Author's Notes: This is what I've gotten written so far for National Novel Writing Month 2011 . It's kind of a continuation of "Transformations", part 2. It might be best to read the last couple chapters of that one. It has the stuff about what happened with Wyldkat and the Autobots.


Needle sighed and rapped his fingers on the table in front of him. He was bored. So very very bored. He glanced at the door again, wondering just how long it would take for Backdraft to finish his stupid report and the others could figure out a way to get home. He thought about his family, and how they were probably wondering where he was right now. He sighed again and wondered if maybe Scythe would let him go for a drive, if nothing else than to relieve some of his boredom.

About that time, Dusk walked in, holding two yellowish glowing cubes. She held one out to him. "Here. Scythe said you should refuel." He looked at it, slowly taking it. "What is it?" he turned the cube this way and that, making the energon inside of it swish around. "It's called an energon cube." Dusk pulled out a chair and sat down across from him. "It is concentrated energy, what we cybertronians consume for fuel. go on, try it." she nodded encouragingly and took a sip of her own. The green and blue pickup slowly followed suit, his optics never leaving dusk as she sipped her own cube. He hoped the cube was what she said it was.

He tasted the energon and his optics widened slightly behind his sunglasses-shaped optic covering. "Hmm." was all hesaid. He took a second sip. "It tastes kinda like Sprite." he noted, taking a look at the glowing yellow liquid. Dusk tilted her head. "Sprite?" Needle glanced at her. "Oh, sorry. It's a kind of soda pop. something humans drink. It's like a..." he thought for a second. "A fizzy fruit-flavored drink." He took a few more sips, then downed the rest of the cube. "Thanks."

Dusk nodded. There was an odd silence, then Needle set down the cube. "So... how does that work?" he nudged the now-empty cube. Dusk shrugged. "It's just a simple forcefield." she poked it and the cube dispersed. Needle rocked back in his chair. "Wow. cool." Dusk simply chuckled. "It's one of the more simple Cybertronian technologies." she looked at him. "Scythe tells me that you are a mechanic?" Needle nodded. "Well, mechanic in training. I was taking classes at the JVS..." he trailed off, wondering if she knew what that was. "It's a school that teaches specific skills, kind of like a college."

she nodded. "I see." He continued. "I was taking classes on auto-mechanics, repairing cars and stuff. But I'm not any kind of expert or anything." He didn't feel the need to say "yet" because that would be bragging. Dusk was obviously interested in the subject, it seemed. He was ready to tell her more about what he had learned when she stood, dispersing her own cube. "Would you like to learn more about our Cybertronian technology?"

"Wha-yeah, I mean-yeah, sure!" Needle stumbled over his words but nodded. He grinned widely. This was going to be so cool! he could learn about alien technology!"

He followed her out of the shop, and on towards where Dusk and Razor had their workshop.

When the door swished open, Razer barely glanced up. "what do you want?" he said from his position hunched over a mass of wire and circuits. "Now, Razer, let's not be unwelcoming to this insquisitive young mech. He wants to learn more about our technology." Dusk chided gently. Razer simply "hmmpf"ed at her, and continued his work.

"Needle here is studying to become a mechanic. Perhaps if we taught him enough he could become some sort of team medic." at which point Razer gave her a glance.

"Or, at the least help you out with your work here in the workshop."

"Ha ha." Razer deapanned, making dusk fold her arms.

After a moment of having his mate stare at the back of his head, Razer finally caved. He made a sound suspiciously like a sigh. "Fine, let him play with this." he grabbed a small box by it's edge and pulled it over. He stopped soldiering for a moment to pick it up and twist slightly in his seat, far enough to hold it out to him. "Here, you can play with this. I haven't gotten it to work yet."

he glanced at Dusk and deleted what he would have said. (I doubt you can mess it up any more than it allready is). and instead said "Maybe you can do something with it.

Needle grinned. "Thanks." he took the box and started looking through it's contents. Razer made a noise and went back to his work. Needle looked around the workshop for a place to "set up shop", but dusk grabbed him by the arm. "Let's go find someplace quiet to work." she gave Razer another glance before leading him out of the workshop and back towards the main cavern.

