A decade in the making

My breathe mists in the air as
I step off the ship that's carried me
far away from the misery I left behind.

A war left behind me,
Blood and betrayal that pushed
Us away from everything we knew.

Slumming in the depths of this
city where I live the among the lowest,
Staring up at the high estates
That used to be our family legacy.

There's a moment of truth,
I can lie down and fade away
or I can climb up if I fight;

Stepping out of the shadows,
I'll climb the stairs pulling
My family and friends along with me.

Raise your eyes to sky,
I'll reach out and touch the sun,
I'm fighting for a better world, for mine,

Tonight I'll fight in the dirt,
Tomorrow I'll treat with the nobles,
Later I'll sip tea in the throne room;

Laughing my way out of troubles,
delegating with troublemakers
I'm being swept up in a destiny

I never asked for this,
all I wanted was my family safe,
A destiny I never knew existed haunted me
I am here to fight, here to protect
I'll rise and stand on the top.

I will reach beyond and catch
The hand that reaches down,
I can barely make out the person
Reaching down to me but this is my time;
I'll reach out and I'll take my escape.