" Masumi," Eisuke called, " What do you think of Miss. Takamiya?"

" I think nothing of her." A jaded Masumi replied.

" Well since you think nothing of her, she can make an impression on you." Eisuke said.

" Go meet Miss Takamiya at 2 for lunch. She will be at Morishomo restaurant."

" Fine, I'll go, father." Masumi sarcastically answered.

" Good, because I need you to find a respectable woman who can bore you good heirs."

" Father, you make it seem as if you are farming cattle. Oh yes I forgot, that's how to treat everyone." Masumi calmly said as he strode through the doors.

Masumi met Miss. Takamiya at the door. They strode in and sat at an upstairs table. It was a nice place indeed. Ivory table covers covered the circle table, the ends of the curtains had gold embroidery. The tables had Indigo and ocean blue flowers on it. They also had good German China with indigo flowers on it.

Masumi had short conversations with Takamiya, but yet they were boring. He turned his face the other way when she asked of business. He began to speak, but his cell phone vibrated.

" Miss Takamiya, please excuse my lack of manners, but please let me handle this call."

" Sure." Shiori replied.

Masumi walked out onto the balcony and answered the call. " Mizuki, what is it?" Masumi asked. " Sir, I have some paperwork I need you to finish! But aside from that, Onodera has an awful plan up his sleeve, I overheard him speaking of kidnapping Maya and using her as a gest for Tussikage to give up rights for the Crimson Goddess!"

" Oh Damn Mizuki, where are you?" Masumi replied.

" I'm kind of on break, at home." Mizuki replied.

" What are you doing then."

" Resting, I wasn't feeling so hot, so I decided to go home and rest for an hour."

(In the background)*cough, cough*

" What was that?" Masumi asked.

" It was the television, Masumi." Mizuki replied. " But anyways, he said he wants to do it before the week is out and I just found this out today. Should we send out a private taskforce?"

" I'll think about it Mizuki, this could be a huge problem because he is my partner."

" What is wrong with you? Do you only care of money and not Maya's well being?"

" No, I'll try to talk him out of it. Mizuki, clear my schedule for 6 tonight, tell tMr. Shiama that an emergency popped up."

" Okay I will call him right now. Goodbye Masumi, I'll tell you what goes on later." ( Background mumble from Mizuki's end of the call.)

" Thank you Mizuki."

*Hangs up*

" That was no damn TV, that was someone in the background."

Masumi then returned to the table, he began speaking to Shiori, but he was disinterested the whole time. They ate and he kept his calm pseudo, but he was mentally on edge the whole time. As soon as his meeting with Shiori was done. He hopped in his limo and called Onodera.

" Hello Onodera? Are you there?" Masumi asked.

" I'm here dammit, what is it you want. I'm planning something important." Onodera replied.

" I want to know what you are planning? Does it have anything to do with the Crimson Goddess? Masumi asked.

" It does, but I don't want you to know what it is until I'm done."

" Is it dirty and scheming?" Masumi asked.

" Depending on your point of view Masumi." Onodera replied.

" Lets meet tonight at the building and discuss your plan." Masumi said.

"Fine." Onodera said and hung up.

Masumi began brainstorming on how to warn Maya, she wouldn't listen to him, but she would possibly listen to Mr. Purple Roses. He asked the chauffer to pull over and he ran into the florist's shop.

He ordered his usual 12 dozen purple roses, picked up a lavender "My Dear" card. He paid the total, ran out the store jumped into the limo and began writing his letter. It stated:

"Dear Maya, I have been wondering about you, how are you doing?

Aside from that, I have heard some rumors of a kidnapping scheme set for you. I must warn you, watch your back. I have also heard that you haven't been doing so well. Are you alright? You probably wonder who I am, I know you. But you do not know of me, It is better that way, for I am the Phantom of the Opera, a monster, with a horribly disfigured face. You will learn someday of me, but it will be best if you don't accept me."

Masumi called Hijiri but a little something distracted his train of thought. He caught Mizuki yelling Hijiri's name when he picked up.

" What was that Hijiri?" Masumi exclaimed.

" It's best if you don't know." Hijiri replied.

" Okay fine, if that's what you say. But now I have something to bother Mizuki about till' the day she dies, she'll never live it down!" Masumi hysterically laughed.

" What is it you needed?" Hijiri asked in an desperate attempt to change the subject.

" I need you to drop an important message to Maya immediately. She is grave danger, I will explain it to you later when you have clothes on." Masumi chuckled.

" Alright just give me a few minutes to meet you and drop the message."

" Okay, hurry it's important." Masumi sighed. He hung up and laughed one more time.

Masumi was back at the Daito corp. building and met Hijiri I nhis office. Mizuki was in her own office burying her face in mountains of paperwork. Being a secretary was a hard job, especially when he finds out about your relationship with his private messenger. Back in Masumi's office, Masumi began explaining the circumstances of the situation with Maya.

"Hijiri, I need you to drop this message off to Maya. I also need you to watch her back, Onodera has a filthy plan that involves kidnapping Maya for rights to the Crimson Goddess. "

" I'll do it. But why is Onodera so desperate for rights?"

" He is a money whore." Masumi replied.

"What are you going to do about it?" Hijiri asked.

" I am going to try to talk Onodera out of it, But once he makes up his mind, it's hard for even me to sweep him out of it. Get going Hijiri, I have to meet him in a few."

Hijiri left without a sound and began to go look for Maya. On the other hand Mizuki opened the door and introduced Onodera.

" Hello Onodera, let's get down to business shall we?"

" Alright then, here we go."