Katara wakes up having to pee, but after remimbering an embarrassing event involving Toph, she desides to get a little payback

Disclaimer: I don't own the awesomeness of Avatar, this is just one lonely guy's shameless attempt to do perverse things with the characters, mainly Toph and Katara, enjoy.


It was the middle of the night, but Katara was awaken by her bladder, a surprisingly strong need to pee. However, even though Katara was laying on the hard 'floor' of the saddle on Oppa's back, on her left side, it was incredibly comfortable in her sleep laced mind and just wanted to return to sleep, hearing the light snores from Sokka and Aang in front of here.

But it was not to be as Katara lay there trying to sleep only for the constant messages to her brain telling her to get up and go pee. Katara even resorted to a low whining groan and raising her legs up to her chest. Her urge wasn't exactly a desperate one, but it was enough to be a bother and after just a few minutes vain resistance, Katara raised her right hand to her eyes and rubbed them before finally opening her sleepy eyes slowly, seeing both Aang and her brother oblivious to her annoyance, Sokka was even drooling, which Katara frowned at before thinking…

'I wanna drool…'

She was quickly reminded by her bladder from a light spasm telling her to get up and pee soon. Katara easily fought off the spasm with a light groan before rolling onto her belly a little and pushing herself up on her hands and knees. Being woken by your body to pee sucked, you're tired and groggy. Once Katara sat up on her legs, she heard a snore that wasn't from Sokka or Aang and looked behind her to see Toph sleeping on the ground, in her own makeshift shelter, pretty much a large earthen box with one open side which revealed her feet.

About four days ago, Katara had played a trick on Toph, since the little blind earthbender couldn't see while on Oppa while he flew, Katara had convinced Aang not to wait for Toph to wake up before sending the group airborne, When Toph had waken up, everyone, particularly Katara had enjoyed the young girl's freak out.

However, a day later, at night, Toph got her revenge…

The group had stopped to rest and sleep, Katara had to pee so she walked into the nearby woods to relive herself. Once she was far enough away from Aang and Sokka that they couldn't see her if they looked, Katara reached under her robe and pulled down her pants and panties as she squatted down, just before she let go though, she heard a groaning and quickly stood back up and pulling up her pants and looking towards the northeast of the forest, where the sound came from.

"That sounded like Toph…" commented Katara to herself as she slowly began to follow where the groaning continued to come from.

Katara wondered why Toph would be groaning but after a short walk and peeking past a large tree, she got her answer. She saw Toph, in a similar squatting position she was in earlier, nude, her clothes were on the ground beside her as Katara saw the reason Toph was groaning, she saw a huge piece of waste very slowly making its way out her butt to the dug out hole beneath her.

Katara was party disgusted at catching her friend void her bowels, but at the same time, amazed, what Toph was pushing out was HUGE, She didn't have a good view, but Katara guessed it had to be at the very least and inch think.

After a round of straining, Toph paused with the large log of waste hanging out of her butt and Katara heard Toph comment about wishing she could bend poop. Katara quickly placed her right hand over her mouth to muffle the giggle from the comment and afterwards dicided to use Toph's break to reposition herself for a better view. Katara managed to get behind a tree that was closer to Toph and behind her, but there was a closer tree to the side of the one she was behind and began to make her way to that one, but stepped on a twig on the way…

"Who's there!" immediately demanded Toph as she quickly looked behind her.

Katara cheeks reddened at being caught and seeing Toph's sightless eyes looking at her as if able to see. Katara knew she was caught but froze, hoping Wouldn't be able to see her with earthbending, but that hope was soon dashed as she felt and saw the forget floor cover her feet, Katara quickly tried pulling her feet free, but soon felt a mass hit her in the back, knocking her forward onto her chest and sliding next to Toph, who looked down at her. On the bright side though, Katara know had the best angle to see the large poop hanging out of Toph butt.

"U-Uh… Hi." Replies Katara with an embarrassed smile looking up at Toph.

"I never expected you were the peeking type." Commented Toph.

"I-It's not what it looks like!" lied Katara.

"Really?" replied Toph clearly unconvinced.

"R-Really, I was just looking for a spot to pee." Comments Katara before attempting to get to her feet, but a section of earth raised under her and rolled her onto her back before covering her stomach, trapping her arms too.

"Then why is your heart beating so fast then? Oh and don't bother getting up." asks Toph smiling.

"Toph what are you doing?" asked Katara.

"It's ok, I'm not mad or anything, although I would've expected Sokka or Aang to try something like that…" replies Toph as she raised her butt a little and turned on her left foot and positioned her hanging piece of poop right over Katara's mouth.

"H-Hey! What are you doing!" gasped Katara struggling in vain to free her hands.

"What does it look like I'm doing, giving you a better look, that's what you wanted right?" commented Toph smiling.

"Not THIS close!"

Katara then heard a faint grumbling from Toph's stomach.

"Ohh, looks like this beast is ready to come out…" commented Toph.

"Toph wait! Please!" begged Katara.

