Essential Component- When the Robinsons go to the aid of another family stranded in space they don't realize they are being tricked and that the aliens want to take away an essential part of their own ship, one that will leave them stranded forever…

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Set Season One….

Chapter 1 - New neighbours

"Our long range scanner is picking something up", the disembodied voice stated. Immediately a large almost perfectly round alien slithered onto the deck to cast its one central eye over the readout, "we might be in luck it looks like a spaceship, primitive for sure but holding seven lifeforms." They may have exactly what we need", the disembodied voice informed the blob. " You mean it had better have what we need", the blob reminded the voice. "Lets engage the farsee and take a look". This was not a task the blob could undertake having no appendages but that was why it had this particular ship. "We can easily pick up the inside of that craft", the voice informed showing a picture of seven humans gathered around a large table. "From all indications they are going to land on the Planet Miran in a couple of hours". Good so we observe for a few hours then jump ahead of them and land first". We will stay out of scanner range at first which will give us the opportunity to meet them at our leisure", Blob stated.
'Once they know what we need they may not be too willing to help us", the ships voice reminded the blob. "Then we will make sure they don't realize until it is too late", Blob insisted forcefully.

….. ….

Major Donald West set the Jupiter 2 safely down on the planets surface. "Well I must say I think you are getting better at that", proclaimed Dr Smith as he opened his tightly shut eyes. He had been expecting some sort of disaster to make their decent and landing rather bumpy. It was nice to be wrong. Major West just cast him a sour glance and did not bother to comment."

John Robinson let out a little whoosh of breath as he surveyed their temporary palnet home, a hard clay surface with small pockets of some type of grass that looked like it was struggling to survive. Twisted bent trees with only a hint of green and a very pale blue sky that was sprinkled with ugly patches of grey haze, not a top ten tourist site. But they were definitely not on holiday instead struggling to find adequate fuel and food stuffs to sustain them until they could find a recognizable point in space.

"Tomorrow we are going to go and check out those rock deposits and look for the minerals we need to adapt into fuel", John Robinson announced. Maureen nodded, "yes and while you are doing that Judy ,Penny and I will be looking for things we can eat". John felt a warm glow overcome him as he looked at his wife, she always knew what to do without any coaxing from him. "Dr Smith be sure you help them out", John ordered knowing that unlike his wife the Dr did need instruction. Smith just rolled his eyes.

They settled in for the first night on a new world. Maureen , Penny and Judy moved into the galley to start the evening meal. John went into their cabin to start the journal recordings ,while Will and Doctor Smith played chess with the robot looking on. That left Don alone looking out on their new temporary home and beginning preliminary scans. At times like these he felt excluded from the family, almost like a spare part they weren't too sure what to do with. He had only been supposed to take off from Earth spend a few years in suspended animation then land on Alpha Centuri. Instead he found himself wide awake and lost in space with the Robinsons. Hearing Dr Smith argue with Will about a move Don reflected that sometimes the Doctor seemed closer to the Robinsons than he was. "Dinners ready", Maureen announced. Don did not move continuing to take down the vital information they would need before starting their journey tomorrow. This was his job and something John Robinson expected to come first, again he was not close enough to being a member of the family to get out of duty. He would still eat because Maureen would leave him something but it was not quite the same as joining in with the family.

A couple of miles away the blob rolled into the central part of the space ship, "we have gathered all the information we need on these individuals. The main influence tends to be the male known as John Robinson. Since he is a family man we will appeal to that side of him to gain his trust. However like this", the blob bounced its jelly like form, "I doubt we will get far. So we must resort to the Morph" . The blob wandered over to a central portion of the ship and stood in a circular shaped receptacle. The ship then dialed through several profiles of humans from a file labeled "Earth". Selecting a male around 46 years of age the blob stated, "initiate . A bright light centred on the blob and began to change its form stretching it upwards into a sausage shape that sprouted appeandages at both ends.

"These creatures look awkward but we must adapt if we are to get what we need", Blob stated" Soon he was stepping forward as he tried to accustom himself to his new shape. "Right ship now I will need a bondmate and three offspring roughly the same biological age in appearance to those Robinsons". "This will make our need even greater", the ship warned. "I am aware of that but it can't be helped", Blob who was now human form told the ship. "Very well then but you will only have a number of hours to get us what we need before all systems fail", Ship seemed to have a sense of loss in its voice. 'Just get on with it", the blob instructed flatly not worried about the ships 'feelings'.


In the morning Maureen, directed her children like a Sergeant Major in the army as they got busy preparing some seeds for planting. "I do hope dad and Don find the right minerals as I wouldn't want to spend too long on this rock", Judy complained as she flicked one disdainful look as the dull brown landscape. "Hopefully we won't have to dear but you know we need to be prepared", Maureen replied.

