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Petals of a Cherry Blossom

Chapter 1: Rude Awakening

By: Bowmangirl123, Vampgal212

So here I am, in the ruins of what used to be Konoha. Tsunade-shishou stands next to me, nonbelief and dissapointment written all over her unusually aging face.

The sky is surprising bright with a little smoke, as if mocking the destruction of my beloved village. What can a little kunochi like me do to help? After all, I was always the weakest link of Team 7.

"Sakura," I hear a soft voice next to me.

"Hai, shishou?"

"You know how much I love this village, Sakura?" I nodded. "And how much I love you," another nod, "so you can say no to this, if you aren't ready."

"What is it, shishou?" I asked nervously, not liking her tone.

"It's a mission, Sakura. S-rank," she turned to me, "to infiltrate the Akatsuki hideout." And then I froze.

It all started like this.


I awoke to screams and explosions. Ninja reflexes made me immediately reach for my kunai and medical pack and run out of my apartment. The first thought I had was "Attack!" and I had a feeling deep down that maybe... just maybe, Sasuke's back. My first thought was correct because I saw kunais flying and punches being thrown.

Then my heart sank. A blur of black and red in the corner of my eye caught my attention. As if in slow motion, I could see red clouds on a sea of flowing black fabric, and then a fiery explosion. Thrown back several yards, I did a back flip and landed on the balls of my feet, but it was too late. Fire and debris littered the streets of Konoha.

A rumbling caught my attention and, using chakra, I jumped on top of the Hokage tower to get a better view. A young spiky haired blonde ninja was fighting with an orange-haired Akatsuki member with several piercings.

"Naruto!" I ran to help him, but the earthquake got worse and a crack formed, tearing throughout the middle of Konoha.

I couldn't find Naruto after this. In fact, I couldn't find anyone, so I jumped down and searched... and searched. After what seemed like a lifetime, I found the one person that I wanted to see. Tsunade-shishou.

And so here I am...


"It's a mission, Sakura. S-rank," she turned to me, "to infiltrate the Akatsuki hideout."

"B-but Shishou... th- they're Akatsuki."

"Which is exactly why I would understand if you say no," she replied.

At age 18, I, Sakura Haruno, medic of Konoha, have seen the world and the things that go on it in.

I've seen death, life, destruction, and reconstruction. I've killed, saved, fought, and healed. I've enjoyed life at times and hated it at others. I'm respected by some, and hated by others.

I'm not the best ninja. I've made mistakes, forgiven others, gotten my heart broken. You can say that I experienced life first-hand. But one thing that I have yet to do is give up. I haven't given up on Sasuke or Naruto. And I'm too damn determined to let an S-ranked mission slide by.

"I'll do it, " I said with fire in my eyes. Immediately, Tsunade looked at me with a small sad smile.

"You were taught by the 5th Hokage, and that's why I find you suitable for this mission," she took a pause and sighed," Now for the details. You are too 'become' an Akatsuki temporarily. Got it? You will need to find out what they plan to do with Konoha after this. As you probably know, that was Akatsuki that attacked us. I saw Neji, Naruto, and Kakashi earlier, but other than that, you're the only other alive person I've seen."

"You mean that they could've died?" I asked loudly. "No, not Naruto! He's too stubborn to die!"

"Sakura! Calm down! I'll get that taken care of. You're right, he won't die this easily, especially not to Akatsuki."

"Thank you shishou. Now, about that mission," I calmed down a bit.

"Ah, right. You are to catch the attention of the Akatsuki. First, you need to become a criminal. You will be in many nation's bingo books. Hunter-nins will be sent after you. You'll be chased to no end. After you find their secrets, you will immediately get out of their. No one besides me, you, and Kakashi when I find him will know about this. Do you still want this mission? You can say no."

"Hai, I won't let Konoha get hurt anymore! And Naruto... I can't let him get hurt," I pleaded, but eyes filled with determination.

"Alright. About becoming a criminal, we need to find an act that's worthy of catching the Akatsuki's attention. Murdering a kage? No. Ah, I got it! You are to steal the Forbidden scroll from Sand. I know it's the Kazekage but not too long ago I got word that Akatsuki had business there. They'll find you quicker then. Don't get in over your head thought, Sakura."

"Don't worry, shishou. As you said, I was taught by the 5th Hokage. It's time to put my training to the test," I said with shear determination.

"Sakura. I want you to know how proud you make me. I couldn't have asked for a better apprentice. Good luck," she pulled me into a bear hug and I could have sworn I saw a tear in her eye.

"Thank you shishou. I will go now. Take care of Konoha and make sure Naruto won't take it too hard. Bye."

"Wait, Sakura. Take this. It's a last resort. This scroll must not get in the wrong hands. Got it? Oh, Sakura. Be safe!"

With that, I used chakra to jump away over the debris of my destroyed village. In midair, I saw a flash of orange and spiky blonde hair. Naruto. He's ok. And for the first time today, I smiled.

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