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Surprisingly the two of them made it home before Cate would be late for work. She was tired but she would be fine to go. When she got off work though the first thing she would do was sleep.

Lux on the other hand had collapsed from exhaustion as soon as they made it home. Lux had been as fast as a car and since they didn't have a car in the lab and they couldn't explain why they looked like they did, they had run home.

Cate had been opposed to it but Lux was determined not to be locked up in a small confined space like a car any time soon. Cate didn't like it but, after being restrained for a while, she understood.

Cate went to work anxious and was distracted throughout the day. She didn't like the idea of Lux being home alone. While Lux had shown that she was more than capable of taking care of herself, Cate had seen just how thoroughly exhausted Lux was and it worried her to see her so weak. If it had been up to Cate she wouldn't have gone to work that day and would instead be either sleeping or watching over Lux while she slept.

Lux had spent the entire day sleeping. She also slept through the many calls Cate tried to make to her during the day. When Cate barged into the house panicked, Lux jumped up prepared for a fight and nearly attacked Cate. Lux realized just in time who it was and backed off before actually harming Cate. She still seemed anxious but now she was more angry than threatened.

"What was the big idea?" Lux demanded, rubbing her face and laying back down on the couch with a yawn.

"I've been trying to call you all day and you didn't answer. I got worried." Cate said, relief marring the reprimanding tone she had been trying to use.

Lux looked at her confused. "You've been calling all day?"

"Yes, didn't you hear it?" Cate went to crouch down near Lux's head.

"No, I've been sleeping all day." Lux replied getting up. "And I'm still tired so if you don't mind I'll be up in my room. Asleep." Cate stood as well.


"What now?" Lux demanded sounding irritated. "I just want to sleep is that so wrong?"

"No, but you're still bleeding." Cate said pointing to Lux's arm which was still bleeding.

Lux hadn't noticed because she was so drained but the blood from the wound was soaked into the sleeve of her shirt and was now running down her arm. It was a good thing she could lose more blood than a human could and still live because she was sure that any human would have died of blood loss by now.

"Oh….yeah." Lux murmured. "I should probably take care of that."

This is what she hated about getting shot by Anderson. He used special bullets that he designed himself. It would take weeks just for the wound to stop bleeding. On the plus side once it stopped bleeding it would only take a couple of hours to heal. On top of that she couldn't go to a regular doctor because they would ask questions that she couldn't answer.

Lux felt a pressure on her arm and looked down to find Cate's hand trying to pull her back towards the couch. In her other hand Cate had a first aid kit. Lux allowed herself to be pulled back towards the couch and then she sat down. Cate sat next to her and opened the kit.

Lux hissed when the antiseptic touched the wound and let out a soft growl. "That hurts." She complained.

"I'm almost done." Cate replied softly. It was a good thing she had taken a first aid course back in high school though the class hadn't covered bullet wounds.

Lux zoned out once the pain started to subside, Cate however was completely focused. She dabbed the wound trying to clean it out. Every now and then she would look at Lux's face. She looked for any sign of pain and was glad when she saw none. She found herself studying Lux's face. Now that Lux was less guarded she could begin to see bit and pieces of her and Baze in Lux. She also noticed the pure exhaustion that seemed to go deeper than the last couple of days. Cate found sadness in Lux's face as well. She wondered why it was there.

"Lux." Cate said. Her voice was still soft to avoid startling Lux which by now she learned was a big no-no.

Lux snapped out of her thoughts. "Yes?"

"How should I wrap this up?"

"Just put gauze on it and wrap it up. Make it tight enough that there's a bit of pressure."

Cate nodded and did so. When she was done she packed up the kit and before she knew it Lux was at the attic steps. "Hey Cate?" Lux called.

Cate looked up at Lux. She wondered what was wrong for her to call for her. It wasn't like Lux to ask for her and rather than feeling happy she was worried.

Lux seeing that Cate was looking at her, smiled softly, but warmly. "Thanks." With that she went up into her room and crashed.