She sighed to herself, this was definitely not the life she had intended for her children. Right now they should be running through green grass laughing and playing. Instead they were all trying hard to live another day. Maureen dwelled in despair for one second then snapped herself firmly, it was up to her to keep everyones spirits up, John depended on that.

Her husband was right now feeling rather exasperated, he was a patient man but sometimes he felt that patience was at breaking point. Right now was definitely one of those times. He needed to get the drilling under way and find their new fuel quickly but was having delays. These delays were not due to equipment failure or a natural disaster but because of one very human and often unpredictable Major Donald West. "Right now is not the time to disagree with me Don", John admonished grinding his teeth together and staring the younger man in the face. Don flushed but did not drop his eyes, "I am just saying that we should have posted a guard on Smith", Don insisted as he put his hands on his hips. "He has caused nothing but trouble and I am sure is right now thinking up yet another way to get us all killed". John took a steadying breath, "Smith would not survive without us Don", he stated in a firm tone that was supposed to mean "end of discussion". "That does not stop him thinking up mischief", Don stated pointedly feeling frustrated that John Robinson never took his fears seriously . "Right now my priority is not Smith but the ship, the same as it should be for you Major", John chastised. Don felt like he'd just been dressed down by a General. This time he did lower his gaze but he did not relax his tense posture so John Robinson had to put up with a seething Major for the rest of the day.

Maureen could always tell when her husband was not in a good mood. This evening was definitely one of those times, she also did not have to ask what had caused his bad mood because he'd returned to the camp alone. She knew Don West could be a little volatile and hoped that whatever the argument had been the two men worked things out quickly .

She prepared a very good meal hoping that with food in their bellys the two men would feel like patching up their disagreement. But as the others arrived for meal time her feelings changed, it looked like Don was going to skip the food.

Maureen didn't bring up Don's absence and neither did Penny or Will but Judy was a different story all together, "where's Don", she asked bluntly. "Not here", John Robinson mumbled. "Yes I can see that, so where is he", Judy insisted. "Busy no doubt", John replied lowering his eyes. Judy was almost as perceptive as her mother and picked up something in her fathers expression, "oh Daddy, did you and Don fight", she asked. "He needs to remember who is in charge", John told his oldest child firmly without bothering to explain further. Judy didn't like the idea of her father and Don arguing, but nor did she like the idea of Don challenging her father, "I'll speak to him later," she told her father. John actually winced at that intuitively knowing that his daughter was a daddy's girl all the way. He doubted Don would appreciate another lecture and was going to tell his daughter that when the robot started flailing about and announced "warning Aliens approaching".

John quickly rushed into the Jupiter 2 and grabbed a laser pistol, "Maureen, Will, Penny , Judy into the ship now", he ordered. The others all rushed in. Doctor Smith tried to as well but was halted by Johns Robinsons, "not you Smith", in a loud booming voice.

Quaking right down to his shoes Dr Smith stood beside John Robinson and waited.

"Will we be able to tell if they have what we need", the woman stated as she reached out and took the man's hand in her own. "Yes ", confirmed the man. "Right everyone lets smile and go and meet them", the woman looked back at the three others who tailed behind.

Rounding a large rock formation the man and woman slowly approached the campsite . Johns eyes were already widening as he looked disbelievingly at their arrivals. His laser gun was quickly sinking from hand height down to the ground. Will, Penny and Judy with Maureen close behind all exploded from the Jupiter and stood behind him with mouths gaping.

"It can't be", Maureen slowly stated as she eyed the newcomers. "It is, it is", Will enthused as he jumped up and down. "It's another family", Penny breathed it out like a prayer. John found a smile working its way to his face, this was certainly a miraculous day. He stepped forward, "good evening everyone, I am Professor John Robinson of the Jupiter 2 and these are my family". "Good Evening I am Pax Xanon", the man stated as he stepped forward and stood eye to eye with John Robinson. "Welcome Mr Xanon", John grinned, "This is my bondmate Goloria", Pax introduced . The still lovely brunette stepped forward and held out her hand to Maureen. "It is so nice to meet another family", she enthused.

"Indeed", Maureen agreed. While they were doing this Will, Penny and Judy had been eyeing the three children and waiting to be introduced, "this is Solna, Lilia and Maxon", Pax stated as he gestured toward the three. Will, Penny and Judy each rushed forward to shake the hand of the child that somehow was inexplicably the same age as themselves. "We were just sitting down for the family meal, Perhaps you will join us", John remarked. "Indeed we would be honored Pax", agreed. He gestured to the table and his 'family sat itself down with each member sitting near one of the Robinsons.

"We rarely encounter others who would bring children into space", John observed as he passed around the salad bowls. "We come from a race where it is traditional to spend time in space with ones family before settling down to planet life", Pax lied glibly. "All our three children were born on our spaceship and have never known any other life". Maureen's eyes widened, she could not really imagine spending all ones life flying about. "So what are you doing on this planet", John asked. " Unfortunately we have a problem with our craft and needed to set down some place so we could make repairs", Pax told him solemly. John immediately offered his assistance.

