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Saviour in Black and Pink

Chapter 4: Promises

By: Bowmangirl123, Vampgal212

We ran for what seemed like hours. Of course I had no idea where we were going. I'm not exactly the most trusted person in the world to their standards. I was still a little apprehensive about meeting the rest of the Akatsuki, even though these two seem civil enough.

What about the other members? What if they don'y know that I've been invited into their organization? They could attack me without question. I can't stand up to someone as strong as Itachi, or many of the other members.

But I kicked Sasori's wooden ass. I'm strong enough to pose a threat, he even told me that. I smiled inwardly. I'm surprised Sasori doesn't hate me after I-

"We're here, yeah," Deidara interrupted my thoughts.

I was confused. We were at the base? There was nothing here, just a foggy clearing. It was at that time that my finger felt sudden warmth. The ring was glowing a soft pink. Same with both Sasori and Deidara, except red and blue.

It took a couple seconds, but soon the fog cleared and a very large city came into view. I almost outwardly gasped, but held it in.

Rain. That was where there base was.

An exceptionally large building sat in the middle of the city. I had a gut feeling like that was where we were going. Oh joy.

"Let's go," Sasori said impatiently. They were already walking towards it as I was thinking.

We continued down the streets. Knowing that the Akatsuki base was here, I assumed that this place was just full of serial killers, murderers, and thieves alike. There was nothing of the sort. Kids were playing with each other. People were buying things at a local produce stand. I even spotted an elderly couple holding hands.

Okay, so this is SO not where I imagined the Akatsuki would live. It's so peaceful here, even with the constant rain.

We continued, as I thought, to the largest building. It really was spectacular, several stories high and expertly detailed. We walked to the front of the building, and stopped. Was it locked? For the second time, my ring seemed to start glowing again and the door opened by itself.

I guess it was locked then? And that's what this ring is for? I still think there's more to it though.

It was an understatement to say that the inside was normal. There was an open room with couches, a bookshelf, tables, chairs, just the normal family room to a normal house. It was so strange to use the word normal in this situation.

"Leader would like to talk to you," Sasori said and motioned to the stairs. He walked in front of me for several flights of stairs, to what seemed like the very top floor directly below the rooftop. He stopped abruptly in front of a closed door, and turned to me. As good as a ninja I was, I couldn't distinguish the look on his face.

But, damn, does it look sexy on him.





Did I just think that? I groaned. What is wrong with me?

And just my luck, he is staring at me. For a second it looked like a carnivore eyeing his a moment which seemed like a lifetime, he turned the doorknob and opened the door for me. I quickly walked past him for fear of sudden revenge on me. Little did I know, that he kept staring at me until I was out of view.

It was a different look this time, almost admiring. Even more frightening than the striking predator look.

Completely unaware of this, I continued on until I reached another door. This time I knocked slowly and softly, frightened on hat is at the other side.

"Come in," the voice was low and clear. I turned the doorknob and slowly pushed the door open. It was like a normal office with a desk and swivel chair. The chair was turned around so that I couldn't see the person sitting in it.

The pleasant moment that the leader might actually be normal was shattered when he turned his chair to face me. It was a young man with strikingly orange, shaggy hair. For a split second, the style reminded me of Naruto. But then, I looked at his face. Piercings lined his face, neck, and probably down the rest of his body. Long metal rods, it looked like, went through his nose.

But the most shocking was his eyes. Absolutely stunning. They were a light purple color with several rings orbiting his pupil. They were beautiful in their own way, yet powerful. I've seen a picture of those eyes in a book I read. Rinnegan? Yes, that's it. Just the most dangerous eyes in the world, even beating the Sharingan and Byakugan. Well, isn't this just dandy?

"As you have already been informed, I am requesting you to become part of the Akatsuki, and you have accepted. You must know that, once part of this organization, you cannot leave," eyes discerning.

"I-I understand," he was so unnerving.

"You are interesting, Sakura. Not too long ago, you were a loyal medic. And today, you accept to be a part of an enemy organization without hesitation."

"Nothing lasts forever. I finally realized where my priorities lie," I made up quickly. It sounds good enough though.

"Just curious, where exactly do your priorities lie?" he questioned clearly, fascinated by my answer.

"To get stronger." Point blank. It was a legit answer. It made sense, but didn't reveal too much. The most important part was that I somehow said it without sounding suspicious.

"Interesting. Well, as part of the Akatsuki, you will be sent on missions along with the other members. Sasori will show you to your room," he said flatly.

Seeing that he had nothing else to see, I stood up to leave.

"And one more thing, Sakura. Do not give us any reason not to trust you. The consequences will not be favored." There was a hidden death threat in his words, which scared me to death. There was no hesitation as I quickly nodded and walked out of the room, closing the door behind me.

I walked down the short hallway again, and sure enough, Sasori was there again next to the door eyeing me down.
Maybe it happens all the time, or maybe it was just my expression, but he surprisingly sounded like he was trying to comfort me.

"We're not all heartless," with that he turned and walked away, leading me to my room.

His words, although short and emotionless, stayed with me. When I look around, I can see some truth in those words. For now, I will stay on guard at all times. Heartless or not, these are Akatsuki.

We stopped after a few flights of stairs and walked down the hallway until we reached a door similar to the others on the hallway.

"This is your room," he stated simply, "If you have any questions, ask someone else," and he walked away.

Didn't he say something about not being heartless before?

I don't think I've closed a door and locked it faster than I just did. Finally time to think to myself.

[Naruto POV]

Does no one else care for Sakura anymore? I'm not gonna believe that she agreeingly went with the Akatsuki. They must have kidnapped her! There's no other explanation!

So I ran through the woods for any trace whatsoever of my former love. It's my nindo to say my friends and teammates.

But Kaskashi-sensei, it was his nindo too. Why would he just forget about her? That's ridiculous. Being a missing-nin would be better than letting Sakura die in the hands of those monsters.

But first, I need to find her. That would be a lot easier if I had the tracking hounds, or was excelled in sensory chakra.

I sighed audibly. This was going to be long, but in the end it will be worth it. Just keep running.

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