I don't know how it happens sometimes. It is the spark beyond the horizon. Sometimes the spark that doesn't want to show until the very last minute when you think you weren't meant to me in this world. Maybe it doesn't ever show. The spark that comes here and there, that would be love. And when you have it there is questions on if it will ever stay forever. Does it ever stay forever? Will the love you have for someone stay for the rest of eternity? People question, will I love her for the rest of time? Will my love stay true? Have those questions ever been solved? Will they ever get solved?

Sometimes stuff happens that you aren't happy with. Something that you want to take back, but your not sure if it will hurt you more then you already were. Sometimes you want to say sorry for your stupid mistakes that you made, but the words just simply wont come out.

What if you made the most stupid mistake and you just wish you didn't. You try talking to the one you hurt, but they wont understand and they tear you down. Well that is how I feel right now. Hello, my name is Chad Dylan Cooper. I am head over heals for the one Sonny Monroe. I have loved her through the first time I saw her, and I am still in love with her. But bad thing is, is I don't know if she still loves me. See she broke up with me after a stupid fight. I never meant to do what I did to her, but being Chad Dylan Cooper the greatest actor of our generation things happen. I might not have accidentally kissed a girl on the cheek in public. Yes I know how stupid of me it was, but stuff happens. I explained everything to Sonny, but she still wouldn't believe me. Now I bet your wondering how she found out? Simple. Being Chad Dylan Cooper, people as in the Paps, follow you around with their big camera's and take pictures. Of course they just happened to take a picture of the exact moment when I kissed her on the cheek. And coincidently they put it on Tween Weekly. The most popular teenage magazine in Hollywood.

I walked into Sonny's apartment, without even knocking like I did so many times before this. But this time I was doing it because I didn't have any time for anything. And I was pretty much certain she wasn't all that pleased with me. Sonny walked out of her room, tears falling from her eyes. Her facial expression changed from depressed to furious.

"What are you doing here? Huh? You decided you were done kissing that other girl so you decided to come back to me?" Sonny yelled, trying to whip away the tears that were falling.

"You don't understand…" I tried calmly.

"What don't I understand, Chad? Do I not understand the fact that you were cheating on me with another girl in public? Because I do! Why would you even kiss another girl in public, you know who you are. Everything you do goes onto a magazine, and you had the guts to do that!" Sonny yelled.

"I didn't kiss her! I kissed her on the cheek!" Chad protested.

"That doesn't matter, Chad! I don't care about that! It is still the same. You kissed a girl while you were dating me. You cheated!" Her words echoed in his mind. 'You cheated!'

"Sonny please. You don't understand. You know I would never do that to you. I love you!" Chad stated.

"If you loved me you wouldn't kiss another girl." Sonny said.

"Sonny, I am Chad Dylan Cooper." Chad said.

"No! I am not going to hear anymore about this. I'm done! We're done!" And that is when his world came crashing down..

Those words still echoed in his head. He didn't know why she just wouldn't let him explain himself. It would've made both of their lives easier if she did. So technically this was all her fault. But he knew it wasn't anyone's fault, but his own. He was the one that was stupid enough to fall for a stupid girl. He was the one who didn't care who he hurt, even when it was the one he loved. He thought he changed. he did change. He loved a girl. He actually loved her. He didn't like her just for her looks. He liked her for her personality, and the way she made him feel when he was with her.

He needs her back. He cant live without knowing that there was someone who loved her. And there wasn't some stupid person taking advantage of her. Being with her, he knew she would always be fine. He would look after her. She wouldn't get hurt. Well, technically she wouldn't get hurt even though she did in the end.

What was it with relationships? You always get hurt in the end. Even if it was with the one you actually really loved. Why do all relationships end in disaster, or pain. Love pain. Sonny would have been better off without me. She would have. I know it. If I wouldn't have told her I loved her a year back, we never would have gotten together, and I never would have hurt her now with my stupidness. I feel horrible.

What was she doing right now? Was she still crying over me? Was she thinking about me like I was thinking about her? Did she want me back like I did right now? Did she wish like none of this ever happened? Did she wish she never would have said the words? Did she wish that I was never the stupid one to fall for the prettiness of a girl. Did she wish she never met me…?

I got up and walked out of my house. I ran quickly to my car, opened the door and locked myself into it. Chad banged his fists repeatedly against his steering wheel as he softly cried to himself. Why did he have to be such a idiot? He lost the girl he LOVED for a small little kiss on the cheek.

When he was sure he was stable enough to drive he turned on the engine and sped down the road. He got stopped at a red light and he started to think of what he was going to say when he got to her apartment. The light turned green a couple minutes later, he drove through the intersection turning into the parking lot of the apartment buildings that she lived in. He quickly parked and got out of the car. He ran into the building, and ran up the couple set of stairs. He ran half way down the hall until he stopped in front of her apartment. He knocked on the door and waited for her to open it. Connie came to the door, and opened it.

"Chad…? What are you doing here? Sonny has made it clear she doesn't want to see you, or talk to you, or hear about you.." Connie stated waiting for Chad's answer.

"I need to tell her how sorry I am. I spent the entire day at home today, thinking. Just thinking. Trying to tell myself that I would be able to live without Sonny in my life. I couldn't do it. There is no physical way I can live without her in my life. She is the one I love. The one I will always love. Please let me talk to her, Mrs. Monroe." Chad begged a single tear rolling from his eye.

Connie breathed in a deep breathe. "Fine. You get ten minutes. That is it. No matter what happens you are leaving after ten minutes. She will hate me for letting you come to talk to you. Go. Time is a ticking."

"Thank you so much, Mrs. Monroe." Chad thanked her.

"Go!" She said pointing to Sonny's room.

