When the Juice is Gone

Chapter 1

A Hungry Magician

It was a cold, dark night in the kingdom of Camelot. The dark clouds drenched the ground with rain, flooding the moat that surrounded King Arthur's castle. Within this stone-built dwelling, a magician known as Merlin paced back and forth in the dungeon. Here he was placed as punishment for trying to rid the kingdom of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. Normally he would use his magic as means of escape, but he had no where else to go. His vulture, Nibbler, had abandoned him about two years ago, shortly after his sentence of a century in the dungeon.

Though all seemed gloomy for the magician, there was still hope in his eyes. He may have lost all trust from the royal family, but that didn't mean he couldn't take his own revenge. There was only one person that got in his way; only one fool of a ghost who dared to defeat the great Merlin. By name, Beetlejuice was the one to blame. Beetlejuice was the one who got in the way. If that jester didn't pull the Board from the Bone, he would have gotten rid of the King and Queen by now. That infernal girl of his, Princess Lydia from Gull, was no help either.

The magician knew better. Princess Lydia was not among the ghosts and ghouls. She was, in fact, among the living, flesh and all. No mere mortal, ghost, or ghoul could tell by first glance. Merlin's senses were more enhanced, due to his magic. He wasn't easily fooled. She was the brain that fed the dimwitted Ghost with the Most's mind. She meant a lot to him. So, because of both of their acts, they had to pay. No one messed with Merlin and got away with it.

His yellow eyes peered into his cauldron, watching his potion simmer. It was just about ready for him to conjure his spell. Then, and only then, will he be able to escape this musty dungeon and move on to bigger and greater things. His revenge would finally begin.

"What fun this will be," Merlin chuckled to himself, rubbing his pale-blue hands together. "Get ready to loose everything you knew, my dear Beetlejuice and Lydia!"

As if in meditation, the magician closed his eyes, calming his face. He thrust his scrawny hands above his potion, causing it to erupt with a lime-green smoke.

"Bring slumber to the face

Of the ghost with disgrace

Turn back the clock to an age

When teen blood filled this Mage"

Merlin waved his hands in the air, his beard twisting and turning with them. His body waved as if in an attempt of a dance.

"The foursome family of Juice

Will never again run loose

Trapped in the world of the living they'll be

Without a single trace of memory"

The potion boiled and steamed, turning into a sweet shade of magenta. His voice squealed with passion as he continued the spell, not a care if others from beyond the walls heard.

"The girl of Deetz will be the same

No memory of when Beetlejuice came

All thoughts within her head

Will never be of the world of the dead"

His voice became grave, a wide, evil smile stretching across his face. His spell was almost complete.

"As for the Ghost with the Most

He will never be able to boast

About the curse of his name

That once brought him fame

"The family of Juice may never return

Until the day Lydia learns

The chant in which she discovered

From the book of her late mother!"

With that, his spell was complete. Yellow energy erupted from his cauldron, striking the ceiling like a missal. It could be seen for miles, endlessly rising into the sky. Only one man knew what came next. Only one man knew where it was heading. Only one man knew where it would end. That man, Merlin by name, laughed maniacally into the night, disappearing from his prison cell.