Our story takes place in wonderful Australia 1995. It's the middle of May the Dry season is almost over. Mitch McClain and Jack Nelson where out in the field looking out at the cattle. You see Jack's wife Daisy is to be giving birth. Jack was nervous out of his skin waiting to see his wife and baby. "Jack calm down, if you take one more step I will tie you to the rail!" "I'm just worried, we would have never made it to the hospital in time, it's been over what twelve hours since Arianna told us to get out of the house and," but his sentence was cut off by a loud, painful scream coming from the house.

Jack looked at Mitch and ran for it. See nothing scared him more then hearing his wife scream (so he thought). Jack was about to open the door when an Aboriginal women stepped out with a little boy in her arms. The woman was dressed in a yellow dress, hair pulled back, and sweat down her face. This women's name is Bernnie. "Stay if you come in Mrs. McClain be mad!" Jack's face turned as red as a setting sun, but did as he was told. "Daddy, daddy." These words were coming from the little boys mouth, he was wearing brown jean with a cream shirt like his daddy Mitch McClain. His name is Ben. "Daddy why do Mrs. Daisy scream, it scare me, is she hurt?" "No she is not hurt, she is just in some pain. You see Mrs. Daisy is having a baby." Ben just look at his daddy shrugged his shoulders and went to watch the cattle. The sun was about to head over the horizon when suddenly there was a cry in the air.

Jack's breath hitched, his knees began to shake and Mitch started to spin. "Mate you alright, come on it's time to see the baby, Ben come help me with Jack!" Once Ben was over they took Jack inside and laid him next to Daisy a bundle of blankets or so it looked. Jack looked at his wife's messy blond hair, plump red lips, and her chocolate brown eyes. He lend in to give her a kiss. "Look Jack it's a girl!" He looked down to see that the bundle of blankets was actually a small baby girl with blond hair, small pink lips, sapphire eyes like her father. Jack was speechless he gestured to Daisy if he could hold her, Daisy handed her to Jack and once she was in his arms, his whole world changed. "What are we going to name her?" Sarah looked at him, "how about Sarah after your mother and Ashley after mine?" "Sarah Ashley Nelson," was all he whispered. "I promise I will protect you from any harm my princess."