Dragon Claims and Human Change
By: Selim
Disclaimer: I do not own How to Train Your Dragon. This is a piece of fiction and all persons and events are fictional. There is no profit being made from this work.
Rating: M
Summary: Hiccup didn't know it, but he's been chosen as a Dragon Mate. The world as he knows it changes, leaving him to decide – does he stay with humans or move on with dragons?
Pairing: Toothless x Hiccup (Anthro-Toothless)

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Is this a Hadak you could appreciate?

Hiccup stared up into the sky, enjoying the impressive view of the dragons under his reign move about their chores without a second thought. The Nightmare brandishing milk was exchanging canisters for newly filled ones moved around gracefully from ledge to ledge, the slick prosthetic fin on his tail moving without lag as he glided from area to area. The stretch of his wing moved the prototype just right, letting him catch a breeze that moved further up through the towers surrounding the castle.

It wasn't often that the king's time wasn't monopolized by either the happenings of the kingdom or the attentions of either mate or hatchlings but when Hiccup could, he enjoyed taking in the sites. He wondered if Gronky would have appreciated the changes happening to the community. Hiccup liked to think it was a step into the right direction.

His best contribution was the introduction of animal husbandry into the society. The smaller dragons had really taken to the aspect of raising their own food, distributing and breeding and being part of Hadak's rise. It also meant dragons, while still great hunters, was able to grow and care for their own food during the harsher winter months. It also allowed trade to occur between Berk and Hadak. Dragons were able to go further distances in shorter times to gather spices and goods from eastern provinces for food otherwise inaccessible for such a northern land like theirs.

In a week he planned to open further trade with parts of north for gems and minerals that were in demand in southern countries. This was perhaps the greatest time in dragon creation, Sven used to say before his death two summers before. It had been a nice time; the old nightmare had played some ground-level games for the hatchlings and told Hiccup and Toothless grand tales of when he was a boy. He went to bed with a smile on his face and never woke up again.

Ragna said he was finally happy.

Wrapping his arms around his form, Hiccup made a low hum noise as he watched his mate skip from tower to tower, trailed by a couple terrors, learning to healing trade. Transitioning dragons back to north couldn't come too soon, we're overpopulated.

He was turning inside when he caught a glimpse of his oldest and two hatchlings, settled out on a blanket in the gardens. Thorn, although fifteen summers old, was the equivalent of a human four-year-old. The boy, with his slowly growing hair and out of his face, was holding up toys out of reach of his newest siblings, the twin hatchling girls who were half his age, products of Toothless gestation. The little ones were reaching and crying for the toys made for them but Thorn was being his usual self, finding joy in making his younger siblings cry.


The toy was dropped and Thorn, glancing up at his parent with some shame. "I was just playing with 'em." He stuttered around his words, a trait that Toothless was sure was just a side-effect of his heredity. He had the cutest tiny lips that seemed to get stuck against his gums that had teeth constantly peeking out.

"If you have time to play such games with your sisters, perhaps you have time to help in the kitchens. Your grandfather's visiting for the trade summit, I bet he'd be excited to see something you've created." Three summers before, Thorn had visited Berk and had spooked the sheep purposefully. It took weeks to clean up the damage caused by the stampeding animals that came through the village courtyard. "Come on, off to the kitchens. The hatchlings are going to take a nap."

"'On't wanna work in the kitchens!" Thorn stomped, his little wings shaking behind him.

"I bet the cook will let you sample some rolls if you help him." Hiccup murmured absently, lifting his little girls into both arms. Dagna, the bigger of the two, grabbed Hiccup by the scruff of his beard and pulled to butt heads with him in a familiar form of greeting. Her sister, Eisa, folded herself against his heart with the most annoyed look shot at her brother while she sucked on a claw absently.

Quieted, Thorn licked his lips. "Mm!" He turned off, walking with a sense of purpose that made Hiccup snicker. His son, even so young, had enough years to pick up his father's attitude. Toothless liked to describe Thorn as a miniature him, which always made Hiccup giggle at the thought of unleashing another Njállon the Earth.

"All right, girls. I think we could all use a nap!" Hiccup followed after his son, making a beeline to the room across from his and Toothless' private chambers that was shared by all their children. Thorn's side of the room was trampled, bedding tossed and possessions tossed out of his personal chest (the very one that had been nestled deep in Old Berk at one time). Kicking the wooden figurine Toothless had made for the boy over, Hiccup lowered both girls into their individual beds. "Now sleep."

