Chapter 20-resolution

While Smith was being questioned Grey found himself being encircled by a group of official looking people. The majority of them wore similar clothing that he guessed was some sort of uniform. One man without a uniform stepped out of the group and approached him. Grey noted the way the others hands moved toward weapons as they watched the man approach him. This was obviously someone important. "I am the president of this land", the man told him. "Welcome to Earth". Grey decided he had better get a few points across straight away. "While I appreciate the welcome Mr President I have no wish to deeply converse with your people. I was merely acting as a transport to Dr Smith. He did help save my own people so I felt we owed him that favour." The president was slightly offended that this alien had no wish to befriend them. "Surely there must be some way our peoples could get to know each other", he queried. Grey sighed inwardly this was why he had not wanted attention. "Mr President my people have only just managed to free ourselves from the influence of one species. We have no desire to be governed by the influences of your planet."

The president took that in while casting quick expert eye over the alien craft. It was more advanced than anything the U.S. possessed and he supposed he should be thankful these Aliens were friendly. But he had to acknoweledge that the appearance of these aliens gave humanity another chance to escape this dying world. "We have no wish to control you ", he assured the alien. "Perhaps we can find a way to help one another." Part of Grey just wanted to yell 'leave us alone' but another part recognized that they probably did need help to rebuild their own future. The Blobs had killed a lot of his people and the influx of a few specially selected humans could help repopulate and rebuild the planet. "Perhaps we can talk, Grey conceded. "Good ,come this way", the president guided the alien to his best conference room.

In the dingy interrogation room Dr Smith was in terror mode. "If you cannot help us then we must arrange your immediate execution", General Hardy told him. "Please", Smith sobbed, "my employer was from the States and was just a competitor. I would never betray my country". Hardy just scowled, "it makes no difference Smith you did it for money and were obviously prepared to kill. There is no excuse, you are still guilty ", the General reached down and grabbed him roughly trying to pull him from the chair. Smith dug his nails in hard and held on with every inch of strength he could muster. "I don't know a name", he sniffed," all I had was a contact frequency". General Hardy let him go and stepped back, "a frequency, do you remember what it was." Smith felt momentary relief that the talk of execution had stopped, but he still had a long way to go before he was free. "I'll make you a deal", he stated slyly. That just caused the General to grab him again, "I'll make you a deal Smith, tell me now willingly or I'll have someone extract the information from you in the most unpleasant way I can find". Hardy loathed dealing with men who would take money to sabotage the space program and saw no reason to treat Smith in a reasonable way. He grabbed hold of the flesh on Smith's arm and twisted it painfully as a small demonstration of what he could do. Smith squealed blurting, "alright I'll give you the frequency but it won't be much use after all these years. Nobody will be there to answer."

"Yes but someone might still be using that frequency Dr , the General stated. "at least it will give us a point of origin for our saboteur" .Dr Smith got up out of the chair and with General Hardy right behind him made his way to mission control. Once there he began to adjust one of the receivers to the frequency of his old 'employer'. "He had no doubt that the person he worked for was long gone and tried not to think too deeply about what that meant for his future. "There ",he said seconds later. Standing back Smith awaited being taken back into custody. Instead he found himself being pushed aside as a loud pinging sound came from the machine. "Its picking up something on that frequency", the General exclaimed. He fiddled with the dials, " I can get a location", "what", he had a stunned look on his face. "The frequency is being projected from a point within this base". Let's go", he announced to his colleagues loudly. Smith watched as a whole lot of people ran from the room. He recognized that he had an opportunity to get away. Affecting a calm attitude he slowly moved away from the console and toward the door. He had nearly made it when a hand locked around his arm from behind and pulled him back, "didn't think it was going to be that easy to leave",a voice growled in his ear. Smith honestly wished it had been. But now he was dragged along after the officers as they went to investigate the origin of the signal.

They met Hardy coming back toward them at a run. "Come along Dr"., he growled as he grasped Smiths arm and pulled him in a different direction. "Did you find the point of origin", Smith queried as he made himself move faster. "Yes, we did Dr and it raises a few interesting questions. I am now going to seek some answers." When he pulled out a gun Smith got the distinct feeling the General's anger was about to be directed toward someone else. He was relieved and hopeful that perhaps he might not get executed. "This is still your fault Smith", those words issued from the clenched tetth of the General made his hopes vanish again.

Don quickly pushed in the button to stop the alarm from sounding. He looked around at the others hoping they had not noticed. Maureen was playing a game with Penny, Will and Judy in an effort to keep then calm and distracted. John looked up from writing in his journel and met his eyes. Don nodded at him and John nodded back indicating he understood. He looked down to see the pen in this hands shaking. Don's silent message had told him they were now operating on emergency fuel reserves. If Earth did not find a solution to the problem soon, he would either have to defy his own countries orders and land the Jupiter on Alpha centauri or let everyone die. Don was also thinking the same thoughts and began scans to determine a good landing spot. He wondered why no other countries had defied orders and landed on the planet. When he picked up something in space several miles away he felt cold all over as he knew the answer.

There were bombs in space just waiting for the right trigger to set them off. He had no doubt that landing the craft would be that trigger. "John", he said out loud in a fake calm voice. "I think we should consider putting everyone in the freezing tubes. If we are going to land it will be bumpy and the tubes will offer better protection".

