Edited Scene
by Adrian Tullberg.

As a genetic freak; an Australian with little interest in sport, and another project I'm supposed to be working on, I decided to warp ... er work on a scene in the X-Men movie.

Rated PG-13 (roughly) for ... naughty thoughts.

dedicated to Hugh Jackman. Onya.


Wolverine entered the room, Cyclops and Jean Grey looking up at him. Cyclops aimed his visor at the man, making sure his chin was properly highlighted in shot.

"It's me."

"Prove it."

Wolverine was getting sick of the pretty boy. "Have you ever pleasured a woman? Ever?"

"It's him."

"Will you answer the question?" Wolverine was getting annoyed ... more annoyed than usual, to be accurate. "There's got to be a reason a hot chick perfers you over me."

"What have you got that I haven't?" stated Cyclops, trying to be assertive.

The driving force behind the Mutant marketing campaign pretended to think. "A personality?"

As Cyclops struggled with a comeback, Wolverine gave Jean his best 'you want to see me naked' gaze. "C'mon Dr. Grey..." he tried not to snigger over the title "...have you ever considered the fun you can have with a guy who has a Mutant Healing Factor(TM)?"

"You'll have to be more exact that that."


"Seven times."

"A night?"

"An hour."

Her jaw dropped.

"All night."

Her eyes glazed over.

"Every night."

A thin line of drool begun to form from the corner of her mouth.


"Ehhrr?" She looked vaguely over at Scott before turning back to Wolverine.

"C'mon ... might as well give the fanboys something to look forward to ... I mean, he's already been killed off in the regular titles ..."

"It's Marvel!" he wailed. "I can come back any time! And in case you haven't noticed, we've got to save the delegates of the conference!"

Storm cocked her head in thought. "It's just occured to me ... we're risking our lives to save politicians?"

"And we can just get Logan to give his healing factor to Rogue after it's all over, so she'll be safe ..." stated Jean, trying to ascertain Wolverine's muscle tone by touch alone.

"Okay, fine!" Scott tried to attract their attention before stomping off. "I'll be the big hero and save everybody! And Psylocke is the big favourite for the sequel! She wants me bad!"

Storm rolled her eyes, placed her hand on Cyclops' groin, and sent 5,000 volts where no man should ever experience it. The mutant went down, and for the first time in his life, his pants were smoking.

"Thank god for that..." whispered Jean, looking down at Wolverine's groin and wondering how much of that was the spanking new uniform ...

"So ... seven times, eh?" Storm sashyed over, and wedged herself next to Logan, giving Jean a wicked smile. "Did you know, with the whole mutant persecution thing and all ... I missed out on the whole 'college experimentation' phase?"

The grin on Wolverine's face threatened to split his head apart.


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