Eisa still holds firm on his facial hair, her lipless mouth moving to try and talk like her brother while her tail flicks her sister absently. Dagna responds back with a flick of her own, halfway between her form of humanoid and dragon, never sure which one is more comfortable to sleep (or in some cases live) in. She finally settled against her wooden doll, a gift from her father, while running a thick paw up its leg as she sucked on her other claws.

Humming a soft tune his own mother had sung from him as a child, Hiccup brushed his hand down his daughters stomachs, enjoying the domestic feel of it all. He hadn't expected to have three beautiful children, especially not half-dragon ones but he and Toothless had worked hard to get that far. Their second courting only took two years before Hiccup took the next step. For the girls, they had talked forever about having children but Hiccup was still plagued with the nightmare of being abandoned while pregnant. Toothless agreed to hatch their babies that time, which Hiccup suspected caused more dragon-like children.

Brushing back Eisa's raven hair, Hiccup detangled himself from his daughter's claws without startling as thick arms wrapped around his middle. "Are you ready to house my father?"

Toothless groaned. "Your father hates me."

"He does not."

"Every time I see him he wants to fight me."

Rubbing the dragon's flattened horns, Hiccup grinned. "It's called rough housing, it means he likes you. Now is that a little dragon in your robes or are you just happy to see me?" Grinning, Hiccup pressed his body into the firmness along Toothless inner thigh, bunched up in healers robes. Absently grabbing the rope that held Toothless' clothing on, Hiccup made a playful tug to have the dragon follow him.

Toothless rubbed his jaw absently. "Actually..." He reached into the pouch of his robes, fingers brushing Hiccup's skin as he grabbed the solid object and pulled out another wooden toy. "Made it for the girls." He showed Hiccup the two additional dolls he'd been creating. More toys.

"Toothless..." Hiccup grumbled. His children had so many little figurines, from wooden rockers shaped like dragons to fine wooden castles with little figurines that lived inside. "They have enough playthings already. Thorn needs to be playing with boys his own age instead of locking himself in his room and terrorizing bystanders."

"Maybe our next one..." Toothless' smile stretched.

Hands on his hips, Hiccup grumbled. "I told you once, you stupid dragon, we have enough babies to take care of." He walked with Toothless down the hall, nearly skipping his and Toothless' more private office. "What?"

"Come see something." Toothless chimed automatically, dragging Hiccup to a grand balcony often used for easy access flight. It was big enough for three zipplebacks, a waste of space according to Hiccup but he'd seen it used for good so it didn't matter in the end. Holding his arms out readily, Hiccup allowed Toothless to grab him under the armpits and carry him down Hadak to the small island under.

It was busier than ever. The water dwellers at the creek still worked long hours using a pulley system that allowed them to carry water up to Hadak in a faster system but now there was more dragons that needed a source of clean water which put strain on the system. Hiccup groaned at the thought of his complex system breaking down one of these nights, even though the foreman (the very gronckle that had caught him midair years before) swore the system was well maintenance.

Grasping the dragon's hand, they walked through the streets of New Hadak, leading to the old ruins of Old Berk. In the years, Ragna has set excavation of the site, cataloguing every detail into a personal book of history, finding a middle ground for the future children to know that Hiccup and Toothless were not the first night fury-human couple but the first to last.

But as Toothless shows the human a cradle he's been working on, Hiccup wonders how long that will last.

"I've been asking you to make a cradle since Thorn was only a summer old."

Standing proudly next to the wooden piece of furniture, made with a loving craftsmanship that only Toothless was able to create. It had little dragons carved into the headboard, shaped around a depiction of Old Berk. Awkwardly, Hiccup rubbed the wooden dragon of a human reaching up to the dragons, one that looked so much like him asking for Toothless to come back for their mating ceremony. My gods, that feels so long ago. "I've been working on it for years. I had to find the right wood and then I was scared about the size, what if Thorn was just a unique example of what we can have? He was so tiny in comparison to the girls."

"You're rambling." Hiccup smiled up at the dragon. "Why now?"

"I want to fill Hadak with our hatchlings." Toothless said effortless. Hiccup wanted to stomp on his toes because that was certainly no reason. And who do you think is going to birth these babies, hm? He grinned at the dragon, imaging Toothless plump with another two or three eggs. Only, it made his stomach tinge to think of himself pregnant again with Toothless by his side this time. "You were so beautiful the first time."

Standing, Hiccup cupped Toothless' claw staring at the innocent piece of furniture. "It's beautiful." He directed their joined hands at the furniture. "And you know I love seeing our children but it won't be like with the girls. No egg being hatched and long periods of incubation."

