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Summary: What if Class Zero had a prom a few weeks before their mission starts? Main pairings are Machina x Rem and Ace x Deuce. Semi-AU

Chapter 1: Announcement and Asking

Class Zero was in total chaos.

'Why' you ask. Because apparently, Queen just announced that prom is coming up in 2 days, so naturally everything went downhill from there.

"Do we have to go?" Ace asked.

"Yes, all members of all classes are going. None of you have a choice. You're all going, even if you don't have dates." Queen replied.

Ace just sat in his seat, pondering who he was gonna ask. He can't ask Queen, because apparently Nine is already planning on asking her. God only knows what she sees in that guy, since he's practically a pervert. He can't ask Sice because King already did. Cinque was going with Trey, Seven was going with Jack, and Cater was going with Eight. The only ones who hasn't ask anyone yet was Ace, Deuce, Machina and Rem. Suddenly, the bell rung, signaling the end of classes for the day and everyone ran out of the classroom. Ace was going to approach Deuce to ask her, but he lost track of her. Giving up, he decided to go back to the dorms.

What the hell, I'll just ask her later.

As he was walking, he was thinking about Deuce. To Class Zero, they only think of her as an innocent kid, but to the other Classes, she was 'Dense' Deuce to them. One night, she ran to the dorm room she shared with Seven. Only Seven and Rem, who were talking when she passed by them, noticed the tears running down her face. The other members only noticed something was wrong when Seven and Rem also ran up. They waited outside the room for about an hour when Seven and Rem came out. They took a peek inside the room and they saw that Deuce was tucked in her bed and fast asleep. Queen asked if they managed to find out what was wrong, they said that Deuce told them that a group of boys from Class Eight kept calling her 'Dense' and other names but the worse was when they called her 'Worthless'. Queen and the others were mortified, but Ace was fuming he looked like he was gonna kill those boys. Everyone had to calm him down because if they didn't, they would be in a lot of trouble if he did kill those boys. That was the day Ace realized that he was in love with Deuce.

Suddenly, a voice yelled from behind him.

"Ace! Wait up!"

He turned around and saw that it was Jack and Nine.

"What do you guys want?" He asked.

"Who are you taking to prom?" Jack asked.


"Save it, we all know that you have a crush on Deuce."

Ace blushed furiously at that remark while Jack and Nine, who noticed it, laughed really hard.

"Seriously! You need to ask her out. And probably confess too." Jack suggested.

"Way ahead of you guys." Ace said and walked away.

Ace walked in the living room of the dorms and he noticed Deuce sitting by herself in the couch. She was in one end and her left cheek was propped up in her left knuckle. Ace took a look and noticed she was fast asleep again. Ace sat down next to her, and shook her lightly, but she did not wake up. Instead, her head fell on Ace's shoulder. Ace tensed and leaned back on the couch carefully, so that he will not wake Deuce. Deuce snuggled closer to him, then she relaxed and her breathing evened once again. Ace said nothing and he just wrapped his left arm around her waist. He was really enjoying this. Suddenly, his eyelids began to droop.

Oh, god, please, let us stay like this for a few hours.

Then, everything went black.

3 hours later

Nine and Jack entered the dorms with Cater and Seven right behind them. Nine and Jack looked at the two figures in the couch and they abruptly stopped. Cater and Seven, who were busy talking, bumped into them. Seven looked like she was about to yell when Jack covered her mouth, as if expecting it. Jack steered her and Cater to the couch, and as expected, her eyes widened at the sight of Deuce snuggling with Ace. Seven took one look at them and noticed that Deuce looked like she was enjoying her (unknown) sweet time with Ace. Or she might be thinking that said person was just a pillow. Seven walked away from the sight and walked up to her room. A few seconds later, she came back down with a blanket and a Digital SLR camera. She dropped the blanket for a while and started taking pictures of them in different angles. Luckily, the flash was turned off and the two can't hear the clicking noises the camera was making. While she was doing this, Cater, Jack and Nine were just trying to hold their laughter in. Afterwards, she throws the blanket gently over them and makes a gesture for them to leave, which they did for fear that Seven will try and kill them with her whip. When they walked out of the living room, Jack spoke up:

"Well, this is gonna be interesting when they wake up or when the others walk in the room while they're asleep."

"Yeah, 50 gil says that by the time they wake up, Ace is gonna ask Deuce to the prom." Nine says.

"I'm in on that." Seven replies.

"I'm betting that he won't. I think Ace is too chicken for that." Cater said.

"I'm with Cater on that." Jack says.

"You guys are on." Seven says.

The four of them walked away from the dorms, deciding to come back in at least 3 hours.