Doctor Smith was listening to the exchange and busting with impatience to ask his own questions, "I am Doctor Zachary Smith of the planet Earth", he stated, "have you heard of our world"." Indeed", Pax informed them with a smile, "the Sol system is well know to us".

Smiths eyes widened, "we unfortunately are lost at the moment and would really appreciate it if someone could show us the way home."Don't forget Doctor", John Robinson interrupted before Pax could speak, "we were actually making for Alpha Centari and that still should be our destination", he concluded firmly. Smith snapped his mouth shut, well Alpha Centari wasn't his destination he thought.

"Alpha Centari is also known to us. During our space travels our race has extensively mapped many areas of space", Pax informed them. John began to feel excitement course through his veins, "we'd be greatful if you could help us locate the way", he told Pax. "Of course we'd love to help but our maps and navigation are unfortunately part of the ship that needs repairs", Pax replied.

"As I said we'd love to help you with anything we can spare," John insisted with a wide smile as he reached to clasp Paxs hand firmly.

Time will tell if you do have what we need, Pax thought to himself. The first step to that was getting to know these unappealing aliens better. This was the whole purpose of morphing children the same age as the Robinsons. "Why don't we all spend some time getting to know one another then you perhaps we can mutually help each other out", Pax told John. John beemed realising that this alien man seemed to have similar values to his own. He could already see by the way his children were eyeing the newcomers children that they would all have no problem getting along. "Why don't I start by giving you a tour of our ship", John told Pax. "That would be wonderful, Pax enthused. Both men rose from the table and John led Pax to the door of the Jupiter ready to start the tour.

Maureen quickly buddied up with Goloria leading her toward the galley. That left the children all smiling at each other.". "We are Judy, Penny and Will", Judy introduced as she pointed out her siblings. The alien children smiled and as per their instructions quickly began to talk to the child closest to their own age.

Within minutes the sound of excited chatter filled the air and it didn't take much longer before the Robinson children had decided the newcomers were their friends.

Doctor Smith watched as the youngsters all blended together and began to socialize, "why can I never meet someone", he lamented.

What followed was hours of fun as the children laughed togther while the adults talked. Finally Pax decided to draw a close to the day, "we should be getting back now, I thank you for your hospitality. "It was my pleasure", John replied warmly gripping Pax's hands." I hope we have other chances to socialize before you leave this world." "Lets see", Pax remarked in a non committal voice, "so far it doesn't seem that they have what we need ,but I have not finished my search", Pax thought to Goloria.

John walked Pax over to the Jupiters hatch and was about to open it when it opened itself and Don walked in. He stopped and stared at the man in front of him. "I didn't realize you had another child", Pax remarked looking at Don's dark hair. "Oh this is not another Robinson, it's just our pilot Major Don West", John introduced.

Don held out his hand and Pax shook. "They have a ship which is in need of repair. They also have extensive star charts they can give us if we help with those repairs", John told Don. "That is excellent", Don enthused. "Well I will see you tomorrow", Pax concluded. Don watched as the family members got together.

He saw Judy chatting excitedly with another girl and was glad she had found a new friend. But looking at the group he once again felt excluded and John's words rung in his head, "he's just our pilot".

After John had ushered out their visitors he turned excitedly to the family, "if we can get these charts then we can be on course for Alpha Centari and fulfil our mission after all." But I want to get home to Earth", Doctor Smith immediately countered, "since I did not volunteer for this mission surely my choice matters". John shook his head firmly, " Earth still has the same problems as when we left Doctor. Perhaps the fate of our mission has put off further exploration to Alpha Centauri . If we actually succeed in going there it will effect more than just our own lives but the future of the whole human race". It was a stirring speech and Doctor Smith could see that the family swallowed it hook line and sinker. He knew he'd never change Doctor Robinsons mind so maybe he should just talk to the aliens about taking him to Earth.

"Right everyone it's been a busy day, now off to bed", John instructed. The children immediately scuttled off and Don was about to follow them when John stopped him with, "I want a word Don". Obviously 'everybody', did not include him.

Don knew immediately that John was going to bring up their disagreement and that the wisest course was to get his apology out first, "I am sorry John, I shouldn't challenge you like that. It's just Smith annoys me", he kept his gaze steady on Johns face. "I know Don but disagreements just add to the hard work", John reminded the pilot. "I am sorry", Don repeated. John finally smiled and held out his hand and Don shook, "then lets say no more about it", he suggested. "Perhaps though you will not have to put up with Dr Smith much longer", John reminded him as he let Don finally go to his quarters.

"Well it seems they do have what we need," Pax told Goloria as they settled back into their own craft. "Then all the problem we have is obtaining it", Goloria stated.

Well I think we might have to resort to that Earth custom we observed that time", Pax stated. "Which one they seem to have so many", Goloria asked. "Why stealing of course", Pax reminded her.