A/N: Welp, this is literally a story I started that was just pure smut, but the ideas and plots and stuff around it kept coming to me so, I'm gonna post it. These first chapters are just start up smut.

Smut. Smut. Smut.

There is eventual plot but if you don't care for lots of SMUT then DO NOT READ THIS.

Long Overdue

Chapter 1

Blaine raised up on his tiptoes and stretched higher, trying to place the book back onto its shelf. Frustrated that he couldn't shove the book into its spot he dropped back down and glared up at the offending top shelf. He loved working at the on campus library, but, god, did he hate how tall everything was. And there wasn't even a children's section that he could work in to avoid the inevitable shelf climbing.

He straightened his glasses and tugged down his sweater and shirt from where they had ridden up before stepping onto the bottom ledge of the shelf. The extra few inches still weren't quite enough, but if he stretched he might just reach. His shirt slid up his back again as he raised his arm as high as he could. The book teetered against the edge of the shelf and with a quick shove against its spine it slid up over the lip and back onto the shelf.

A low whistle sounded behind him and his lip curled before the person even spoke. There was only one person on campus who did that to him. A gorgeous someone that he loathed.

"I might make a habit of stopping by if they've got things like this on display."

A large hand latched onto one of his ass cheeks and squeezed. Blaine breathed in sharply, and tried to ignore the heat that shot through his limbs. His face was tinged with pink as he kicked at the man behind him. His foot connected with a denim clad thigh and the hand let go. Blaine hopped off the shelf to fix him with an angry glare. A dry laugh was directed at him as Kurt Hummel took a step back and smiled wolfishly at him.

"Oh, come on, sweetheart," Kurt purred, taking a step closer and pinning Blaine against the book shelf. "I know how kinky you librarians are."

Blaine wished terribly that he'd aimed his kick just a little higher. He shoved hard against Kurt's shoulder, and ducked under his arm. "Unless you need help finding a book, then get lost, Hummel. I'm not interested."

Cheeks still flushed he hurried away with the returns cart and made a beeline for the front desk. Santana Lopez, his best friend and co-worker, was seated at her usual spot, laptop open and eyes fixed firmly on whatever she was doing. Still annoyed, Blaine dropped down into his own chair and straightened his tie.

"Had another run- in with Hummel, I see," Santana quipped. She hadn't even glanced up from the movie she was watching or taken her ear buds out, but somehow she just knew. If anything that bugged Blaine even more.

Before he could answer, the little bell at his check- out counter started dinging loudly. He hitched up a bright smile only for it to turn into a snarl when he spun around in his chair. Kurt was leaning across his desk and slapping his palm repeated against the little golden bell.

"Hey, sexy, come check me out." Kurt winked roguishly at him and slid a book towards him.

God, he hated him. Ever since he'd started working at the library with Santana last semester Kurt had been a constant annoyance during his shifts. How Kurt always seemed to know when he worked was beyond him, but he never failed to show up, make dirty remarks, and turn him on until he was rock hard in his pants . Blaine had the sneaking suspicion that Santana gave the man a copy of his work schedule, though he'd never directly called her on it.

Their entire friendship had started because she'd wanted to get him laid during their freshmen year. They'd lived across the hall from each other, and after he'd seen her sneaking a girl from her room one weekend when her roommate was gone, she'd forced her way inside his room and demanded that he never tell a soul. A long discussion of their sexualities had followed and suddenly Santana was around every corner he turned, arm in arm with a gay man he'd never met. And it was all in the name of getting him "some ass" according to Santana. For whatever reason she seemed to think he couldn't find it on his own. She also thought he was into rough and tough bodybuilders even though she'd walked in on him and his previous boyfriend a dozen times or more.

He glared across the counter as he snatched the book out of Kurt's grip, and swiped it under the scanner. He fumbled with the stamp pad and index card as he tried to block out the sight of Kurt leaning forward on his elbows and arching his ass into the air. He was going to kill Santana if she was giving Kurt his schedule, because for once she'd picked a guy who was exactly his type, but the most obnoxious person he'd ever met.

He rolled his chair back to the counter and came face to face with Kurt. Hot breath whispered across his flushed face as he snapped the book shut and tried to ignore the arousal that bubbled up under his skin like liquid fire.

"Have a nice day," he said through gritted teeth as he slammed the book down on top of Kurt's hand, which had started to reach out to stroke his chest.

