AN: A very short one-shot about annoying siblings and life with a family as crazy as the squint squad. Features Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins at eighteen, along with Christine Booth (I think you can guess who that is) at seventeen, as well as Avery Hodgins at twelve.

With that said, I bid you adieu and good luck. Enjoy.

He leans against the rough bark of the tree, the soft, overgrown grass tickling his legs. Her head rests on his shoulder, auburn hair falling into her face like a waterfall. The falling sun dulls the colors on earth while the sky turns to an explosion of bright hues, but blue eyes still burn bright with love as the world darkens around them.

A warm breeze marks an invisible, lazy trail through the air and she laughs as he brushes a strand of hair from her face. His hand cups her face to bring it closer to his and their lips join in a slow, soft kiss.

There is a shuddering click near them and an exclamation of satisfaction. "That was a great shot."

Michael sits up in annoyance, looking around. He soon enough spots his preteen sister crouched maybe ten feet away from them, camera in hand. "Avery!" he cries. "Get out of here, you creeper!"

She stands. "I am not a creeper, I'm a photographer!"

Michael rolls his eyes. "Same difference. What are you doing here?"

"Taking pictures. What does it look like?"

"Of me and my—" he cuts himself off, unsure of what to say.

"Girlfriend," Christine puts in, a bit annoyed now as well.

"Is that what we are?"

"What else would we be?"

"Okay, yeah, bla bla bla, heart-felt revelation, we get it. You're in love. Now can I take some more pictures?" Avery interrupted.

"For what?"

"My portfolio, obviously."

"You're twelve."


Michael groaned. "Get out of here!"

Avery drops the camera, letting it fall against her chest, as it is secured by a leather strap that hangs around her neck. She holds her hands up in mock defeat. "Fine. Fine. I'm going." She begins to back away slowly. "So, girlfriend, huh? Mom, Dad, Agent Booth and Dr. B are gonna love to hear abou—"

"That's it!" Michael stands up and starts angrily towards his younger sister. "C'mere, you little twerp!"

Avery lets out a fearful squeak and flees, Michael running after her.

Christine is left sitting against the tree, alone. She lets her head fall back against the tree. Well, we're in for it now, she thinks, resigned. My dad is gonna murder Michael. It was nice having a boyfriend while it lasted, at least. She stands and follows the sibling's footsteps back into the Hodgins residence, where she can only guess what hilarity might await her.

But of course, that's what having a family like hers is all about, right?

AN: Hope you enjoyed. Thoughts?