Well, this is strange...I blame boredom and the Owl City music (LOVE LOVE LOVE!)


A young boy sat on a bench in a park, his head in his hands. He had been there most of the day, but no one approached him. There was something about him that gave off such an air of sadness, that people seemed afraid they would...Catch it somehow.

More time passed.

Another boy approached the bench, older then the first one but not older than 17. He plopped down next to the first, then leaned back and shut his eyes.

A few more moments ticked by.

The second sighed and sat up, speaking to the first without looking at him.

"Penny for your thoughts?"

The first let out a harsh laugh. "You mean, besides the fact I'm a complete idiot?"

"Now, why would you say that? You look pretty smart to me."

"Yeah. But trust me; I've done some horrible things."

There was a beat of quite.

"Nothing you have done could even come close to what I have." #2 said softly.

"You have no idea what I've caused. All the things I hurt..."

"You don't get it. I can guarantee I'm worse than you."

"Oh, yeah? I wished my brother was dead, than he ended up dying..."

"I found out I had a twin brother, but instead of confronting him I ended up following him for weeks..."

"I felt like I had to take his place, so I gave up my true self for power..."

"My spirit was corrupted by darkness, and I forgot who I was..."

"I lost myself in a world I thought was a game, but it wasn't. I was hurting, killing, enslaving real living things, and enjoying it..."

"I let myself become something I wasn't, something driven by revenge and sorrow, trying to destroy everything beautiful..."

"And then...I killed my best friend."

"And then...I tried to kill my own brother."

There was a moment of silence before they each took in what the other had said. Slowly, they looked up and turned to each other, eyes wide. One had long, indigo hair and clear blue eyes. The others hair was short, and both that and his eyes were a shade darker, but the two could have been brothers.

"I'm…Ken." Said the first.

"Koichi." Said the second.

And they continued to stare at one another.


They were shocked out of there revelry by two voices speaking in unison.

"There you are, Ken! We've been looking for you!"

"Koichi! I swear, sometimes you're worse than a two year old, always wandering off-!"

The two groups stopped and stared.

A boy named Davis locked eyes with a boy named Takuya, and their eyes slid to up to see some infamous headgear…

A girl named Kari and a boy named Koji felt as if they knew each other. Each felt there was something familiar about the other…

Cody Hida stared at a boy who might be his complete opposite, named Tommy Himi.

There were a few moments of very, very awkward silence.

"See you around, I guess." Ken murmured.

"Yes. Maybe."

The two of them shared a knowing smile, then joined their groups and began to walk away.


Ken stopped, but didn't turn to Koichi.

"Did you win?"

The younger boy let out an ironic laugh.

"Of coerce. Would we be here if we didn't?"

And the two went their separate ways, to their separate lives, friends and problems. But they both knew one thing for sure.

They had met a kindred soul.


Okay, this is going on the idea that frontier happened before 01 02. True? Not likely. But am I the only one who saw the parallels between Koichi and Ken?