The other man winced slightly as the heavy tome slapped down on his hand, but the animalistic lust outshined the pain in his eyes. Blaine gulped and spun back around to Santana, intent on ignoring him, his eyes that sparkled like fucking galaxies, and his own throbbing erection. Fuck, he hated him. He should not want that man hidden under his desk with his perfect, luscious pink lips snug around his cock every minute of the day. No, he definitely should not.

His cock twitched painfully against his zipper and his shifted his legs in an attempt to hide it.

"You want to fuck him so bad, hobbit," Santana said bluntly, pulling out an ear bud and eyeing the bulge in his jeans.

Of course Santana would notice his discomfort. Sometimes he hated her, too. Or, maybe that was only when Kurt was giving him boners he shouldn't have.

"I do not," Blaine snapped, not even bothering to be bashful as he shoved his hand into his pants to rearrange himself so the strain wasn't quite so painful. And his words were true. He didn't want to fuck Kurt – he wanted Kurt to fuck him.

"Oh my god."

He shifted his gaze away from his lap to find Santana eyeing him appraisingly.

"Since when do you bottom?"

God, how the hell did she do that? Or had he said that out loud?

"Just because you only walk in when I'm topping doesn't mean I'm strictly a top," Blaine said haughtily. He glanced around to make sure nobody was in earshot before adding, "Getting fucked in the ass is half the fun of being gay."

"Well, he does look like he's got some nice equipment to work with," Santana said thoughtfully, eyeing a spot across the room. Blaine followed her line of sight, and flushed when he spotted Kurt lounging on a couch over in the alcove.

"I still can't see you as a bottom. That last whore you dated said you always topped him."

"Because his dick was half the size of mine," Blaine snapped, still gazing at Kurt's lithe body stretched out on the couch. He could just make out a patch of pale skin where his shirt had ridden up. Even from here he could see the distinct bulge where Kurt's tight jeans stretched over his cock. Unconsciously he licked his lips, wishing for a moment that his tongue was pressed against Kurt's soft, sweaty skin... "And Mark isn't a whore. A bit of a cockslut when he's drunk, but not a whore."

"Mhmm, you can say that again," Santana nodded and smirked at him. "All he did at those frat parties was suck you off and beg you to put your cock in his ass. It was almost cute."

"Shut up," Blaine snapped, glaring at her. "Like I'd ever say no to him deep throating me."

Santana dropped her gaze back to his lap, and said snidely, "I still can't believe that twig can fit you in his mouth."

"Just more proof that men are better at sucking cock," Blaine replied, digging into his bag and pulling out his laptop. "Now, if you don't mind I've got a paper to finish for Levenson's class tomorrow."

"Ugh, write mine, too, while you're at it," Santana whined, pausing the movie she had been playing and opening a word document.

"Write your own six pages of circular reasoning," Blaine told her. He elbowed her playfully and let her slide down the counter and sit shoulder to shoulder with him as they wrote.

For the next three hours, they both typed furiously at their laptops. A few students came up to check out books, and one professor put something on reserve, but thankfully Kurt stayed far away from them. Blaine was just tapping out a conclusion to the bullshit he'd written up when Santana started packing up to go. He glanced at the clock on his screen.

"I thought you were here until ten tonight," Blaine mumbled, deleting the sentence he'd just written, and running a hand through his hair in frustration.

"They cut my hours tonight." She shouldered her bag and flipped her hair, her eyes drifting over to the alcove. "That bottle of lube I hid in your backpack better be put to some good use if he's still here when you close."

"You what?" Blaine spluttered indignantly, his fingers fumbling over the keys and leaving a long string of gibberish in the middle of his sentence.

"Small pocket in the front," Santana said flippantly, walking around to the customer side of the desk. "I exchanged it and some condoms out for your keys. I figured you two would go the marathon sex route."

Blaine rose out of his chair, an angry retort already forming, but she pressed a well- manicured finger against his lips and gave him a indulgent smile. "Don't you worry, Blainey. Auntie Tana's got you all set up for some action."

She patted him on the cheek roughly and headed for the door. Before she made it out, she paused and turned in the doorway, calling out loud enough for it to carry to where Kurt was still draped over the couch, "You're not getting back into our apartment unless one of you is limping!"

And then she was gone, the door snapping shut behind her. His face was burning and a few people standing in the entrance were staring at him. He blushed harder and risked a quick glance at the alcove. Kurt had perked up and had his arms folded on the side on the couch. His chin was resting on his hands and even from here Blaine could see the lust shining in his eyes.

