Alpha & Omega

Alright. Im trying something new today. It is approximately 12:24 am Tuesday August 6, 2013. I am currently typing this chapter on my XBox360. Yes, you heard me, on my XBox360. I have to announce a few thing and get right to the story. My lap top is down and and cant be restored until a later date. I am alive but barely. I had to under go some.. how would you say it. Transformations? I wouldn't really like to explain on here but to leave it at that. Past events have been fine. My birthday has past and now currently 17. My friend is going to college and I am now a Senior in highschool. My spelling has yet to improve and be accurate in details. Spelling errors still follow with me. I do infact have both a PS3 and XBox 360. But in fact I have the Xbox. The PS3 is for everyone and I have not been on for over a month or so but recently got on yesterday. I have received a message from PSN name Garth and Lilly. You have said that there was something you needed to discuss with me? I will be happy to comply and dicuss what is needed.

As for everyone else, I will be updating this story of Alpha and Omega Aftermath shortly, but please I need honesty from all who are following, fans, and those who have stuck with me. I will ask you this:

What about my story intigues, or fascinates, you so much that you are left wanting more and the need to see another update of the following chapter? I will update, but dont thnk that I will leave you with the longest cliffhanger I have bestowed upon you. Please let me know and please answer my question, it is the least you can do for me to help and encourage me to continue writing. I know I said that I write for myself and that all of you that have contributed to me are extra, but now by deed is to make sure my fans are satisfyed with the hard work I had put in and to not be selfish with my acts.

I recently read at least half of my 'Aftermath' story and it seemed to be in a crazy order. Like how I made Lilly suddenly rape Humphrey and how Humphrey is basically invincible and a somewhat chick magnet with all the females. I have noticed this in my story. I, myself, seemed to be dissapointed in what I have done with the movies natural movie line. I have mixed with the characters feelings, emotions, and importantly their self being in their actions.I have noticed this. I want you to let me know what I need to change, improved, and support in this now chaoti story I bestowed upon you. Many of you have said that it is amazing and that it really is a work of art. I appreciate your crtic, but it seems as though you are being forced to say the good, but not the bad. I would like constructive critisism form you, because without you helping me, I can not help you.

I will update and to release tension from you, I will give you a date when I will update. I will e updating on August 6, 2014. That's right. I will be updating today before 10 PM. Thank you all for sticking with me and not losing faith. You all will be rewarded.

Also, I would like to add that I am willing to ship by mail item that are closest to me. This is the list, and make a note that more will be apllied later:

Quanity Value Descripstion

1 $4.50 Brass Marine Corp Emblem

1 $? Marine Corp Belt

1 $5.00 Genuine Leather Wallet

1 $10.00+ Marine Corp Cadet Cover (NOT A HAT.


These are close materials that have encouraged me in my training of MCJROTC. I have bought these with my own money right out of my pocket. They have helped me out so much, but by giving them away to you I hoped they will encourage you to stand up and try something new like I did. THese are being giving away at NO COST, but a simple thank you will be demanded. Right now I have 3 items that will be given away for free. I will be paying for the shipping and handling to location requested. Information on what you would like will be by PM, or for those who dont have a account on this website, by REVIEW. This is no joking matter and I am sincere. For those who both want the same Item, their will be a debate, but I will probably buy no more than two (2) of same Item, except for the Marine Corp Belt. I want to say that that belt is significally old, and not seen one like it before. That Item will be specially delivered to anywhom I chose to give to. I also just noticed that I have put up my genuine leather wallet. All I can say is, for those who really want something for me, you can have the wallet. Just sounds funny doesnt it?

Thank you and I will get to typing the new chapter of Aftermath now. Any questions you have either PM me or send it in a REVIEW. Thank you.