When they reached the main hall, dusk guided him back towards the room they had been in before. Apparently, the two had been using it for a commisary of sorts. Or at least a place to sit and refuel and be away from... well, he didn't know what. but anyway, the two sat down at the table, and Needle started taking out parts. "Uh, what is it?" he asked, looking up at her. Dusk looked at the bundle of wire and two circuitboards hanging from his hand, and quireked one optic ridge. "I think it's supposed to be some kind of flying camera device, but I'm not sure." she reached out for the part Needle was holding and he handed it to her.

she was tring to figure out what side went up when she heard Needle laugh. She looked up. The mech was holding the outer shell, which was silver and had two large and buglike eyes on the "head" which was attached by two thin wires. "I think it's a bug of some kind." he laughed when he realised his own joke. "Get it? it's a bug!"

Dusk blinked her optics off and on, then ran a quick search. "Oh, yeah. I think I understand." she gave a weak-sounding laugh. Needle set that part down and fished out the rest of the parts, laying them out on the table.


Jade sighed and wondered if she could go get a datapad from Dusk and get the flier femme to show her how to use it, so she could start keeping track of things. A journal of sorts. The muave and blue seekerfemme rolled off her berth and headed to the main cavern. There, she found Scythe in front of the main computer, watching the screen as the outside cameras panned across the empty landscape. He glanced at her as she entered. "Jade, hello." he nodded. "Hi scythe. You seen Dusk around anywhere?"

"No." came the short answer.

Jade quirked an optic ridge. "Is something wrong?" she could tell sometimes when the mech was upset about something. They'd known each other since she was about 16, (which had only been three years ago). Scythe turned off the monitors and regaurded her with a worried look. Deciding not to be blunt, he asked "How well do you know Wyldkat?"

Jade sputtered a bit. "Wy-Wyldkat? uhmm..." she thought for a second. "Well, I dunno. I mean, she's kind of my car. I've been driving her for over a year now. I think I know her pretty well, why?"

Scythe's tone was soft, almost cold, and somewhat regretful. "Wyldkat is a traitor."

"WHAT!?" Jade's optics went round. Scythe held up a hand. "Before you say anything, let me show this to you." he brought up the recording. Jade's optics widened, and her jaw dropped when she saw what appeared to be the Autobot leader caress the side of her face. "What the heck?" she breathed. Scythe shuffled his wings and Jade glanced at him. He turned to regaurd her. "You knew nothing about this?" "Whuh-no!" Jade glared at the still image on the screen. "I have no idea what this IS." she grated. Scythe nodded. I have spoken with her about it allready." he glanced at her. "she was evasive and vague when I asked her what she was doing."

Jade sighed. She knew the carfemme would get in trouble if she did something like this. Though there was a part of her that wanted to pull out pom-poms and cheer on the blue Plymouth Reliant for being on the Autobots's side. Scythe spoke again "I thought you show know, I may persue disciplinary actions for this. Jade looked at him. His dragon-wings shuffled again. "What kind of actions?" she asked.

Scythe hadn't thought about that. Right now, the dragon-mech was still trying to figure out what was going on. But if what Razer and Dusk had said was true, the Autobots were not as much of the honorable heroes they made themselves out to be. He thought for a moment before he finally said. "I don't know. I may have to ask her to leave our team." Jade simply nodded. "It depends on the severity of this... infraction."

Jade "Hmm"ed and looked at the screen. "You know," she tilted her head "Come to think of it, we could use this."

"Oh?" Scythe gave her a questioning look. Jade continued. "I mean, if Kat's so friendly with the Autobots, we could use her to get information. She could sneak around the Autobot base for us and stuff.

Scythe simply nodded. "Yes, but how will we know she isn't giving the Autobots information on us as well?"

"Hmm. you have a point." Jade folded her arms and tried to think of *something* helpful. After a minute of looking at the images on the screen, she motioned to it. "I mean, how does she *know* him, anyway?" she sighed and shook her head. "Seriously." the unspoken "And I thought winstriker was the drooly Optimus Prime fangirl." went unspoken, though. They didn't need another person in their little group coming under suspicion.

there was a minute of silence, and Scythe finally said "I will have to think about what to do about this." He and Jade glanced at each other and the femme nodded. "Yeah." She stood up. ""Uhm, just... don't go too hard on her, kay? maybe we could, I don't know, put a bug on her somehow, monitor her actions or something." Scythe nodded. "do you have anything like that?"


