The Test Pattern
-by me the best fanfic wrietr w/o the !!

this was inspired by a guy who requesetd i write a fanfic bout teh test pattern ok on with the story


THe test pattern gracefully entered the monitor in an eloqent fashion that wistfully swept all watchers off their feets and made them sit down and watch it. It was a beautiful test pattern with a sexy midsection and bosoms that are soft and delicate and laced with chocolate. People just wanted to stare at the test pattern for hour.s

But a guy says "lets watch something else this is boring," he gets attacked by another guy named Mike who said "You fucker, that is heresy" and smacked him upside the head for his heretic statement.

But then Rouban McBilly says "Hey, I want to watch the Oxygen network, not the 'lack of oxygen' network", making a witty remark about how the test pattern channel was totally mundane, lacking any excitement or fresh air whatsoever.

Then the ninja turtles showed up and said cowabunga because someone inserted a coin, and beat Rouban up to smitherines. "Don't talk smack about the test pattern!" and they sat there and watched it too.

Rouban McBilly apologized for his trecherous behavior later on to the ninja turtles and everybody else, noting that he woke up on the wrong side of the bed and that made him stressed out. "I am stressed out now" he said to note to everybody that he wasn';t in the best of moods. Everybody nodded, but keeping their eyes staring at the monitor which had the test pattern still.

But then it was 5 o clock, and the test pattern ended...! "THE HELL!" they all shouted, in disappointment because fthey were frustrated that it was all over. The test pattern was a glorious 4 hours of their entire life, and it was now gone. "We can watch it tomorrow" Leo the ninja turtle said. They all smiled and hugged each other. the end