Purple in the face, Toothless lowered his head and gazed away from Hiccup. "I wasn't implying you. I overstepped-"

"No, no." Hiccup smiled, rubbing his thumb over the dragon's rough knuckles. He felt so bad, he hadn't realized the tiny nicks across the dragons hand but he could tell by the attention Toothless had put into the crib. It was intended to be used by many, not just their children but by their children's children. "I wasn't saying I haven't been tempted. I want more children, of course. But now?" He swallowed. Thorn was at such a stage, always wanting his parents' attention. It would only grow worse if there was more competition for his parents' time. "I still have those nightmares."

Shame written across his face, Toothless tightened his hold on Hiccup. "I would never leave you longer than absolutely necessary." Which was absolutely true, without question. In the years after Thorn's birth, Toothless had been away at the longest three days on either visits to trading communities or personal hunting trips. It had been years that Hiccup truly felt alone, their bond resonated deep inside him with the warmest of feelings, no matter the distance.

Touching his toned belly, Hiccup smiled. "Well, I've always wondered if who brings the baby to life contributes to the infants features. Be very interesting for my book. We have a handful of humans occupying Hadak now, and they've been asking me about babies." I've only had one though.

Toothless smiled. "Life isn't a thing to figure out."

"And that's how you're just like those Vikings. Your brain! Best friend!" Hiccup reached up to tap the dragon's head. He only stopped when Toothless' flat mouth pressed against his own in the chastest of kisses that made his thoughts stop. "You'll carry me around if my feet hurt?"

"Don't I already do that, lazy human?"

The swat against his chest was absent, normal even. "And deal with me when I'm all 'woman-y'?" His dad had been such a champ when he thought back to it. A lot of their fighting was a mixture of being a child madly in love and a pregnant male. His father never had deserved half the trouble Hiccup put him through. All the crying, tantrums, and purposeful attacks were taken with a wave of calmness and understanding that had been given to Valhallarama when she was pregnant.

Toothless smirked and Hiccup swatted him again. "I can carry our next child but I do want another." Toothless wrapped his arms around Hiccup.

"No, I have it. I'm holding you to all those promises we made." Hiccup kissed the small ridges around Toothless' cheeks. The sensitive horns twitched with the lightest of touches. "I suppose we should be heading back to Hadak then..."

"Well, actually..." Toothless reached into his robes again, pulling out the familiar necklace Hiccup usually had around his neck but had forgone that morning while dressing. In fact, he usually took the magical amulet off before they had sex, hung it up lovingly on the bed frame. The blood pooled in his cheeks seeing the stone. He was lucky to have had fifteen summers to grow used to Toothless' presumptuous behavior. Rubbing his eyes, Hiccup pushed back the laughter. Only his mate. "Why wait?"

"Most people just say they want to mate."

"I want to mate."

"Here, now?" Hiccup exclaimed, scandalized.


Sighing as if he was put upon, Hiccup rubbed the dragon's face horns. "Fine, but you get to tell dad." He smiled.

Smirking, Hiccup moved the dragon back against the old walls of the house, the pendant dropping to the ground next to the cradle as he pushed his dragon against the wall. He tilted his head up, capturing the dragon's mouth again. Toothless' thick tongue slipped along his open mouth, brushing the surface of his flat teeth. Nibbling on the appendage, Hiccup stepped back, putting distance between the two. "It's not often you're adventurous." He supplied, still grinning. "Always afraid the children will run in."

"They do run in. At least here, it's very much secluded. We have hours before they come looking for you." Toothless rolled his tongue down Hiccup's chin, tilting the man's head to the side to run his tongue along the line short hairs of Hiccup's face, down the surface of skin showing on the man's neck to the bare skin of the collarbone, one of many erogenous zones. The thought that he had meetings waiting for him, just after the twins nap (which would be ending within the minutes), left him like water.

"Hours..." He breathed, standing on his toes for Toothless to touch more.

scene can be found a AO3 and my livejournal page

Hiccup glowered at him for a matching second but couldn't stay mad, especially not when he had a prone dragon under him that was willing to do anything he asked at this moment. Standing up fully, Hiccup reached into the dirt next to the cradle, picking up the necklace that had been dropped and forgotten earlier. "I think we need this."

Eyes dilated, Toothless breathed. "I'm more than all right carrying our next child, if you're not ready."

Slipping the pendant over his head, Hiccup stepped back over to the dragon, sitting on the dragon's thigh.

scene can be found a AO3 and my livejournal page

The warmth of their bond seemed to glow and vibrate, sending euphoric waves through the human's spine. He couldn't fight it off anymore; he came in his hand with a rush of warmth that was unimaginable. His world grew white as, seconds later; he felt the familiar warmth of dragon seed spreading far into his body, into an artificial womb already activated with the magic of the amulet.