"No, but maybe Razer or Dusk might." Jade shrugged back. Scythe nodded. "I will consult with them." Jade suddenly realised the folly of that. If Scythe told the duo about Wyldkat, they could scrap her for takling... erm, yeah, with the Autobots. "Maybe, without telling them about the Autobots?" Jade tried weakly, motioning to the screen. "I mean, Razer and Dusk really hate the Autobots. They could try to scrap her or something, and i really don't want my fiance' to wonder what happened to his car."

"His car has allready dissapeared, however. Do you suppose he won't notice that?"

jade gave him a sharp look. "I don't know. But he'll be getting it back someday." she said in an annoyed tone. Scythe looked away. Then looked back at her. Some days, Jade thought, he really annoyed her. He might be their leader, but was also her friend, and as much as he could be smart and all leadery and stuff like that, he really ticked her off sometimes. He seemed to pick up on it, though. "I'll try to keep it out of the conversation." she gave him a glare for good measure. "Don't worry." he sighed, putting a hand on her shoulder. "If you care about her that much, I'll make sure nothing happens to your car." Jade nodded. "Thanks Scythe." she put a hand over his and then pulled away. "Speaking of the fliers, have you seen them? I was gonna ask Dusk for a datapad so I can start keeping a journal."

"No, I have not. I don't know where they could be." Scythe turned off the computer screen. "That's okay, I'm sure they're around here somewhere." Jade headed for the door. "See ya later." Scythe simply nodded silently as Jade walked out.

The jet wondered why Wyldkat was hanging out with the Autobots. And what the heck had that video been about!? she wondered just how it had happenned, and the bigger question being wyldkat and the Autobot leader haveing a PDA moment!? SERIOUSLY!? just... WTFBBQ! She shook her head. She was going to get to the bottom of this. To heck with finding Dusk. She needed to find Wyldkat, and NOW.


Wyldkat had just walked into the main cavern when she stopped to listen to the strange buzzing sound behind her head. And it was coming straight at her. She turned and ducked with a suprised growl (which sounded quite catlike, ironically), narrowly missing being smacked in the face by the small flying buglike (?!) device.

The blue carfemme watched the small bug whiz across the room, do several loop-de-loops and barrels rolls, the swing back to fly staright at her again. But instead of even making it partway, it suddenly stopped dead in it's flight to hover a moment, threw sparks, then fell straight down. The door swished open and Needle ran in, followed closely by Gobee. "D'Awww!" Needle practically whined. "I thought it would work this time.

"Hm. so much for your mechanic's skills." Gobee teased from behind him. But the look Needle gave him made the small car regret it and mutter "sorry."

Needle walked over and picked it up, looking over it. "What is it?" Wyldkat came over. Needle sighed. Well, it's supposed to be a flying spy-device."

"It's a bug." Gobee snickered. "Yeah." Needle agreed, rolling it over so it's stringy wirelike legs were in the air. "But I haven't been able to get the flight controls exactly right. It keeps shorting out." he pulled out a screwdriver and started to unscrew the access panel on the underside of the thing. Wyldkat simply "hmm." ed and watched.

About that time, Dusk walked in. Needle took the little device over to her. "What happened?" she asked. 'I don't kow. It just short-circuited again." Needle replied. the two walked over to a nearby table, and Wyldkat shook her head as she walked out.


About an hour later, Scythe was yet-again scanning over the monitor screens. He lifted an optic ridge in question as a soft buzzing sounded from behind his head. He whirled to find empty air. He thought for a second and turned back to the monitor screen. But instead of looking at it, he was really looking at it's reflection. And the miniature fly hovering back and forth behind his head. He whipped around slapping his hand out flat, hitting the fly with the open pam of his hand, sending it careening across the room. "Hey!" sounded from the next room. The door slid open and Bullet was standing there. Scythe ruffled his wings and glowered, trying to look like he hadn't just been caught off gaurd by the spy device. "Bullet." he greeted. Bullet just looked up and waved weakly. With the other arm he elbowed Needle who was behind him for triggering the door to open. Needle simply made a slightly indignated sound. Bullet walked in.