Puzzled John moved closer and saw what Don had detected. They could not land. Don had suggested the tubes as a way of sparing the family the agony of a slow painful death as the Jupiter slammed into the planet. "We'll give it another 30 minutes then I'll consider your plan", John told him quietly.

Back on Earth a door flew open and crashed against the wall, "what is the meaning of this interruption", the angry voice asked the General. "The frequency Smith used to contact his employer has been traced to a point of origin on this base,". The gun came out and held steady, "these aliens are fooling us Mr Preseident, that signal is coiming from their ship".

The president and Grey gasped at the same time. "They are obviously the first wave of an invasion", General Hardy insisted. "No", two voices also shouted that one, Smith's and Grey.

"As I said Mr President we have just freed ourselves from the influence of a violent race. It was they who planned to invade your world", Grey insisted. Smith was still reeling from the shock of knowing who his employers had been. "The blobs were behind this all along", he gasped. The General lowered the gun a little but was still ready to shoot if necessary. "Tell us about these blobs", he insisted.

"They came to our world long ago with the offer of friendship. We welcomed the chance to increase our technologies and resources with their help. Instead they began to take over using our people as living components in their ships. They took their will away General forcing them to live a life of living death, aware of what was happening to them but unable to do anything about it", Grey concluded

General Hardy and the president both shivered , "their methods were slowly depleting my people which forced them to have to look at off world alternatives, your people", Grey told them.

"Yes but you are talking about recent events , this sabotage happened a few years ago. How can the blobs be responsible", the President asked. Dr Smith had been listening to Grey and thinking deeply about his own experiences of the blobs. He thought he knew the answer to the Presidents question and decided now was a good time to make use of his excellent oratory skills.

"They had been to Earth many times watching and absorbing information on how we lived. Their opinion of our people was very low, believing we were an undisciplined race, Smith answered." But if they observed all the bad things then they must have also noticed the good. Earth people possessed the weapon that could destroy their people, one of our strongest emotions, love".

"That made us dangerous. So when they saw that we were getting ready to send our people out into space they got scared. They did not even want to risk the small chance our two races would ever meet before they were ready. So they used this technology of theirs to change into human form and bribe the people of countries involved in the space program. Then they went back to their world and lived happily for a few more years. But as more of Grey's people died at their hands they decided that the time was right to invade earth. All they needed to do was perfect a serum that would dull our wills. They needed a test subject for that and unfortuntely found Major West."

"He managed to escape but I am sure they would have made a stronger serum".

"Then they would come here and do the same as on the blob world offer to be your friends in exchange for a few citizens to help them fly their ships. You would never have known what they were really up to until it was too late", Smith concluded. "Dr Smith speaks wisely, Grey acknowledged, "but naturally you will want proof of his words". I will show you some of the records the blobs left behind , they will convince you that it is them and not us who are the enemy."

General Hardy and the President only had to watch about 20 minutes of clips to understand that the destruction of the blobs had saved them from thousands of humans being enslaved.

The president then decide he had an important message to relay. ""This is the President of the United States to the crew of the Jupiter 2".John had just assembled the family in front of the freezing tubes when he heard the message. He knew they only minutes of fuel remaining but decided he needed to report to Earth one last time. "I am reading you Mr President", John stated. "I have a message for you", the President stated quite soberly. "Yes sir", John asked. "Permission to land granted", the President's joy could clearly be heard down the radio lines.

Don began to smile, "you found the saboteur ",he asked. "Yes, it was the blobs,"came the stunning reply. John realised he was not all that surprised by that revelation."Thank you sir, your message has been received". He turned to Don who with an ear to ear smile announced, "ladies and gentlemen please take your seats for landing".

As everyone hurried to their places John felt peace began to settle over him. Finally the end of the journey was near. "Dad what do you think happened to Dr Smith", Will asked.

"I really don't know son", John replied carefully. "Don't worry Will, knowing Smith he somehow came out on top", Don told him.

Smith felt General Hardy's grip once again tighten upon him. "You know General that it was me who gave Grey's people the information on how to defeat the blobs",Smith reminded. General Hardy's expression was very sour, "yes, I did recall he said something to that effect. "The blobs still would have tried to come to Earth regardless of what Smith did", Grey stated. "I cannot say that I find him an honorable man but I believe that he will no longer be a danger to anyone but himself."

The General and President exchanged glances. Smith waited long agonising seconds for an answer". "Very well Smith,I will not order your execution. You will be able to return to life on here unhindered", the President told him. Smith sagged in relief , "thank you sir". he acknowledged.

"I never want to see you again Smith or hear your name", warned the General. "You won't", Smith swore.

"Good", the President and General turned away from him then . "Mr Grey we must discuss colonisation plans for your world. Now we have two worlds to colonise I believe Earths chances of survival are much better", General Hardy told Grey.

Grey still felt wary but decided he had to make the best of having these new allies.

He watched out the corner of his eye as Dr Zachary Smith walked away to his future head held high. "I hope you find love, Dr", Grey whispered.

Love was very much on the Robinson's mind as they stepped from the Jupiter 2 for the last time onto the soil of their new home.

John and Maureen kissed each other soundly not caring if the children were watching.

Don had Judy in his arms knowing that now it really was for forever. "Finally we are no longer lost", he stated happily.