"Too late, here it commmmmmmmmmes!" replies Toph before bearing down.

To Katara's shock, she saw the large turd slowly moving, closer and closer to her mouth, which she quickly closed tightly.

Soon, the tip kissed Katara's tightly closed lips before Toph gasped as the large log was finally liberated from her body and falling from Katara's lips and resting to the left of her head, she was happy that Toph's poop was pretty dry and thus didn't leave any marks.

"Ohhh, finally!" sighs Toph. "My butt feels so much better now." Adds Toph before standing. "So, how's the view from down there?"

Despite Toph pooping on her Katara found the view quite nice, seeing the wet, lips of Toph's bald labia.

"Now that you're done, can you free me?" asks Katara.

"Done?" replied Toph smiling and using her earth bending to raise Katara from the ground and to her feet, but covering her legs and her part of her arms in earth. "I remember you saying you came here to pee."

Katara then looked surprised at what she guessed Toph would be trying next and commented, "W-What makes you think I haven't already gone?"

"One, your heart is still beating fast, Second, the trembling in your voice." Replies Toph as she sits on the ground in front of Katara. "So I'm just going to sit here and wait till you have an accident."

Looking at Toph sleeping, Katara was reminded of completely drenching her panties and pants in front of her and wanted so badly to get her back; But that would have to wait as her bladder bugged her. Katara removed herself from the back of the saddle and slid down Oppa's tail and stood, but a little to quick, causing the urine in her bladder to shift uncomfortably.

Katara glanced towards the woods and considered going there to empty her bladder, but as sleepy as she was, she dicided against it and walked around to Oppa's left and leaded her back onto him, the others were sound asleep anyway, there was little worry at being caught. As Katara reached under her robe to grasp the waistband of her pants and panties, in her sleepy mind, Katara had an amusing idea. Pulling her pants and panties down to her knees, Katara pulled aside the front of her robe and placed her right hand in front of her crotch.

Katara soon cringed and shuttered as pee began streaming out of her, but instead of the liquid falling to the ground, it moved to Katara's right hand, she was bending her pee right out of herself! Katara was trying to stop it with her muscles but her water bending was stronger as a ball of her pee began to grow. The weird feeling of having pee pulled from her body actually aroused her a little and once the last of her pee was freed of her bladder, Katara held up the wavy ball of her pee and smiled.

But hearing Toph's snoring again, Katara gasped and a devious grin appeared on her face as she used her left hand to pull up her panties and pants before walking around Oppa and looking towards Toph sleeping.

"If I can bend OUT pee, I should be able to do the reverse…"

Katara then slowly tip-toped towards the sleeping Toph and once at her feet, Katara reached down with her left hand and gently grasped Toph's left ankle and slowly pulled the small girl from her earthen cover. Once Toph was free of the cover, she was still unaware of what was to befall her as Katara stepped over her to Toph's right and slowly, as not to wake her, pulled down Toph's shorts, only halfway down her thighs though, then moving aside the front flap of her robe, Katara was a little surprised to see that Toph didn't wear underwear, but smiled as it made it easier for her.

Carefully, Katara placed two finger gentle on Toph's labia and spread them enough to expose her urethra, looking back to Toph's face, Katara just saw a smile on her face.

"You won't be smiling soon…" whispered Katara smiling and lowering the ball of her pee to Toph's crotch.

After a quickly sigh, Katara began and started 'threading' her pee into Toph's urethra, looking back to her face, Katara saw that the smile was gone from her face, then her hips began squirming a little. Once the last of her pee had taken residence in Toph's bladder, Katara found that Toph was a heavy sleeper, the strong urge that she was obviously feeling, clear from the squirming and a low groaning from her, didn't wake her, but even in the darkness, Katara saw that a large bulge had formed from Toph's straining bladder trying to hold her and Katara's urine.

Then it happened, the pee silently burst from between Toph's hairless labia and began wetting her shorts, but now that both of her hands were free, Katara grasped the edges of Toph's shorts and carefully pulled then back up, but didn't risk pulling then over her hips, but it was good enough as the crotch of them began to gain a growing urine stain.

Now satisfied that Toph was going to wake with a gift, Katara stood and walked back to Oppa and returned to the floor of the saddle.

The following morning…

Katara awoke with a smile on her face, remembering what she did to Toph, she was lowing on her side again and opened her eyes, only to see Aang and Sokka looking at her in shock of some reason with there's mouth's gaping open.

"What's with the funny look you two?" asks Katara sitting up and stretching out her arms yawning.

"Uhhh…" began Sokka. "It may be the fact that you're NAKED!"

"WHAT!" gasps Katara and looking down to herself and sure enough, she was naked as the day she was born and quickly covered herself with her hands. "TOPH!" screamed Katara embarrassed and angered.

Katara looked to where Toph was sleeping to see her looking up to her smiling, but her clothes were no where in sight.

"Geez Katara, sleeping naked with two guys is pretty kinky; Ain't Sokka's your brother?"


END ^_^