Sythe recovered from his near-startled-ness and walked over. Needle went to retrieve the mechanical bug-fly-whatever you'd call it, and Bullet apologised. "We thought we could connect it to my laptop computer and boost the radius, but we still had to use the controller. We weren't trying to spy on you or anything." he explained, handing the green mech the remote. It looked kind of like playstation controller, but a little bit more complicated. Scythe looked it over and nodded. "This very interesting." he handed it back to his friend and smiled slightly. "This is good work. Really good."

Scythe suddenly realised a lot of their problems were about to be solved. If Bullet and Needle could get the thing working again. "Is that the.." he looked at the device in Needle's hands. He pointed. "The fly-cam?" both nodded. Scythe's smile widened slightly. Do you think you can get it working again?" he asked. Needle shrugged "We should be able to. I don't think it was damaged that much." Bullet nodded, too. Scythe nodded to the two of them "Excellent. Let me know when you have it working again. I would like to see how this thing works."

The two grinned and walked out to repair their little "toy".


Megatron circled his newest "superweapon". Starscream guessed it was some kind of wierd ragun, from the looks of it. He though it was a rediculous idea. Some funnel-shaped thingamabob with a crystal, some curcuitry, and well, he was almost positive it would blow up the instand the power was turned on. Just like that Autobot Scientist's gadgets, what was his name? wheel-well, or something like that.

"And with this, we shall conquer the Autobots, and rule the universe!" Megatron proclaimed. Starscream rolled his optics and pretended to mimic the gunmetal grey Decepticon. "Or turn ourselves into walkiing toaster ovens." he muttered under his breath. He got a glare from Soundwave, so he just folded his arms and glared back like "What, I can doo that too!"

Every time Megatron had an oh-so-illustrious plan, he would find at least three holes in it. But did their oh-so-mighty leader ever listen to him? oh no. Besides the fact that the giant raygun used experimental power cells stolen from the humans, that anything could go wrong with, Starscream knew something would happen. He wasn't sure just what that would be yet, though.

Megatron reached for the power switch, and starscream started backing away. "Starscream." Megatron's red gaze landed on him. "Stand your ground like a Decepticon warrior." Starscream bit back what he desperately wanted to say, but... oh the heck with it. "You can stand your decepticon ground and become Deceptifritter for all I care, I'm not getting turned into cosmic dust." he snarked, and backed up more. Megatron sighed, actually sighed at him. When was Starscream going to learn that not everything he did would fail? He didn't feel like arguing with his cowardly air commander right now, though. Starscream would see. Once the Autobots were all destroyed, he'd be the first to turn around a proclaim for all to hear that Megatron was the mighty and powerful leader of the Decepticons, blah blah blah.

But, just in case, Megatron decided to check and make sure everything was right. At least then he could blame the Constructicons if something went wrong. Not that he wouldn't blame them anyway is anything happened.

Meanwhile, not too far away, maybe a hundred meters or so, The black and white shadow crept away from the shadow stealthily. "Lessee ya use yer 'lil zappy-gun, now." the saboteur grinned. One crossed wire between the power cells and the main command unit, should work, but if it didn't, he had a remote detonator to the explosive located under it.

Megatron grinned. "Is the gun ready?" "Powering up, Megatron." the Constructicon at the control replied. From the background, Starscream cringed in anticipation. "It is charged and ready!" another spoke a moment later.

"Then what are we waiting for!? FIRE!"

A bright red beam of energy lanced out from somewhere in the machine, passing throught the focusing crystal. The whine built up to audio rattling levels, then promptly died in a shower of sparks. "What!? What happened!" Megatron demanded.

In the shadows, the Autobot watching exclaimed softly "Yess!" and transformed to carmode, leaving before he could be discovered.

Starscream snickered and walked up from where he was hiding. "See? I told you it wouldn't work. It was all..." his barbs died as soon as the whine came back. Starscream barely got out an "ohslag" as Megatron started to say "What..." and it exploded.

Down the road, the black and white Porsche turned up his radio, humming along gleefully, knowing he'd done his job right, once again. "I love it when a plan comes together." he snickered.

