Walking over to Bethany's side, Hawke looked at her sister questioningly, "Are you ready for this Beth?" She offered her hand out and pulled her sister upright as she struggled to come to terms with everything that had happened in the decade since they had arrived in Kirkwall.

"I'm ready, Marian." Bethany shrugged and smiled at her sister's face; "your face is all screwed up again. Relax I'll be fine, I've learned a lot since I joined the Wardens and I'm not a little child anymore. And I don't need you to protect me like I'm a child."

Hawke groaned and placed a hand over her heart. "You wound me Bethany," she exaggerated and laughed lightly for a moment and then scowled. "and I could never hide much from you anyways." She groused and shook her head. "It's just that so much has happened and," she paused for the briefest moment, "it feels strange for you to be fight like this, not-"

Bethany nodded and placed her hand on Hawke's armored shoulder, "but that's the way it is and I've learned a lot since you last saw me fight. Don't worry, I don't need protection anymore."

Hawke bit her lip anxiously for a second as Fenris walked up to them. "As soon as you're ready, we'll begin." He glanced at Bethany struggling for a minute before he nodded tightly to her. "It is good to have you on our side."

Bethany watched as Marian's eyes widened slightly and her mouth opened in shock or was it surprise? Bethany laughed, "we have Marian on our side; don't worry, Fenris, my sister plans to make sure she lives through this just so she can tell me I told you so." She arched an eyebrow at her sister who began to protest.

"Hey-!" Marian replied indignantly, "that's not the reason I'm fighting, or supporting the-" Fenris chuckled lightly as he smiled at her and overrode her protests. "I know why we are fighting, and even if I do not agree with you; I know that you are making the right choice." Taking her hand he looked into bright blue eyes. "you taught me that not every mage is willing to resort to demons."

As he stepped away from the two sisters he leaned in and brushed Hawke's face with his lips, "I am yours." He whispered in Hawke's ear as she smiled dreamily brushing his face with her gloved hand softly.

Bethany smiled at her sister who stared at the elf walk away, a faraway look in her eyes for a minute and snorted as Marian gave her a withered look. "You're in love," Bethany accused as Marian blinked slowly and nodded.

Glaring for minute, she crossed her arms as she huffed at Bethany and sighed; "yes, yes, I am, happy?" She smiled lightly for a minute and then pointed to the scar across her face. "Do you remember what I said to you when my face was scarred?" She asked, the red scar across her face seemingly staring Bethany in the face.

"I do," Bethany replied softly all traces of amusement gone from her voice, wondering why on earth Marian had brought this up now after so many years. Hawke grinned cheekily and leaned in to whisper in Bethany's ear. "After this is all over, I promise I will let you protect me and I will stay back where it's safe and not fight…much." She clapped her on the shoulder and walked away leaving Bethany to stare after her in confusion.

"Let's go everyone." Hawke yelled as she unclasped her weapon, "we have a big battle to kick in the gut and a city to save…again!" She rolled her eyes as she fiddled with her helmet for a minute before taking a deep breathe. "I can do this." Marian said out loud to herself, as she squared her shoulders and looked up grimly, battle plans already whirling around in her head.

Bethany watched as her sister ordered her friends in how she wanted them to proceed. As the first of many Templars started to rush towards them Hawke flashed her a cheeky grin and pulled her helmet down over her face. Rushing forward Hawke buried herself into battle and then there was no more time to think as Bethany unleashed a massive fireball into the air.

The battle was upon them.