He sneered at the man, and dropped back into his chair. Absolutely not. Just because Santana thought it was a good idea, and he wanted Kurt didn't mean he should. Especially not in his work place. No, definitely not.

He risked another look just to assure himself that he definitely didn't want Kurt, only to see Kurt suck one of his fingers into his mouth. Blaine bit his lip to muffle the moan that had clawed up his throat. Fuck, that was not fair. Santana had definitely been involved in Kurt's attempts at flirting with him, because she was the only one who knew how much he loved it went a guy did that.

Kurt curled his tongue around his finger, his eyes fixed on Blaine as he slowly thrust the digit back into his mouth. His perfect, hot, wet mouth. This time Blaine wasn't quick enough to stop the breathless groan that poured out of his mouth. The people in the entrance stared at him wide eyed and made a hurried exit.

He was going to murder Santana. Just strangle her in her sleep after he broke into their apartment tonight. Because he didn't doubt that she was good for her word. Hell, she'd probably wait up to taunt him through the door when he once again dodged Kurt's advances. He wasn't even sure why he was so keen to say no to Kurt. The man was absolutely gorgeous with his perfectly coiffed hair and bright sparkling eyes. He was lean, but toned enough to catch Blaine's eye, and unlike any of his previous boyfriends, he was just a few inches taller than him.

For whatever reason, he'd only ever attracted shorter, tiny men which had always been a turn- off for him. He'd managed to look past it, obviously, but he'd rarely bottomed once they'd seen his cock. He'd rather preferred it that way anyway – he'd only been with two men who were big enough for him to want to bottom. Maybe it was just natural for him to attract small cocks. Except Kurt. Just one glimpse at his bulge told Blaine he wanted that man to hold him down and fuck him senseless.

Blaine dropped his head onto his hand and stared at his almost completed paper. Fuck, he was so horny. Seven months was far too long to go without someone pounding into him until he was screaming. Four months of that he'd been completely abstinent since he'd broke things off with Mark before Thanksgiving.

He needed some release, and the man was more than willing. Even if it was just for the one night it would be worth it. He'd let Kurt fuck him and maybe fuck Kurt raw in return and that would be that. He'd never have to deal with his obnoxious presence again and maybe Santana would stop hiding bottles of lube all over their apartment. He was getting really sick of having to fish the slim bottles out of the milk jug every morning.

He deleted the gibberish he'd accidentally typed and finished off the sentence, chancing a quick glance at the alcove. A pitiful whimper whispered out from between his lips. Kurt had disappeared. The entire entrance was empty. He'd probably walked out right past him, and left him to jerk himself raw for the thousandth night in a row.

With a frustrated groan he sunk further down into his rolling chair and glanced around again to make sure the room was empty. He even eyed the security cameras. Nobody was here except the guard tucked away in his office on the third floor, and he looked like he was sound asleep.

A quick tug pulled the button of his jeans open and the zipper slid down a little against the pressure of his straining cock. Blaine pushed his sweater and shirt up his stomach a few inches and eased his hand into his jeans, moaning softly as he squeezed himself firmly.

"Fuck," he muttered, dropped his head back onto the chair and letting his eyes drift shut as he tugged his erection out of his jeans. He stroked himself roughly a few times, and tried to imagine that it was Kurt's large hand fisted tightly around his hard length. He whimpered at the thought, smearing his pre- cum over his cock as his hips thrust up into his fist.

Suddenly, his chair tipped backwards a few inches and he gasped sharply. He'd barely blinked his eyes open before Kurt's hot mouth was sucking roughly on his lips. The other man's chin bumped his nose as his tongue pressed insistently against Blaine's lips. He could feel the hot air from Kurt's nose tickling his own chin as the hand he'd been imagining a moment ago wrapped around his throbbing cock. His hips jerked wildly and he moaned breathlessly, letting Kurt's tongue slid past his lips and tangle itself around his.

"Shit, I knew you librarians were fucking kinky," Kurt mumbled against his lips, slowing fisting Blaine's cock and letting his pinky finger catch and tug at Blaine's ball sack.

Panting, Blaine moaned again and fisted his hands into Kurt's hair, smacking their mouths together roughly in a heated, desperate kiss.

