Title – The Bet

Author – Moonbeam

Disclaimer – If only…alas I am just a poor teacher who hides he insane Dean/Cas love from everyone not also afflicted.

Summary – There is a bet.

Word Count – 157.

The Bet

by Moonbeam

"Sam, I want in on the pool?"

"What?" Sam blinked his brain trying to catch up with the phone that woke him up.

"The betting pool on Dean and Castiel I want in on the bet." Sam finally picked the voice, Chuck.

"How did you-nevermind. Not sure if it is fair for a prophet to be in on a bet."

"It is. I think it will be the day after the end of the apocalypse." Chuck added.

"Have you seen the end?" Sam was hopeful for a moment.

"No, nothing. But a prophet can be hopeful right?"


"How much?"


"Shit, okay next time you are here."

"No send it to Bobby, he's the pot."

"Alright. Bye Sam." Chuck hung up.

Sam hung up the phone. Dean would hit him hard when he found out but hopefully all the angel sex he was going to have would make it all better.

The End