Meanwhile (AN: This happened when Jack, Nine, Cater and Seven caught Deuce and Ace)

Rem was walking down the hall when she suddenly felt something coming up her throat. She looked around and saw Queen and Eight walking towards her. Luckily, they aren't noticing her as they were busy talking. She ran to the nearest bathroom, entered a stall and she started throwing up. Usually, she only throws up her lunch when she has puking episodes, but this time she coughed them up with blood. As she was still throwing up, she didn't notice Queen entering the bathroom as well. Queen heard retching sounds and listened to every single stall in the bathroom until she got to the stall where Rem was. Queen knocked on the stall and the retching sounds abruptly stopped and Queen heard someone flushing the toilet.

"Is anyone there?" Queen asked.

The door opened and Rem appeared.

"Oh, hello, Queen." She said.

"Rem, why do you have blood by your lips?" Queen asked.

"What? What blood?"

Queen wiped it with her thumb and showed it to Rem.

"Oh, that blood. That's nothing." Rem said.

"Don't lie to me, Rem, Why were you throwing up blood?"

"Busted." Rem said to herself.

"What do you mean 'Busted'? What are you hiding from us?" Queen interrogated.

"If I tell you, promise me that you won't tell anyone else, especially Machina."

Queen nodded in reply.

"I'm dying, Queen, I have an incurable illness."

"Is that why mother (1) calls for you sometimes? Because she's monitoring you?" Queen asked.

Rem only nodded.

"And the blood, does that mean something?"

"Yes, It means it's advancing again (2)."

"But why keep it from us (3)?" Queen asked.

"Because I didn't want to worry anyone."

"Come on, let's go." Queen offered.

The pair walked out of the bathroom and headed towards the classroom. It wasn't long before the both heard someone calling for Rem. They turned around and saw Machina running towards Rem.

"Well, see you." Queen said and started walking away.

"Not a Word!" Rem yelled after her.

She turned around and saw Machina in front of her.

"Oh, hello, Machina."

"Hey, I wanted to ask you something." He said.

"What is it?"

Machina paused before saying really fast:


"What? Sorry, I didn't catch that." Rem said.

"Do you want to go to the prom with me?" He repeated calmly this time.

"Sure, I'd like that." Rem replied.

Machina grinned at her reply.

"Well, I gotta go head to the library." Rem said.

"Ok, I'll walk you there." Machina offered.

And so, the two walked to the library holding hands.

2 ½ hours later

Deuce woke up feeling refreshed after a great nap (AN:If you call 5½ hours a nap,then why not?). Then, suddenly, she felt like she was lying on something. She looked up and saw that she was lying on Ace's chest with a blanket sprawled on them. She lifted the blanket and saw that Ace's hand was inches away from her butt. Not knowing what to do, she decided to wake him up.

"Ace, Ace! Wake up." She pleaded while shaking him. Luckily, he woke up almost immediately.

"Huh? What is it?" Ace asked her.

""Nothing, its just…sorry for falling asleep on your chest." Deuce said. She felt blood rising to her cheeks.

"Huh, no, it's alright." Ace said.

'Oh my god! She looks so cute when she's blushing.' Ace thought. Shaking these thoughts away, he quickly regained himself.

"Um, Deuce?"

"Huh? What is it?" Deuce asked, tilting her head in curiosity.

'Oh gods! She looks cuter when she does that.' Ace thought.

"Um, do you want to go to the prom with me?" Ace asked calmly.

"Ok, sure!" Deuce said.

"Seriously?" Ace asked. He was so happy he can't stop smiling.


Then, they just sat there talking. They enjoyed talking to each other so much they didn't realize that they were leaning towards each other. When they realized it, however, they still didn't stop. Their lips were just inches from each other when Eight walked in the living room singing "Girls just want to have fun". When they saw him, they quickly pulled away from each other and Ace was really pissed about that.

'Damn it! That was so close!' He yelled mentally.

"Hey, guys!" Eight yelled.

Deuce suddenly stood up from her seat and ran up to her room.

"What's up with her?" Eight asked

Ace gave him a glare that was enough to make a War Veteran run for his mommy. Eight froze on the spot immediately.

Needless to say, Eight ended up with several bruises after that.


"That damn idiot!" Jack yelled.

"Why did Eight have to come in? That was so close!" Cater said.

"Damn! And Deuce was about to have her first kiss! And I even had my camera on video mode!" Seven said.

"Well, look on the bright side, Seven, you get 50 gil from Jack and Cater because he managed to ask her." Nine said.

Jack and Cater gave them 50 gil each.

AN: OMG! I am so sorry if they're out of character!

Anyways, here are what the numbers mean.

1 – Mother is what the entire Class Zero calls Arecia. I'm not sure if that applies to Machina and Rem, but since they're also members I think they might be calling her mother too.

2 – Rem's incurable illness is said to advance until it'll kill her.

3 – Yeah…Rem asked Arecia to keep it a secret from Class Zero.

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