Kurt groaned into his mouth and nibbled on Blaine's lips teasingly as he tightened his fist around Blaine's cock. Blaine thrust roughly up into Kurt's hand, hearing the rolling chair creak in protest to his violent movements. He didn't fucking care if it broke. He'd explain it away tomorrow, maybe even blame Santana for it since she'd locked him out of their apartment. He scraped his teeth over Kurt's lips, making the other man gasp shakily and thrust his hips against the back of his chair. The chair rolled forward and the edge of the counter caught Blaine in the side.

He hissed loudly, and broke his mouth away from Kurt's. Fuck, even the pain felt incredible. His chair was suddenly spun around and slammed hard against the counter. He heard the plastic backing crack as Kurt's fingers curled around his tie and yanked him forward into another bruising kiss. Instinctively, he hooked his foot around Kurt's thigh and pulled him forward. Kurt stumbled, his knee pressing into the chair fabric between Blaine's legs as Blaine shoved Kurt's jacket off his shoulders.

"I want you to fuck me," Blaine demanded, grabbing a fistful of Kurt's shirt and pulled him down to his lips. "I want your cock slamming into me so hard I can't fucking breathe." He rocked his hips up, getting a little friction as the head of his cock brushed against Kurt's shirt, and bit down on Kurt's lower lip.

Kurt whined into his mouth and grabbed Blaine's hips, pulling them up until his bare cock was rubbing over the hard bulge in Kurt's jeans. Blaine pressed his palms against the top of the counter and arched himself up out of the chair, wrapping his legs tightly around Kurt's waist. Kurt moaned and rock himself forward, kicking the chair out of the way. With a breathless sigh, Blaine dropped down to his elbows and let his head fall back, his glasses sliding up his sweaty nose. His chest was heaving as he rolled his ass up against Kurt's cock.

"God, you're so fucking gorgeous like this," Kurt muttered, breathing heavily as they rocked together. He slid a hand under Blaine's hiked up shirt and scraped his nails over the sweaty, slightly hairy flesh. Blaine whimpered and tightened his legs around Kurt's waist. "I'm gonna stretch you until you're begging for my cock." Kurt stepped closer and pulled Blaine's torso up until they were pressed together. Blaine met his eyes and moaned softly. They were dark and Kurt's pupils were so lust- blown he couldn't even see his beautiful irises. "You're going to be so open I'll just be able to slid right in and start fucking you." Kurt's teeth tugged on his earlobe as a hand loosened his tie. "Your ass is going to be so sore and bruised you won't even be able to limp home."

Kurt dragged his tongue along Blaine's jaw and traced it over Blaine's lips. He treaded his fingers into Kurt's damp hair and pulled his head back roughly. A soft moan greeted the tug and Blaine tilted his head forward and sucked hard on Kurt's throat. "Then you better carry me home, and fuck me some more."

Kurt growled, and pulled Blaine's loosened tie from his sweater. "Clothes off. Now," he ordered, grabbed the hem of his own shirt and pulling it over his head.

Blaine's breath caught in his throat as he took in Kurt's smooth, muscular torso. A little sheen of sweat coated his skin, and his pectoral muscles twitched slightly as he pressed their hips together again. Blaine quickly tugged his sweater and button- up over his head, knocking his glasses off one ear as he pulled his head free. Strong hands slipped under the waistband of his boxers and circled around to tug on his ass cheeks as he straightened his glasses. Helplessly, he arched himself into Kurt, pressing their sweaty chests together as his fingers dug into the other man's broad, toned shoulders.

Kurt pinched his ass, and rolled his ass cheeks firmly in his hands as Blaine clutched at him. A broken cry was torn from his throat, and Blaine couldn't stop his body from twitching and jerking hard against Kurt's as Kurt hooked his thumbs over the waistband of his boxers and shoved them down his hips. Still gripping his ass firmly and holding him steady, Kurt's lips skimmed over his neck and down his chest. As Kurt dropped down to suck hard on his hipbone, the bruising grip on his ass disappeared and he arched himself back and whined at the loss of contact.

"Relax, your ass is going to get more than enough attention in a few minutes," Kurt said huskily, his voice suddenly much deeper and raspier than Blaine had ever heard it. His pants and boxers were ripped down his legs until they were a dark puddle around his ankles. Teeth grazed over his hipbone, following the line of muscle definition towards his cock. He grabbed Kurt by the hair and tried to force the man's mouth down. His cock bumped Kurt's chin and he threw his head back and moaned long and low.