When his vision cleared, Hiccup realized that Toothless had grabbed his hand, lacing their fingers together during his orgasm. The dragon was now licking along the back of the human's neck, along the familiar mating mark that never seemed to fade away these days. Kissing the back of the healer's hand, Hiccup smiled. "I can feel you." He shifted his hips purposely, brushing back along Toothless.

Cooing in a wordless voice, Toothless brushed his nose under Hiccup's ear. "I love you so much, my Little One."

Snickering, Hiccup tilted his head back to kiss the dragon's nose-less face. "I love you too, Stupid Dragon."

They were able to unknot nearly thirty minutes later, leaving the small hut as the day grew warm. Brushing a hand over his eyes, Hiccup shivered at the familiar weight in his abdomen shifted and wondered if it would form into an egg within the day. Either way, he already wanted to move their activities into their union bed and make another attempt later. Just to be sure, of course.

"Toothless, could you bring the cradle up? I'm going to go check on the water dwellers." Hiccup already started towards the woods, ignoring the unsure glance Toothless gave the woods. It was safe but the dragon's instincts were running at full-force. All he had to do was ignore it and continue about his day.

He barely made it over the ridge when Toothless returned, panting from excursion. "Your father-!"

Blinking, Hiccup smiled. "Here already? Water dwellers will have to wait. It's been almost two years since I last saw the old man."

"No, no-water dwellers first." Toothless pushed forward, Hiccup brushed the dragon back, pointing up at the sky with a smirk. Groaning, Toothless raised him into the air, bringing them into the mainland for Hadak.

True to his word, Stoick was in Hadak. Standing like a beacon in the gardens of the palace, the old Viking was laughing jovially as his grand-children climbed up him, trying to play all at once. Holding little Dagna giggled against her grandfather's graying beard, not even offering her parents her full attention while Thorn, sprawled out on the old man's head, waved heartily at his parents with a scream that grandpa was there.

"Yes, I can see that." Hiccup let go of his mate's claw with a reassuring smile before he wrapped his arms around his father. "Dad, I'm glad you made it. I thought you were supposed to be here tomorrow at the earliest?"

"Told that mangy dragon to move faster. I don't like fighting for your attention when these trade summits happen. Tried to bring Snotlout this year but, ah... he says to wish you the best." His father trailed off looking away. It was a mixed-relationship Snotlout and Hiccup had. The distrust for the dragons always stood in the way for Snotlout to make a practical decision when it came to allying with Hadak. At least, Toothless often reasoned, the human was smarter than to attempt a fruitless takeover of the dragon lands. "Can't say I didn't come empty-handed though. Gifts from the children, of course but I had a couple stragglers that preferred their new mates than the human society."

"Mates?" Hiccup whispered just as Toothless chimed the same in his own language.

"Mm. Apparently it's fashionable to have one apparently. I don't understand the point behind it but Orvik says I'm old and will never understand the love between him and his Nadder girl. I just want to know how they go about it; uh...you wouldn't happen to know, would you?"

Snickering, Hiccup shook his head. "I try not to think about other mate pairings. Well, I'll meet up with him later and welcome him to Hadak. We're becoming a lot more open minded here."

"Berk will get there eventually." Stoick whispered. "It's just still too soon."

"I understand. I'm glad you came around though."

Laughing, Stoick tucked a hand on Thorn's head while another meaty hand fell on Eisa, still positioned halfway up his leg. "And miss out on these tykes! As if!"

Grinning, Hiccup helped his father remove the children, giving them a playful push towards the palace with the simple call of, "Clean up your rooms before you see any gifts." The girls made a low disapproving sound while Thorn tossed his head back and whined about it, but firmly led his sisters in with plans to have them clean his mess. Shaking his head, Hiccup cupped his father's hands. "And I promise to sit down and tell you everything. Toothless and I have good news, but I first have to attend to a meeting I've been putting aside for weeks."

"Well carry on then, don't mean to make folks who've been waiting have to wait. Gods forbid two years go by." Snickering, Hiccup rubbed the back of his head as he started into the palace. Behind him, he heard Stoick's booming voice, "Don't just stand around like a statue! Come and give your father-in-law a proper welcoming! Bet I can throw you in a friend one-on-one!"

The twinge against his bond made him smile as he tilted his head back and watched Stoick pat Toothless' back with a sincere smile as he led the dragon into the gardens. The night fury's nervous smile disappeared when Hiccup and his eyes met, becoming a real, reassured one.

And Hiccup knew that things would be all right, because the world was made to change and all he could do was go forward with it.

The End