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Personally, I think it's a bit short, but it is just an introduction after all.

I know the title sucks, but it's the only thing I could think of. I wanted to call it "Harry Potter and the Absolutely Invincible British Gentleman", but that was too long. So I settled for this~.

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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland sat at a little deserted café on the outskirts of London.

He sat near the door and stared at the droplets of rain race each other to the bottom of the window frame, betting against himself on which one would win.

England sat with his legs crossed as he brought a cup of tea to his lips. Stopping just before he took a sip, he focused on the man standing on the other side of the street.

The road the café was placed on was devoid of any cars, so the man crossed.

When he opened the door to the café and a little ring was heard throughout the empty room, England set his cup down, stood up and greeted the man with a warm smile.

This man's attire was a bit peculiar, to say the least. He wore long, navy blue robes that swept the floor as he walked. His beard, though, was probably the oddest thing about this man's appearance. It fell long and white all the way down to his waist where he tucked it into the sash tied there. The face this magnificent beard fell from was old and had a few wrinkles to show his many years. Set into that face were bright, electric blue eyes that twinkled behind his half-moon spectacles with the joy and mischief that of a child. There was also endless wisdom hidden in them that truly showed how much he had seen.

"Arthur, old friend," his voice was deep with wisdom and age when he spoke, "the years have been kind to you. You haven't changed at all."

England grabbed his friend's hand and shook it, "Albus. It has been a while."

"A bit long for you to still be in such a youthful state, wouldn't you think?"

"Ah, you know how things are. Some age ripely-"

"While others age only in years." Dumbledore finished the sentence Arthur had last said to him fourteen years ago.

England smiled again and sat back down, gesturing to the seat across from him, "Please. Sit and tell me why it is you've brought me here today."

And so he sat. He brought his hands up to rest his chin upon intertwined fingers, blue eyes still twinkling with mischief. "You see, Arthur, one of my colleagues has taken a well needed retirement, and I have an empty position that needs to be filled." He stopped there and let the words sink in to Arthur and watch his reaction.

After a few seconds of hearing nothing but the pat of rain on the windows and the soft hum of fluorescent lights, England realized what Dumbledore was saying. "You want me… To teach. At Hogwarts? But why?"

"I daresay I owe you something from the last time we met. So here I am, offering you the best thing I do have to offer- a teaching job at Hogwarts."

It was another short while before England responded. "That would be an honor, a true honor. But for one, I barely did anything that night. What I did do was so minor it doesn't even deserve to be mentioned. Secondly, I am already employed, and my position isn't one that I can just drop whenever I feel like."

"That is very understandable. Which is why I was wondering if you were given special 'privileges', you could do this job from Hogwarts. I know that this is an awful lot to ask for, but please consider."

"Well…" England thought about this while bringing his teacup to his lips. Assuming he could have a cell phone that worked inside of the school, a way he could get his paperwork sent to him, a room where he could privately do said paperwork, and permission to leave the grounds once a month for world meetings and for any emergency meetings, it could be possible.

As he explained all of this to Dumbledore, leaving out anything that might invoke suspicion in the old man, his wrinkled mouth twitched upward in curiosity. "I say! You have quite the demanding job; I would love to know what it is you do that requires such devotion."

"I've told you," the Englishman said before taking a sip of his tea, "I work in world affairs for the muggle government of the UK."

A new determination sparkled in the old man's eyes behind his spectacles. Before the end of the term, he would uncover the secrets this Arthur Kirkland held, no matter what it took. This man was far too intriguing to ignore. "Do you accept?" he asked, already knowing the blonde man's response.

"I accept. With the special conditions discussed, obviously."

"Of course. Now, I really must get going. Even though I would much rather sit here enjoying a nice chat and a hot cup of tea, I have business I must attend to. I will send you an owl with the details and information you will be needing. The term starts on the 1st of September, but I assume you will want to come earlier and get yourself reacquainted with the going ons of Hogwarts. Good day and I'll be in touch." Without further a due, the old wizard stood, nodded to Arthur and departed from the empty café and walked out into the rain. Within the blink of an eye, he was gone.

The remaining man sighed, drained what was left of his now cold tea, payed the snoozing teen at the register, grabbed his umbrella and stepped into the typical London rain himself, thinking What the bloody hell have I gotten myself into?