct," said Katara. "But to tell you something, I really don't want to be here. My friends dragged me here just because."

Toph had actually dragged her there so she wouldn't have to go alone. Dances weren't her thing. But to her parents, dances were everything. So, to make it less uncomfortable, Toph dragged Katara along because she knew that Katara hated school dances just as much as she did.

"Oh," Aang hummed. "I wanted t come because I just moved in last week. I wanted to get to know people so I bought a ticket and came here."

Katara thought over what he had just said. Thinking over a few things before she answered. "Wait a minute. Did you just move into that big white house on Winter Street?"

Aang looked a bit shocked at first but recovered in a second. "Yeah. I did. How do you know?"

"Because," Katara said, "I live in the big blue house next to you. I was watching the movers take your stuff into the house. I think I even saw you move something."

"Oh. Heh. Few! For a second there I thought you were some creeper," Aang told her.

They laughed for a second before Sokka came over looking a little peeved with Suki following right behind him.

"There you are Katara!" he yelled. "I was looking everywhere for you."

"Well, I decided to go dance. Then someone pushed me and I fell. I was helped up by Aang over here," Katara replied.

Aang blushed and smiled, holding out his hand. "I'm Aang," he said. "I'm new here."

Sokka looked at the boy for a second. He had on jeans, a t-shirt, and was wearing a hoody. After thinking it over, Sokka shook Aang's hand.

"Well, glad to meet you but we have a crisis on our hands," Sokka told his sister.

"What is it now Sokka?" Katara asked a bit annoyed.

"They're out of chips!" Sokka practically screamed throwing his hands in the air dramatically.

Suki jumped in at that moment. "Calm down Sokka. They have other kinds of food and the dance is almost over."

"Ok, ok," Sokka said. "But still."

"If you want food that bad, we'll go home now," Katara sighed. "I would be more than happy to leave."

"Ok," Sokka answered. "We'll leave in a few. I think the slow song is coming up."

And with that, Sokka and Suki left. Katara sighed. The slow song was for all of the first time couples and people who just wanted to dance. It was mainly a chance to embarrass new couples and to sometimes get them to break up. It was called The Dance.

"Who were they?" Aang asked.

"Oh. Right," Katara chuckled. "The boy was my brother, Sokka, and the girl is his girlfriend, Suki."

"Oh. Ok," Aang said. Just as he was about to say something else, his phone vibrated indicating he just got a text. "I have to go. My guardian, Gyatso, is outside waiting for me."

"Well, ok," said Katara. "I'll see you later."

"Bye," Aang waved to her as he disappeared into the crowd leaving Katara to drown in thought as she walked back to her chair against the wall.

She couldn't stop thinking about him. How nice he was, how cute he was when he blushed. Then, it hit her, I think I like him.


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