Down The Rabbit Hole

Chapter One: There's just something about a fast car and faster boys.

I sped down the road at 120 miles an hour and was quickly approaching a turn.

"Jenna what the fuck are you doing, slow down," my best friend Mallory screamed from the passenger seat.

My hand flicked out, quick as a cobra strike, to turn up the volume. Adelita's Way filled the car and a strange gleam entered my eyes. The car barreled forward with no signs of slowing down. At the entrance to the bend I let out a piercing shriek and slammed the breaks just enough to have them fly through the corner and stay on four wheels. If there had been a car coming in the opposite direction they would never have survived.

Reid Garwin let out a similar whoop in the backseat. My eyes flickered towards him and for a moment I considered thinking about the events that had caused him to get there. But then I felt the pull again and my eyes went back to the road with a fierce look of determination. I pushed down on the gas pedal.

I pulled the car to an abrupt stop in front of the sprawling estate. Ames was really outdoing himself this year. Pulse pounding music reached their car at level that assured me, once inside, I would be able to lose myself in it entirely.

We exited the car and began walking up the long driveway to the house. Mallory leaned towards Tyler and stage-whispered, "We are never giving Jenna the keys to my car again".

Tyler laughed, "Agreed. And I thought Reid's driving was bad. They're a driving instructor's worst nightmare."

Reid pulled Tyler into a noogie, "Har har, you're so clever baby boy." He turned towards me and slung an arm over my shoulders, "Remind me to catch rides with you more often Kinnamon."

I entered the house and gravitated toward the kitchen assuming that, like the majority of parties, it would be the most likely place of alcohol distribution.

I walked in and went up to Ames, "Give me a beer," I said opting to forego the formalities. He smiled at me in the way that only drunken pricks who think any girl they see will go to the bedroom with them can. I felt my insides squirm.

"C'mon Cinnamon, give me some sugar."

My eyes blazed, "I said give me a beer."

Ames' eyes glazed over for just a second and he gave me the unopened beer in his hand. Tyler who'd seen the whole exchange looked puzzled.

"Jesus Jenna, getting a little intense there." He'd seen the sharp look in her eyes. For a moment he had thought they had gone from their deep blue color to a slightly black one. His puzzled look showed.

When I realized I was looking at Tyler with something akin to pure hatred I shook herself and forced a small laugh and smile, "Just ready to get the night started Tye."

I drank anything my hand touched. Lately it seemed as though my tolerance had gotten extremely high. This was most likely due to the massive influx of alcohol into my system in the past year.

There were a lot of reasons why I had turned to alcohol. This time last year I'd gotten my heart broken. Immediately following this my parents got divorced. This just furthered my feelings that love was a joke. My parents, who were seemingly perfect, got divorced. I had been the one to find my mom cheating on dad.

This fall my sister killed herself.

I took another shot as the memory popped into my head. None of it made sense. My family had been happy, they were far from perfect, but they were happy. My mother loved my father more than I'd ever seen anyone love. My sister had a connection to life that would inspire the greatest artists.

None of it made sense.

I'd gotten the call from my sister the day it happened.

"Something's wrong Jenna. I look in the mirror and I don't know who it is staring back at me."

I remember that I had been so perturbed by the conversation that I'd driven down to Jaelyn's school. Even with my insane knack for speeding, by the time I got there, it was too late.

I'd held my dead sister in my arms for hours before help came. I sat in silence staring at the girl I'd known my whole life. A girl who had no secrets from me. A girl I thought I knew completely. The knife on the floor beside her was the only piece of evidence. Jaelyn's fingerprints were the only ones found. That day would haunt me for the rest of my life. The day after this year's Fall Fest.

I snapped back to the present and took the drink out of Reid's hands and downed it.

"Easy there Tiger," he said smirking.

I pulled the blonde haird boy along behind me as I made my was into the pulsating living room. It was obviously the central dance area. I sank into him and allowed myself to get lost in his arms.

I didn't know why but there was something in me that needed to get close to him. I'd never been interested in him until after Fall Fest. Sure, I thought he was cute but then again who didn't? If anything I would have gone after Tyler Simms. We'd been friends since freshman year and I had always been attracted to him but had never been confident enough to do anything about it.

My relationship with my ex had boosted my self esteem. My parents divorce had diminished my capacity to give a shit, therefore, enabling me to lose my self consciousness.

Reid leaned down to whisper into my ear, "I've never seen anyone drive like that." I grinned impishly up at him, loving the feel of his hands in my dark chocolate colored hair, "What can I say? I like fast cars," looking up at him with a gleam in my eyes I added, "and faster boys."

This was just an intro into what I hope will be a decent story. I already have the ending written out and am just trying to find a good pace to lead up to it. Please R&R