Katara thinks up a plan to 'get back' at Toph, who's jerk attitude may have finally come back to bite her in the butt...


Disclaimer: I don't own the awesomeness of Avatar or any of it's characters, this is just a work of perverse and naughty fiction with two of the female main characters.

-Two days later-

It was morning and Toph had just woken up, sitting up in her room, wearing her usual sleeping attire, a warn off-white sleeve-less shirt and boxer shorts, and her hair a wild mess.

Just moments after sitting up, she felt a nagging twinge from her bladder, her morning pee. Toph groaned in annoyance at the urge, though got to her feet, and stretching out for a moment before groggily heading to the door, using her left hand to scratch away and itch on her rear on the way out.

Toph made her way to the bathroom and upon reaching it and taking hold of the door handle, she turned and found it locked.

"Huh?" comments Toph to herself before twisting the knob again, but gasped a little upon hearing Katara's voice on the other side of the door.

"It's occupied."

"Katara?" questions Toph, "Open the door, I have to pee."

In the bathroom, Katara sat on the toilet, She wore her white underclothes and the lower part was currently down at her ankles, though from Toph's statement, she smiles.

"Gee, I wish I could, but I'm currently busy at the moment, your just doing to have to wait." answers Katara as she silently began pushing out a log of poop.

"Busy doing wait?" asks Toph, "Just open the door so I can-"

Katara felt the log completely leave her rectum and the resulting *plunk* sound abruptly stopped Toph's statement and Katara's face quickly reddened, before Toph spoke again.

"Are you, taking a crap right now?" asks Toph, sounding amused.

Katara then thought, 'I'm not about to let you embarrass me when you're the one on the other side of the door having to pee.' Katara then smiled and states, almost mockingly, "Yes, I AM, so what? You're the one outside this time."

"Well, I only have to pee." came Toph's reply, "I don't need a bathroom, there are plenty of other options."

Katara then heard the padding of Toph's feet walking away from the door.

"Dang-it… their must be something that can get Toph worked up and desperate!"

Nearly right after this, Katara pushed out another, rather long, log of poop from her rear and it dropped into the water in the toilet. After a few more logs of poop made it way out of her rectum, an idea dawned in Katara.

"Oh! Of course! If I can't use pee to embarrass Toph, then I'll just have to use poop." Katara cringes at the thought though. "it's pretty nasty, but I'm sure this will do it, Toph will finally be on the receiving end!"

Towards the end of Katara's statement, she began to pee and poop some into the toilet, one of the signs that she was nearING the end of her time on the toilet.

"I just need to figure out how to get my plan into motion…"

After a few minutes more, Katara had finishes empting her bowels and wiped herself clean, pulled up her underclothes and flushed the toilet before washing her hands and leaving the bathroom.

As Katara left the bathroom, she felt a mild concern for Toph and if she 'really' had other options for relieving herself and decided to check on her.

"Toph?" called out Katara as she headed towards the room the blind girl called her own.

Upon making her way to her room, Katara saw that the door was closed and knocked on it a couple times.

"Toph, are you in there?" asks Katara.

"So, your done making mud huh?" came Toph's voice.

"Huh?" questions Katara.

"Yanno, your water, then your making earth, water plus earth equals mud."

"Oh." replies Katara looking annoyed. "Could you not use those weird terms for it?"

"Why not? It fits so well."

Katara sighs, but states, "Anyway, you can use the bathroom now."

"I don't need to anymore, I told you, I have other options." replies Toph.

"What other options?" asks Katara, puzzled at what Toph meant.

"That's my little secret."

Katara sighs again before walking away, to her room. About a minute later though, Toph opens her door looking to her left, even though she was blind. Upon finding Katara no longer in the area, Toph slowly tip-toed out of the room, her left hand firmly gripping her crotch. Toph quickly made her way to the bathroom, though she got a surprise upon finding the door locked, then the sound of water meeting water.

"Hey! Whose in there!" quickly asks Toph as the sound of falling water made her own urge worse.

"I'll just be a sec." came Sokka's voice.

"Ohhh, hurry up!" pleaded Toph as she sent her right hand down to join her left and started to perform the universal pee-dance.

Toph only had to wait about a minute more, but it obviously felt longer for her until the bathroom door opened and Sokka walked out, but not before Toph pushed him against the doorframe.

"Not a word of this to Katara, got it!"

"A-About what?" asks Sokka clearly puzzled.

"Good enough." replies Toph before pushing him away from the door and quickly rushing in and closing the door.

This little scene left Sokka quite puzzled, "Man, what was that all about?"

