Hey Ed there are some people here to see you say it's urgent.

Ok, Sam bring them in.

The men entered the room and the man with the brief case,

went to the coffee table and started the opening the case.

"Ok, I will leave you people alone to talk" said Sam she went to the door."

No need, Sam you can stay said Ed. It was obviously that he

didn't like the attitude of these people.

Actually, we have strict orders only to disclose the information to Mr Deline, Alone

Ok, Sam you should probably leave then.

Bye, Ed

Bye, Sam said Ed closing the door behind him.

So, you can talk now he said leaning against the table.

The man with the brief case didn't pay any attention to him but the other one began.

I am Mr Harrison and he is Mr Kent, he said nodding towards the man who was still busy with the case.

We are from the marines, and we are here regarding Lieutenant McCoy.

That immediately got Ed's attention-he straightened himself and then asked –Is he okay?

If by ok you mean alive then he is definitely ok-for now.

The change in his tone didn't go unnoticed by Ed who immediately asked –If he is alive then why are you here?

Well Mr Deline – Lieutenant McCoy was gravely injured in his mission, though he was successful in completing it.

He is currently in a Marine hospital in the country on ventilator-It has been over twenty four hours, and he is still showing no sign of breathing on his own. As per procedure it's the government who decides when to pull the plug which is generally done after twenty four hours. But as Danny McCoy was active only for this mission it is not up to us to decide whether to pull the plug or not.

You are marked as the next of kin as Lieutenant McCoy wanted you to and he wanted any decision to be taken in the presence of Mary Connel, Delinda Deline, Nessa Holt, Samantha Jane Marquez and Michael Cannon.

Mr. Kent will be leaving Danny McCoy's current medical records with you, so that you can decide whether to pull the plug or not. You have to inform us your decision within an hour.

If you decide not to pull the plug Lieutenant McCoy will be transported here and left in you care and after that the government is not in any way to be blamed for the further consequences.

Ed could only stare as the men left leaving a pile of papers on the table, as the news sank in.

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