Dlbn: Hey there and welcome to my first DOTM fanfic. I was going to make it a two-shot, but it was too short as two different chapters. The first POV is from a Follower, any Follower really. And the second POV is from a Daughter.

Disclaimer: I do not own Daughters of the Moon. Lynne Ewing does. I'm just a girl who writes stories for fun and NOT profit.


It's a sad, pathetic little world. Full of users and abusers, of victims and cowards. There's an air of loneliness and hurt that just weighs down on you until your shoulders slump and your head hurts; your heart hurts.

And I'm not talking about the kind of hurt from scraping your knee, or having your lip busted. It's a deep, profound hurt. The kind that keeps you up at night; that worms its way into your heart and constricts it until you're full of gut-wrenching despair. Until you can't find reason for living and just become a mass of blood, and organs, and skin. Until you are tempted to give in and find that long-awaited peace, but knowing it will never come. There's no escaping it; even the mighty will fall eventually.

There's no point to the horrors, but, for some reason, that's okay. It comes and goes, repeating the cycle for eternity.

I'm left with but one question. Who would willingly choose this hell as their home? But, I guess, what I really want to know is…why did I choose this place?


It's a beautiful world; filled with beautiful sights and sounds. Hopeful people with their beautifully hopeful friends and beautiful homes. The shining sun fills your body with a longing so sweet, it's known to cause cavities and excite the sweet tooth. The beauty in this world, the warmth and solace and comfort, are rivaled by none. Even the coldest heart of the biggest cynic can't argue that.

It's come with a price that no one will ever know. People are happiest when they are unknowing. The smallest pebble would cause the biggest ripple, which can be fixed with the smallest, sweetest smile. I take refuge in the fact that true peace is so possible, so attainable, that even the most damaged can find it if they try.

My eyes meet his and I see a deep sorrow. But maybe the tiniest bit of warmth can have the biggest impact; to save his wounded soul.

With the intention of pure peace in my heart, I take the first step forward.