After Bec's death Bran's slow decent back to insanity began. He never left the spot where the cave had collapsed. He kept vigil there day and night, only leaving to catch a fox or a rabbit(which he ate raw). He knew that Bec was dead, that he would never see her beautiful face again. He spent most of the day crying and banging his head on rock. He ususally stopped before he hurt himself, but he sometimes knocked himself out. He awoke several hours later soon realizing that he had not died.

People found the cave, and saw a teenage boy sobbing. Some ran, but some appraoched him and asked him what was troubling him. They also ran as soon as Bran gave them a cold glare that said "take another step and I'll kill you with my bare hands". He had lost what little sense of time he had. He remembered that when it got dark, Drust would send him to bed, and he would wake up when the sun was up. But now he rarely slept, he had no desire to.

After several monthes of watching over Bec's tomb he left without a trace. He walked back to the shore where Drust and Bec...the very name brought him to tears. The world had seemed so much more peaceful now, during the blight, people were brutally slaughtered by horrific creatures on a daily basis, and those who survived mourned for the dead. Now that several monthes had passed people had simply...moved on. People lived their day-to-day life and seemed much happier and well rested.

Just like throughout his life people took pity on Bran, they fed him, clothed him, and even tried to raise him. He always ran away though, determined not to loose anyone else the way he lost the only woman he ever loved.