2 years later…

Jessica Lindly and Alexandra Turlenburg shifted nervously in the seats of the military aircraft that was taking them to a secret base in the middle of the desert. The date was nearing September 19th; a sad day for them, around their necks was an identical picture of the two of them and another girl. She was their best friend who had gone missing from her Phoenix home at age 21. They had searched and searched for her, but all they found was an open back door and not a single trace of anything else. So, with their despair, they dove into science, and quickly became the best of the best. One constant from their childhood was their tendency to synchronize with each other when they were together. It was defense mechanism so they would not lose another of their group.

Suddenly the plane lurched and began its descent into a gaping hole that had suddenly appeared into the sand. The farther into the hole they descended, the darker and cooler it got. A few minutes later, they were underground and military personnel were bustling around with weapons, reports, and just about anything. A large man with a prominent scar on his face greeted them as they stepped down from the cooling aircraft.

"I'm Duke, welcome to G.I. Joe." He said coolly as a group of people came up behind him, "I'll introduce you to the team."

A woman with bright red hair and an educated feel about her stepped forward as Duke gestured to her, "This is Scarlett, our resident genius. I'm sure you three will get along well together."

A large African American man stepped up next, "This is Heavy Duty, he is our ordnance expert and field commander."

Next came a slightly smaller and leaner African American man, "This is Ripcord, our pilot."

Lastly was a man in a tight black full body suit, carrying a single katana on his back, "This is Snakeyes, he's our martial arts master. He is a strict mute, and he would appreciate it if you didn't try to force him to talk."

"It's very nice to meet you all." The two scientists said simultaneously, their voices perfectly in sync, "We shall get to work as soon as your men unload our gear. Your accelerator body suits shall be slimmed down to be less cumbersome and more efficient. After we are finished with those all weapons creation shall be transferred to our lab. We do accept suggestions." They smiled a twin smile at the stunned group.

"Okay um… there is one more member of the team, Snakeyes could you get her?" Duke turned to the mute ninja who signed something to Scarlett. Duke looked at the ginger expectantly.

"He says she is already on her way. She should be here soon." As soon as she was finished speaking a black blur sailed over the railing landed next to Snakeyes.

"Master." The black clad woman said quietly. Her mask hid her face in a similar fashion as her masters except her suit was more feminine. "I apologize for my tardiness." She turned to the two new scientists and her body seized up marginally. Not Them. She thought.

"Dr. Lindly, this is Shadow. She is the student of Snakeyes." The women scanned her with their eyes in such a familiar way that Shadow shuddered inwardly. A cool baritone suddenly penetrated her mind.

Shadow? Are you alright? It asked.

I'm fine master. She replied and turned her attention to the physical world. She and her master had been able to communicate in such a fashion since the fateful day on which they had met. She had accompanied her stepfather on a mission to check out some technology warehouses in the outskirts of Phoenix. The warehouses were full of high security technology, of what nature she had not known then. When they had arrived and cleared the security area, they had proceeded into a storage area/ tech lab where many men in army uniforms were either transporting and packaging objects, or creating them and doing maintenance. That's when he appeared. Duke and Snakeyes had approached them, and while Duke conversed with her stepfather, she and Snakeyes watched each other with intent eyes. Inside her mind there was a flurry of activity and hen a baritone voice had rang through her mind. Beautiful.

From that day on she had trained with Snakeyes until the fateful day when she had been sworn into G.. she had left any future she had hoped to have behind in favor of helping her country. She just never thought that the life she had left behind would catch up with her in the form of her two best friends. Jessie and Alex.

"We shall retire to our lab to supervise now if that's okay?" they said in unison. Duke nodded and they walked off in perfect unison.

"Wow." Was all Ripcord could say as he looked at his long-time best friend.

"Yeah." Duke breathed, and Shadow turned to her master.

It is late and I wish to retire to our quarters please.

Yes of course. I shall join you in the dojo for meditation and then we shall sleep." Warmth filled her body at his words and she turned to Duke.

"My master and I will be meditating." Was all she said before the two ninjas raced off at a silent run.

"Dude why is everybody here so weird?" Ripcord asked his friend.

"I dunno Rip, but those two are definitely hiding something. Scarlett," he turned to the frowning redhead. "Follow them."

She nodded hesitantly and quickly followed the path the ninja pair had taken.

"There are no secrets on this team." Duke growled as he watched Scarlett run.

Author's Note: Sorry it is so short but I don't have much time to write. I just need some prompting to update so I'm counting on all of you!