Starscream coughed. Suprisingly, he hadn't ran away the instant the thing quit working. He'd actually stayed put where he'd been standing not too far away. Honestly, if it had exploded then, it still would have gotten him. He realised he should have just flown back to the Nemesis, but he didn't. Whether it was because Megatron would blame the failure on him and think he had done something to it then leave wasn't actually why, but it didn't matter, now.

"I told you it wouldn't work." Starscream. pointed out. "Shut UP! Starscream!" Megatron bellowed. "SHUT UP!"

Starscream pouted. Then sat down abruptly. "There's no need to yell." he sniffled. "I was just trying to say." Much to everyone's suprise, including Megatron's, Starscream began to cry. Megatron blinked, but reminded himself that maybe it was just stress. Nonetheless, he'd have the seeker's neuro-circuitry checked out the instant they got back to base.

"Soundwave report." Megatron barked. "Well..." Soundwave began, an unusual way to start a sentence for him, but nonetheless, Megatron waited.

"I'm sorry to report that your plan was a complete and total failure, even if it only did have 88.9599 percent chance of working to begin with, but the good news is that we can still rebuild. And I'll personally oversee it myself. That is, if you want me to, and maybe have the constructicons help. But, of course, that's up to you, I mean, since you are the commander, and you are in charge of the entire Decepticon faction and I..."

Megatron held up his hand for his second in command to stop. What was *with* him? he had never heard Soundwave say so much in his entire life. Nevertheless use conjunctions such as I'm, You're and other such things.

"Just..." Megatron sighed. He pinched the bridge of his olfactory projection. He swore he could feel a processor-ache coming on. "Fix it."

"Yes sir, right away, sir. So you want the constructicons to help? because if they don't help, I'm not sure how long it's going to take to repair this thing, and..." Megatron glowled audibly. "YES!" he snapped "Just... FIX IT! Arrgh!" He stomped away, pretty sure now that the universe in it's entirety was out to get him.

Meanwhile, from the flycam atop the tree, the Kintaari watched the scene play out over the viewscreen of Bullet's laptop. The Megatron-mimic had laughed himself silly, along with the others about this. "I can't wait to see how the others react that got hit! HeeHeeHeeHaHaHa!" Jade laughed from behind him. Bullet grinned and the flycam he was controlling followed the Decepticon leader as he left the work area...


When the Decepticons returned to the Nemesis, everything seemed normal. Well, relatively normal. Starscream was *still* sniffling. Skywarp was just looking around normally, and for some odd reason, Thundercracker had taken to giggling incessantly. Megatron touched down on the landing pad, looking forward to getting to his quarters and locking himself in. Sometimes he wondered why his warriors sometimes acted like complete idiots. He sighed, wondering if Optimus Prime ever had this problem. He just shook any thoughts out of his head and headed for his quarters.

Behind him he could hear Skywarp oogling over something shiny he had found in the work area after the explosion. He just told himself it wasn't important, and tried to repeat that to himself (and over and over again) to drown out the sound of Skywarp proclaiming how "pretty the shiny thingy is".

Thundercracker looked it. "Hey, isn't that the..." he reached for the part, and Skywarp snatched his hand away to hide the miniscule peice of metal with a snarl. "Mine!" he snapped.

"Ooo-kay." Thundercracker blinked his optics off then on. "I just wanted to see it. Skywarp backed off, protecting the tiny bit of metal. "It's mine, you can't have it!" Megatron didn't stop. Whatever it was, they could scrap each other till Cybertron fell out of it's orbit, for all he cared. He hurried down the hall away from the noises.

Meanwhile, in the main control room, skywarp had aimed his arm-gun at his trine-mate. "Woah, calm down warp. It's fine. I don't want your little..." Thundercracker started giggling. It was so totally ubsurd, it was just funny. "I mean, really, warp. It's fine." He started laughing harder.

Suddenly, Thundercracker realised everything was funny. He was Rumble and Frenzy walk in, the two perfectly in step with each other. The blue jet pointed and laughed even harder. "What're you laughing at, airhead." Frenzy glowered.

"Nothing, I just..."

Rumble glanced at his twin.

"YOU TWO LOOK LIKE OOMPALOOMPAS!" the blue jet blurted out, then clapped both hands over his mouth. Realising he was about to be pounded by the duo, he turned and ran.

"Oh yeah, I'm not the one that's blue!" Frenzy yelled after him. Rumble glowered and slapped the red cassetticon across the back of the head. "I'M BLUE YOU IDIOT!"

