Chapter 10: Out of this world

As we parted ways I rushed over to the dorm and grabbed Mallory's spare keys from her desk. I looked into the mirror quickly before I left, a snow angel who'd lost everything. But I had gained something too, hadn't I?

In the car I went over Caleb and Pogue's words. They turned round and round in my head.


And she was there, over my shoulder, we looked into each others eyes through the rear view mirror. "You're really there?"

She smiled sadly, "Yes, I'm here."

My resolve hardened and I turned the key in the ignition; ready to begin the strangest car ride of my life.

The boys stood together outside the old house. Reid glanced down at his watch again and stopped tapping his fingers against the fence, slapping his hand down in agitation instead. "Where is she," worry was written all over his face.

Caleb sighed, "She lied to us. She has no intention of coming here."

"Well then we're going to have to maker her," Pogue chimed in as he started towards Tyler's Hummer.

Tyler reached out a hand to stop him, "But won't that hurt her….badly? If she isn't willing?"

Caleb looked at Reid and frowned, "It's the only way."

Reid hung up the phone after a few minutes rushed conversation. "She's at the Dells. Mallory said she goes out there to think."

Tyler nodded, "It's secluded. She'd go there before anywhere else to avoid us."

"Alright then, let's go."

Reid cast one more glance down the drive, hoping for a car that wouldn't come.

She was at the cliff overlooking the Dells when the sons found her. They could hear her screams when they pulled up next to Mallory's car. It took every bit of strength she had to hold onto her mind. Chase was relentless, constantly attacking, searching for weakness, his route to total control. Unleashing her full potential, opening herself up to see her sister, it had brought him too.


Reid ran from the Hummer up the path at a speed that was more than human. He wrapped me up in his arms, staring into my eyes. I was too busy looking at Jae, ever since I'd gotten there we'd been holding hands as I fought for control. He placed both hands on the sides of my head, forcing me to face him.

"You have to will him away Jenna, you have to will it away."

"I can't," I said, crying harder.

Tears came to his eyes as he watched me struggle. It was at that moment, with him crying in front of his brothers, that I knew he'd fallen in love with me. I tugged on his ear and he grimaced, everything had just gotten so much harder.

"You have to, he'll take over if you don't. I can't lose you."

"Reid, I can't lose her again."

He wrapped his arms around me again and we sank onto the snowy ground together.

"I'm sorry Jenna, I truly am, but you have to."

I shook my head harder.

"I love you, don't let him take you from me."

I leaned forward and kissed his lips. They were wet and salty from his tears. "I know," I whispered into his ears as I stared up at my sister, she was crying.

"I'm so sorry Reid," I said before pulling up out of his grasp. I turned away from him and jumped off the face of the cliff. The air enveloped me and as gravity took hold the last thing I heard as I fell was a scream.