Chad peeked his head into Sonny's room. She was laying on her bed, her song book in her arms and her eyes gently closed. She was quietly snoring to the sound of a beet. Probably from a song she was writing. Chad quietly walked in, and took the song book out of her grasp. She moved a little, but didn't open her eyes. He opened the book to the last page. There was a song written on it. It wasn't finished. It was called, 'What To Do'. He read the lyrics that were there. He sighed realising they were about him. He then placed the book on her dresser. He touched her skin gently. She opened her eyes, and sat up quickly.

"What are you doing here Chad?" She yelled.

"I need you to know something." Chad said quietly, but loud enough for her to hear.

"I don't want to know anything from you!" Sonny yelled.

"Please.." He insisted. Sonny sighed.

"Fine." She said. "What?"

"Ever since yesterday I haven't left my house. All I have been doing is eating, and thinking. I was thinking about a way that I could go on living my life without you in it. But the truth is, is I cant do it. There is no possible way that I can live my life without you." Chad explained. He looked into her magical brown eyes. The eyes that made him melt every time he looked in them.

"Chad, don't do that. Don't make me melt back into your arms just because your lonely. I cant get back together with you, I wont. You already hurt me once. Like the quote goes, 'Hurt me once, shame on you. Hurt me twice, shame on me'. I am not going to let shame be mine. You hurt me, and your not going to get rewarded for that. I'm sorry Chad." Sonny said.

"But Sonny… please. You need to know I didn't mean for this to happen and that I am insanely sorry. I wont let shame be yours. I wont hurt you again." Chad begged.

"Ohh yeah? What if you do? Then what will happen? You would've lied to me, which would hurt me twice as bad to know you hurt me, and that you lied to me. It's not going to happen, Chad. So why don't you save yourself the pain, and leave." Sonny said pointing for the door.

Connie came into the room, pointing at her watch. "Chad it's been ten. Time to leave. I am sorry you didn't get what you wanted, but you need to leave. Me, nor Sonny want you here bugging us." Chad sighed and walked out of Sonny's room. He walked out of the apartment and out of the building. He then went to his car that was parked across the road. He got into it, and slowly began to cry.

Chad drove slowly back to his house. He looked at his watch and saw that he had to be at the studio in a couple of minutes. He decided he was going to stay home. If he couldn't have the girl of his dreams, then he couldn't have anything. He couldn't have the job of his dreams. Nothing. He walked into his house, his mom cooking something in the kitchen. He walked into the kitchen and wrapped his arms around her. She looked behind her. "What's wrong Chad?" She asked.

"Everything, Mom." Chad said.

"Come tell mommy everything that is wrong." She told him, seating him down on the chair.

"Me and Sonny broke up. Well Sonny broke up with me, and she wont let me explain, nothing." Chad told his mother. She didn't say anything, she just slowly nodded her head. "I mean I thought he would be good together, but now that all this as happened, maybe not."

"What did you do to cause her to break up with you?" His mother-Rebecca- asked.

"I kissed another girl on the cheek." Chad said, hoping his mother wouldn't react too badly.

He saw as his mother's face started to get more red with anger. "You kissed another girl while you were dating Sonny? I thought you were smarter then your father! I cant believe you cheated on her! She is a nice girl, Chad! She didn't deserve that!" Rebecca yelled.

"Mom will you actually let me explain before you start yelling at me?" Chad asked calmly.

"Fine, explain yourself. Then I will yell at you." Rebecca said.

"Okay." Chad said. "You know how much pressure it is being a celebrity? No, because your not a celebrity. I get pushed to do things I don't want. Being under all the pressure that I am, I do things I shouldn't do. I was meeting with my friend, Brittney. We have been friends for a while, it was never anything other then friends. Anyways, I saw in movies that men gave their friend that was a girl a kiss on the cheek, so I wanted to try it out. So I kissed her on the cheek, but the Paps got a picture and put it on Tween Weekly. I never meant to hurt Sonny. I was just having a fun time with my friend, but Sonny wouldn't give me time to explain it to her." Chad explained.

"Try and explain that to Sonny. She needs to know that Brittney was just your friend. That you weren't cheating on her." Rebecca told Chad seriously.

"I tried, mom. But Sonny wont listen to me! She wont even let me talk to her." Chad said.

"If you love Sonny, then you will try harder. I am not going to fix your problems for you anymore, Chad. You are eighteen, you are more then capable doing that on your own." Rebecca said. "Now go to work. Your late."

"I'm not going to work today. I didn't feel like it." Chad told her.

"Chad you cant just skip work whenever your not feeling good." Rebecca told him. "Or getting over a break up."

"Mom, I am stay home. End of discussion." Chad said. "And this isn't just any regular break up. This is a break up with Sonny. Something you never want to have."

"Whatever. Your annoying me now. Go up to your room and figure out a way to get your beloved Sonny back." Rebecca told him. Chad got up and went up the stairs to his room.

He got out a piece of paper and got a pen. He began to write.

Today? Not the best day ever. Tomorrow? Maybe better. A week from now? Who knows. As long as Sonny isn't with me, my life is over…..

Sonny please come back to me.

You have no idea how bad I feel for hurting you.

Please let me explain.

You don't understand.

I love you…

Do you still love me?

Chad put his book away, and stared out of his window. He looked at the sun started to go down. Love going over the horizon, away from Chad's reach…

Do you like, hate, ish? I spent a lot of time writing this story, it is not a oneshot so dont worry. Either a two shot or a three shot, either or. I expect a lot of reviews for this story. This is some of my best writing (I think) I hope you think that too. I hope you really like this. And dont worry the last chapter of this story there will be Channy. I got this idea today, and i instantly began writing it, and this is how it turned out. Do you like it? I hope you doo.