It was almost appropriate that it was raining that night. A 21-year-old girl sat by her window, watching the rain pound against the glass. Her parents and her sisters were in bed, fast asleep. She was in the kitchen, the chair she was inhabiting facing the back door.

She was wearing a tight black body suit with 5 stars emblazoned on the shoulder. They were blue, green, orange, red, and purple. A mask rested on the table, deflated without her face to occupy it. It was a mold of her face, and like her master's it had tinted glass around where her eyes would be. Her suit was molded to match her body, and hardened to resist bullets. Strapped to her back were twin katanas crossed into an 'x' formation. Also strapped to her thighs, sides, and ankles were an assortment of knives and guns.

Suddenly she leapt silently to her feet and stood stock still. The back door opened silently, its usual obnoxious beeping disabled by her deft fingers. Four figures stepped forward, through the rain, and into the house.

"Master Snakeyes." She whispered and bowed low.

"Stand my student." His deep baritone reverberated through her mind, and made her love-struck heart sing. She stood and watched as he walked over to the table to fetch her mask. He came back in front of her and slowly began to slip the mask over her face. Slowly, long brown hair in a ponytail was covered, her caramel and auburn highlights disappearing into black. She shut her golden eyes as they were momentarily shrouded. Her button nose with a small beauty mark on the tip, and her full lips were the last to be covered. When her mask was on fully it melded with the rest of her suit. It was new technology that had recently been developed but not released to the public. The other three figures exited out into the rain, while the girl and Snakeyes remained.

She turned and took one last look at her childhood home. Her survey ended at the man who was her future.

"You will be alright?" her master's voice rang through her head.

"I'll be fine. Don't worry so much." She replied, walking silently so that she stood in front of him. Slowly he removed both of their masks.

Her hand traced across his square jaw and through his short, dirty blonde hair. Her hazel eyes met his blue orbs, and he leaned down so that his lips collided with hers.

"I love you." He said

"I love you too." She replied. He snuck one last long kiss before they replaced their masks and quickly headed out the door, and into the pounding rain.

Hovering above the yard was an aircraft with a black rope ladder hanging down for them. The girl went up first, laughing when she read the thoughts running through her master's head.

As soon as she was on the plane, the engines started up. She hurried to the window and placed a black clad hand on the glass. Snakeyes came up behind her and turned her so her face was buried in his chest.

Under her mask, Esteria cried.