Kuwabara showed up to the designated meeting spot tired yet excited, at six o'clock in the morning. He had at least another half an hour before the sun would actually rise but he wanted to make sure he wasn't late so Hiei wouldn't rethink his offer of training.

Hiei showed up a few minutes later. "Hn, so you showed up after all. I half expected you to be late."

"No way! You don't think much of me but I am a man, and a man never gives up and he honors his agreements. I agreed to show up at sunrise and I'll show up at sunrise!"

"hn" Hiei grunted. "Let's get going. Today is a test to see if I will bother training you."

"WHAT!" Kuwabara yelled.

"Shut up!" Hiei snapped back glaring until Kuwabara stopped. "We will see today how badly you want my training. It won't be easy."

"There's no way I'll fail!"

'Fool, I wouldn't have offered if I truly though he would fail. He is determined.'

He didn't let any of what he was thinking out and simply narrowed his eyes. "Today you will follow me. If you feel you can catch me do so, but I just need to you follow me until I decide it is time to stop. If you fall behind or lose me, too bad. I will not wait and you will simply have to find me, if you do not find me within a half an hour of losing me, you lose. If you are not with me when the exercise is over than you fail. Understand?"

"Yup, how long will I be following you?"

"Until I feel like stopping."

Kuwabara grumbled. "That's not an answer. Man, school starts in a week and I still have homework to do. Oh well I guess I can push it back one more day. Training is WAY more important.'

Seeing the acceptance in Kuwabara's eyes Hiei nodded and took off.

~1hour later~

"Ha see ya!" Kuwabara exclaimed as he saw a black blur in a tree a few feet away. He was panting lightly by this time, wondering how Hiei was able to go so fast for so long seemingly without getting tired. Then Hiei was gone again. "Oh come on!" he yelled. Chasing in the city was becoming more difficult as people were starting to rise and go to work, take their kids to daycare or a play date or just plain starting their day which made the streets busier than they were earlier adding an extra factor into the chase. The sidewalk traffic only got worse as the day went on though, around noon the gangs started to come out as well.

"Where've you been you big wimp? Hiding out hoping we'd forget about you?" the leader of a particularly large and irritated group taunted.

"Arugh. I don't have time for you!"

He was going to keep on running after Hiei, ignoring the gang when the gang surrounded him. "Heh, guess I was right, Kuwabara has become a coward who'd rather run from a fight than actually fight!"

Despite his lack of any real training Kuwabara had gotten a lot of experience and had gotten a lot stronger. The only problem was that all his experience was against single opponents not against groups. This gang had seven members.

"Oh come on!" He yelled, "What part of I do not have time for this do you not understand?" Kuwabara was frustrated. The opposing gang seemed to take this as their que and attacked, swinging their bats, bars and fists in an attempt to do as much damage as possible.

The fight was over relatively quickly. Kuwabara stared at his fists surprised. "Man, I know I've gotten better but that was WAY too easy." He got over it pretty quickly though. "Ha! I'm so the best! Urameshi better look out!" He bragged.

"Uhh wait a second, where'd the-" he though better of what he was about to say "Hiei go? Damn it!" He realized he lost concentration on his target, in result he started to spin his head around wildly trying to spread his senses as far as he could. He found him, luckily only a mile away.

Hiei himself was impressed with Kuwabara's fighting. 'He may fight well, but he needed have stopped to mess with those buffoons, he should have known they were no match for him. I guess that's another thing we'll have to work on, being aware of his own strength.' Not finding Kuwabara's surprise at so easily beating his opponents acceptable he left as to not give him a reward for unacceptable behavior.

Much to Kuwabara's chagrin he was approached my six more gangs over the next four hours. Lucky for him though he learned after his first encounter that he could easily beat them and move on.

By five o'clock though Kuwabara was exhausted. He had been running constantly since just after six in the morning. The gang fights were the closets things to breaks that he was getting. 'Man Hiei had better accept me as his student after this. I'm so tired.'

Ten minutes later he was led to a cabin deep in the forest to the East of town.

Kuwabara arrived around 5:20 exhaustion forgotten as soon as he saw what was roasting on the fire. On the fire was a turkey and baked beans.

"Your drool is dripping off your face."

"Hua?" Kuwabara seemed to not even notice Hiei had spoken, so entranced by the thought of food was he. That was until Hiei smacked the back of his head that is. "W-what hey! What was that for?" he yelled as he was knocked out of his stupor. Hiei rolled his eyes. "We can talk after we eat I suppose." He realized that Kuwabara would be useless without eating.

Fearing Kuwabara would literally pounce on the food Hiei quickly ripped off a leg and threw it at him.

After devouring his food in record time, even for Kuwabara, they were able to talk, though Hiei was looking rather disgusted at how Kuwabara had eaten.

"Now that you're able to concentrate we should begin."

Kuwabara wiped his face with his arm in response.

"You made it here without giving of or as of yet complaining."

"HA! You know it! I'm a Kuwabara and Kuwabaras never give up!"

Hiei glared at the boastful interruption. "As I was going to say." He growled, emphasizing his glare. "Is that if you still want me as your teacher I will teach you. But know this" he started before Kuwabara could interrupt. "I am not an easy task master. You will not slack and once you accept you cannot quit."

Kuwabara's happy, eager expression did not change.

"There's no way I'm ever going to quit!"

Hiei smirked, "good. We will meet at six o'clock here every morning for a general workout. We will work on your speed, balance and flexibility mostly. After school you will report back here. For another workout as well as sword training and work with your powers. It is clear the way you randomly wave your sword around that you don't really know how to handle a sword, and I doubt you've truly explored your powers either. I will also be teaching you about demons and demon world."

"Alright! I won't let you down!"

Hiei had accepted him as a student, he was finally going to get real training; nothing was going to bring Kuwabara's mood down now, not even the fact that school was soon to start. Despite how hard it was, it had been worth it to get a real teacher.