"oh, right. oops. wait, I DIDN'T MEAN YOU!" Rumble gave Frenzy a glare.


Dusk walked into Razer's workshop and leaned again the doorframe, grinning behind her facemask. "You'll never guess what happened today." she said. Razer didn't glance up from his work. "oh?" The blue and pink femme nodded. "They got our flying spy-device working." Razer nearly dropped his welding tool. "They did?" he paused, then turned it off, swiveling his chair to face her. She nodded and pushed away from the metal to walk over to him. "You see? the sparklet is smarter than you give him credit for." she said. Razer set down his tool and looked at his project. "Maybe they can help me build this little "pet project". he said half-seriously. Dusk huffed softly. "I think you're doing just fine. I'm sure you'll get it working soon enough." Razer looked at the half-built device. "I hope so." he finally said.


Meanwhile, Bullet's laptop had gained an audience, as the gunmetal grey Megatron-mimic steered their fly-cam, as Scythe had put it, through the halls of the Nemesis. "How did you get it to recieve a signal so far away?" Mic asked, leaning in slightly to get a better view. "We connected it up to the satellite Razer and Dusk use."

"hm." Mic glanced around. "I didn't know they had their own satellite. I wonder what else they're not telling us." he murmured. Needle scooted closer. "I'm glad you though about using your laptop to connect to the flycam. The most range I could get with it was a couple of hundred feet." he commented.

"yeah," Gobee put in, "And I helped with the paint job." he looked proud to be part of something so useful. Winstriker chuckled as she walked in. "Boys and their toys." she laughed, teasing. "no", Jade waved an arm "Come over here, you've gotta see this. The guys made a flying spy-camera shaped like a housefly. It's the funniest thing ever." She waved the femme over. "Really?" the purple a-10 Thunderbolt sat down with the others. Bullet steered the flycam into an air duct as one of the Decepticons walked past. "We're currently inside the Nemesis, spying on the Decepticons." he said. Windstriker's mouth fell open.

"Woah, cool." she said.

The flycam whizzed down the ventilation duct and towards a dead end. The group let out a collective "Aaaaugh! go left! go right! stop!" all at once as the wall came careening at the laptop screen. The flycam turned and flew straight up, then stopped when it reached the vent on the next level. The group exvented a sigh of relief.

"Bullet," Needle finally said, "You have got to learn how to drive." Mic snickered. "Yeah, like you do." he mimicked driving "You're on the wrong side of the road, skrrrt!" He laughed. Needle just smiled and shook his head. Bullet smiled, but said "Hey, I have my permit." The flycam buzzed out of the vent and down the hall, purposely turning upside-down, making everyone tilt their heads. Then it uprighted itself and perched atop a pipe running across the corridor.

It zoomed in towards the next corridor, panned, then zoomed back out. "Hey, does anyone hear that?" Bullet asked. The group stopped their chatter and listened. Sure enough, there was music coming from one of the rooms. The door slid open and stayed open. Skywarp sashayed out and looked one way then the other before continuing.

down the hall closer to them, Frenzy stepped out of his quarters, probably to yell at the seeker to turn it down. But instead, Frenzy stopped and *gaped*. Thundercracker had put on the song "It's the End of the world As We Know It" by R.E.M. and was doing what could only be described as the "Gallop dance" down the hall. It consisted of putting both hands on his waist and "galloping" down the hall one foot in front of the other like a fencing champion advancing on his opponent. When he reached the end of the hall, he turned around and headed back the other dircetion doing something similar to a scene out of a cowboy movie where a person was having their feet shot at, or a combination of that and some sort of brain-damaged idiot running in a karate stance. Legs bent halfway, picking up one foot then the other, throwing his arms in the air in wild abandon.

Rumble joined him outside their quarters with a "Whats all the fraggin noise ab-" he spotted the seeker "out." He blinked his optics off then on again. "Uh, Frenzy?"


"Do you think Thundercracker has finally lost it?"

Said red casetticon snorted. "I think the whole army has lost it, but that's just my opinion." he turned on his heels and walked back into their room. Rumble glanced at him. "I knew *that, but-" the door slid shut. The blue casetticon decided it was best to ignore the lunacy and follow his brother's example.