Later in the day, Katara was out doing a little shopping and in one stall, she spotted a small row of tiny, inch high bottles, intrigued by such small bottles, Katara walked to the stall and asks the vender, who was a an older man with a large beard.

"Um, excuse me, but what are these?" asks Katara picking up one of the bottles.

"Oh, well, it's not really something a young girl such as yourself would need." replies the man as he gently takes the bottle from Katara.

"You don't know that." replies Katara, getting a tad annoyed by the man's assumption. "These may be just what I'm looking for."

"Ok, Ok." replies the man raising his hands up in a mild sort of surrender. "The bottles contain a mixture that when added into any drink, induces a bowel movement."

"O-Oh…" replies Katara, her cheeks quickly reddening, "A laxative."

"That's correct." states the man. "So that's why I said it's not something a pretty young girl like yourself would need."

Katara then giggled nervously, recalling her earlier annoyance with the man, but Katara quickly remembered her plan for Toph, and grinned.

"Hey, you wouldn't happen to know how quick that stuff works would you?" asks Katara to the man.

"Um, maybe twenty minutes or so."

"How much!" asks Katara excitedly.


After buying one bottle of laxative, Katara quickly headed back home. Her only problem now was how to get Toph to drink whatever liquid she put the laxative in.

"Toph?" called out Katara as she entered the house.

There was no response.

"She must've went out…" comments Katara to herself, before smiling a little. "Well, this gives me time to figure out how to trick her to drinking this…" adds Katara as she lifted her right hand, holding the small bottle she bought.

Though, just a few moments later, she nearly dropped it as the ground trembled under her feet.

"Ah! Well, I guess Toph is practicing her earth bending…" comments Katara before the trembles subsided, then a thought hit her, "Hey! I got it, when Toph finishes, she'll want something to drink… It's perfect! All I have to do is offer a glass of water to her… but wait…" thinks aloud Katara, placing her left hand to her chin in thought. "What if she picks up that I'm not being sincere with offering her a drink, my plan could blow up in my face… Although…" states Katara as a grin formed on her face. "I could just surprise her and water-bend the laxative right down her throat when she walks in."

As appealing as the idea was though, Katara cringed at the idea of Toph doing something similar to her with earth-bending plus her rear-end as a way to get revenge and Katara didn't want to get 'that' familiar with the earth.

Katara ended up with two options; simply try offering a glass of water to Toph, or place the spiked water on the table in the living room and Katara figured Toph would take it without questioning who's it was.

After about 10 minutes, Katara was in the kitchen, entertaining herself with a sink-full of water, by water bending it, though Katara soon heard the front door open and heard Toph's voice, complaining about being thirsty.

Katara smiled almost evilly, no doubt Toph was going to come into the kitchen. Katara placed the water back into the sink and reached up into the cabinet and took out a tall cup, Water-bended some water into it, then reached into one of her pockets to take out the small bottle and poured the small mixture into the water and stirred it around a little before heading out of the kitchen.

Katara smiles as she saw Toph walking towards her.

"Hey Toph." greets Katara.

"Hey…" replies Toph, before she grabbed the cup right out of Katara's hands. "Thanks, I'm pretty thirsty." she adds before quickly starting to drink the water as she headed into the kitchen.

Katara was shocked at Toph's rudeness, taking the glass of water right from her hand; Katara wanted to get angry at her, but Toph fell right into her trap, her anger was quickly replaced with joy, from the fact that Soon, Toph was going to suffer.

"Heh, no problem, glad I could help." replies Katara before walking away.

-About twenty minutes later-

Toph was walking into the living room and saw Sokka sleeping on one of the couches, Toph soon occupied the second couch, laying on her back, though a grumbling sound quickly emitted from her stomach, though, Toph didn't think much of this and even leaned her body to the right for a moment to allow a long fart to escape her rear; though Toph immediately halted it as she felt a mass nearly sneak through with the expulsion of the foul air. Toph shot up to a sitting position and continued to clinch and slowly felt the mass receding back inside of her. She narrowly avoided a disaster and once Toph managed to regain her composer from the near accident, got to her feet and hurried her way to the bathroom, walking a little stiff-legged, she didn't want to chance laxing the clinching of her sphincter.

With Toph's distracted state, she failed to notice Katara in her path to the bathroom; as she was headed there as well; and walked right into her from behind.

"Oh, Sorry." quickly replies Toph, taking a few steps back.

"That's ok." replies Katara turning around and quickly noticing that Toph was unusually tense and from her walking into her, something Toph could easily avoid, Katara quickly knew what was up with the smaller girl and smiles.

Katara didn't linger a second longer and basically sprinted the short distance to the bathroom.