The door didn't open.

"HEY! LEMME IN!" he pounded on the door with his fists.

Thundercracker stopped dancing.

Rumble emitted an "Ohno." and plastered himself to the door. The crazy seeker had seen him and was starting to approach. "Frenzy, a little help here!" he pounded on the door behind him, optics never moving from the seeminly-insane blue Decepticon.

after what seemed like an eternity the door slid open and Rumble fell into his quarters. "I think the song is pretty accurate." he finally said after the door slid shut and the lock clicked into place. Frenzy snorted. Yeah, well, something's going on. and we can't even trust Sounds to know what's normal. He got hit by that wierd ragun's effects, too."

"I know." Rumble shuddered. Neither of them had heard the cassette host talk that much, ever. And wanting to spontaneously "snuggle", a purely human sentiment, made them both feel sick to their fuel talks. Though they wouldn't have minded being close to their gaurdian. It was just... odd.

Meanwhile, the flycam was still out in the corridor. "Hey, let's go see what Buckethead is up to." Jade suggested. "I don't know where his quarters are." Bullet pointed out. "Hmm," mic thought for a moment. "Maybe you can somehow use the flycam to tap into their main computer and find the layout of the place." he put in.

Bullet gave him a suprised look. "That's a really good idea." he grinned. "But... I don't think the flycam has a terminal access router." when he got blank looks, he simplified. "I mean it doesn't have usb or a serial port." a chorus of "Oh"'s sounded.

"Well, what about using the wireless connection?" Mic suggested. "Bullet nodded. "Of course. Silly me." He started to fly back in the direction he had come from. "Wait, which way was the control room again?"

"Here, lemme see it." Mic took the controller and started to go one way, but Needle interceded with "Wait, I think you were supposed to turn left at that last junction." Mic sighed and went back. "Wasn't it down another level?" windstriker commented. "I thought it was up a level." Needle replied. Mic rolled his optics and kept going straight. "Wait, no, it was the other way." Gobee pointed to the screen.

Mic turned anopther corner and took a right on the Y the duct made. "I thought it was more to the north." Needle commented. Winstriker gave him a look." Which way is north, the cam is deep underneath the ocean! we don't even know what's left or right!" she planted her hands on her hips. Needle held up both hands in an "I surrender motion." All right, I give up."Mic glanced at him. "Do you think you can steer it better?" The pickup truck shrugged. "Probably not, but it would be fun to try." So Mic held out the controller to him. "Hey, can I have a turn next?" Gobee leaned in." "I'd like to see how it handles, as well." Windstriker didn't seem as excited at the prospect, though.

Half an hour and about a hundred right turns (and wrong turns) later, the flycam exited the ductwork. "You know what, let's just go down the corridors." Windstriker guided the flycam up to the top of the corridors and into a lift. "Real good going, windy. Now we're gonna be stuck in the elevator all night." Mic groused. Windstriker sighed and flew up to the top of the lift. "Nah, there's a little open space here." She flew up. "Yeah, but how are you gonna get out of the shaft now?" Mic folded his arms. Windstriker flew back down and perched the small spy-camera upside-down on the ceiling. "Here, go over to the corner. That way you can spy on anyone who enters the lift." jade pointed. So over the flycam went, and stuck itself in the corner of the lift.

"Yeah, great." Mic deadpanned. "All we have to do now is wait five hours for somebody to use the thing so we can get back out again." Bullet held out a hand for the remote and Windstriker handed it over. "If my theory is correct..." he flew up and out of the lift into the shaft, "Ther should be an access panel or grating of some kind somewhere around here... aha!" He found one of the ventwork grates and flew into it. "There. And now we're back in the ventwork again." The flycam buzzed along the darkness. "Great, we're lost." Needle deadpanned." Bullet simply kept his optics on the screen. There, ahead of the flying spycam, was a light. The "bug" headed for it, and buzzed out into the light.

It took a ninety-degree angle turn straight up to avoid another duct running across the ceiling of the room, and perched atop it, zooming in and down onto the room below. "Well, whattya know." Needle breathed. Bullet chuckled. "Oh ye of little faith." he grinned. Mic rolled his optics. Again. The flycam had finally found the Decepticon base's control room.