"H-Hey!" gasps Toph as she quickly followed.

Although, Toph was a little too slow and literally ran into the closing bathroom door.

"Ow! Hey, I gotta go!" states Toph quickly banging on the door with her right hand and moving her left to her rear.

"Let me guess…" states Katara from the other side, "You gotta, 'move some earth' huh?"

"Yeah, now open the door!" demanded Toph, before gasping as she felt her stomach cramp, causing her to slowly drop to her knees.

"I'm sorry, I can't do that." replies Katara, clearly amused, "Something about me drenching my clothes in pee the other day is making it hard for me to comply."

"K-Katara, you better open the door right now or else!" states Toph before groaning out and leaning forward, her head nearly touching the floor and the uncomfortable pain in her stamach grew and she felt more pressure against her clinching sphincter.

"Or else what?" retorts Katara. "your just going to have to wait like you made me do, don't worry though, I just have to pee."

"H-Hurry up!" states Toph, feeling her sphincter starting to waver and groaning in response to trying to strengthen her hold.

"Don't rush me, I won't be able to go if your telling me to hurry up." replies Katara.

"…" Toph simply continued to groan and moan as she sat their in front of the bathroom door, unable to enter it.

"Those sounds your making are distracting, go away for a little."

"K-Katara…" groans Toph.

"I can't go with you breathing like that at the door. If you want me to finish as soon as possible, go somewhere else."

"F-Fine…" replies Toph with a frown, she knew what Katara was doing and knew she wouldn't get anything but messy pants if she tried to talk Katara out of the bathroom. So Toph, slowly, and carefully got to her feet. "I-I'm leaving…" confirms Toph as she slowly departed from the door.

In the bathroom, Katara really did have to pee, told from her pants down at her ankles as she sat on the toilet, though she seemed to have a permanent smile on her face.

"Ohh, I can't believe how great this is going! I wonder if I should wait until she loses it, or be the bigger person and let her have the bathroom. Both would be great to see…" states Katara, thinking aloud before she laxes her hold on her bladder and a stream of yellow fluid flows from between her labia into the water of the toilet.

Toph had only managed about four yards before the pain in her stomach, coupled with the growing pressure against her now straining sphincter, caused her to drop to her knees again as she wrapped her arms around her stomach.

'I'm not going to make it!' thinks Toph desperately.

As if to confirm her disappointment, the mass in Toph's rear began to move towards freedom, through her wavering control.

Toph couldn't believe it, she was about to crap herself and it was all Katara's fault.

"No! I can't give up!" states Toph aloud, her face red from her failing effort to prevent the mass's movement, "I refuse to losing to my body!"

With a brief sense of renewed will, Toph strained hard as she mustered up all her strength to clinch her sphincter with one last effort, she couldn't help it as her anus pinched off a small piece of the poop protruding from her rear, and Toph quickly placed her left hand against her rear, to prevent the small piece of poop from falling out.

Toph willed herself to her feet and made her way back to the bathroom door, and banged on the door hard, causing Katara inside, to jump at the surprise banging.

"Katara, Open the door!" demanded Toph, though she didn't hear a reply from Katara, but Toph gasps upon feeling her clinching sphincter slipping and more of her poop creeping it way out and Toph slid down against the door to her knees groaning in desperation.

Toph wanted to avoid completely losing her hold in her pants and she knew would she had to do…

"P-please…" states Toph lowly.

"What was that?" asks Katara, still sitting on the toilet, smiling at what she thought she heard from Toph.

"P-Please!" repeats Toph louder, desperately, as she felt the poop in her starting to increase in speed and soon she could feel a mild pressure on her left hand and a very warm heat, she was beginning to poop her pants! "I gotta go! Please Katara, let me in!" quickly pleaded Toph desperately.

In the bathroom, Katara could tell that the desperation in Toph's voice was genuine and was satisfied with her plan and quickly pulled her pants up, not bothering to wipe her crotch dry at the moment as she states, "Ok, ok, I'm coming."

Katara quickly headed to the door and unlocked it, then opened it.

"All yours!" states Katara smiling.

Though, Katara was too late, She didn't even finish her two word statement before Toph cried out, then sighed as she sat up on her legs, leaning forward with her hand on the floor as Toph's body visibly shook.

It wasn't long before Katara got a whiff of the meaty stench of poop filling her nostrils, causing her to quickly pinch her nose closed.

"Wow, I'm really sorry Toph." states Katara, " I didn't think you were that close to losing it."

"S-Sorry huh… I bet you are…" replies Toph sarcastically, as she filled her pants with the foul smelling waste.