"Fuck, it's been so long," he half sobbed as Kurt's breath ghosted over his overheated flesh. A hand lifted his feet up, tugging his shoes off and pulling him free from his jeans and boxers. He let his left leg drop back to the ground, but he draped his right leg over Kurt's shoulder, digging his heel into Kurt's back and forcing his mouth towards his cock.

Kurt wrapped a hand around his stiff erection and dragged his tongue over Blaine's ball sack. "Mmm, I thought you wanted me to fuck you."

"You can fuck me after I've fucked your mouth," Blaine growled, his hips snapping forward as Kurt's lips sucked one of his balls into his mouth. Kurt's fingers petted the backside of his ball sack as Kurt's mouth hummed around him, before they lightly trailed back to his hole. The slightest brush over the sensitive ring of muscle made Blaine shout and dig his fingernails sharply into Kurt's scalp. A moan vibrated through his balls and his entire cock pulsed in pleasure.

Kurt pulled off with a wet pop and dragged his tongue up the underside of Blaine's cock, pressing a finger more firmly against Blaine's hole.

"L- l- lube. F- front right p- pocket," Blaine managed to gasp out weakly as he rolled his cock desperately against Kurt's tongue. A quick swirl of hot, wet pressure around the tip of his cock and then Kurt's warmth was gone. Kurt scrambled across the floor and yanked Blaine's backpack out from under the desk. Blaine watched him fumble with the zipper, and whimpered as the cool air brushed over his skin.

"Hurry up, fuck," Blaine moaned, letting his head drop back as he stroked his cock. He needed friction, pressure, anything right now. Kurt finally found the lube and condoms, and raised an eyebrow at him as he dropped them onto the counter next to Blaine. Blaine gave them half a glance as Kurt pressed a kiss to the base of his cock. He'd never seen a bigger bottle of lube, or a larger box of condoms in his life, which was saying something since his entire night- stand drawer was stuffed full of nothing but that. God, he didn't even want to know how much that had cost Santana.

"Came prepared, I see," Kurt quipped as he coated his fingers in lube.

"Shut up and suck me," Blaine snarled, hooking his leg back over Kurt's shoulder again and thrusting his cock against Kurt's swollen lips. Kurt's deep laugh vibrated up his length as he felt several slick fingers slip over to his hole.

A slippery finger pressed firmly against him, rubbing hard and soothingly over the puckered ring as Kurt's open mouth sucked up the underside of his cock. God, this was torture. Sweet, delicious, heavenly torture. Kurt's finger dipped inside of him a few centimeters and then retreated back to rubbing over him. He jerked his hips, and keened loudly.

"If you want to tease me, then do it one way, not both," Blaine snapped, rolling his hips down and trying to get Kurt's finger to slip back in.

"Librarians are so bossy," Kurt mumbled against his cock, mouthing up it again and sucking lightly on his head. He didn't even bother with thinking up a reply as Kurt's finger dipped back into him teasing and then went back to massaging his hole. Blaine jerked his hips up as Kurt's lips pressed against him and thrust his cock into Kurt's mouth, using his hand to hold Kurt's head in place. He felt Kurt gasp and swallow around him. He grunted at the sudden tightness and tried to stop his hips from jerking further down Kurt's throat. But Kurt surprised him and snuck down him a few more inches, swallowing tightly around his cock again. Kurt's other hand reached up and cupped his ass, gripping tightly and tugging him forward a few more inches until Kurt's nose was pressed against his navel.

"Guh, Kurt," Blaine moaned in ecstasy. The hand on his ass tugged him back out a few inches and then forcing his hips forward so that his cock slid back down Kurt's throat. "Fuck," he swore, picking up the rhythm Kurt had started and slowly thrusting his cock in and out of Kurt's tight, hot throat. Kurt moaned around him, and let Blaine hold his head there and instead focused on the fingers he was still teasing over Blaine's hole. As Blaine thrust a little harder into his throat, Kurt plunged his middle finger into Blaine up to the first knuckle, feeling the muscles clinch tightly and Blaine's heel dig harder into his back. Blaine hissed slightly at the intrusion and held Kurt's nose against his navel, feeling Kurt swallow around him as he started thrusting his finger into the smooth ring of muscles.

"Mmm," Blaine hummed, starting to roll his hips again as Kurt's finger crooked inside of him and brushed his prostate. He gasped as a ripple of pleasure coursed through him like a shockwave. God, it had been so long since he'd been touched this way. "More," he whispered faintly, letting his hips jerk sporadically as Kurt's finger paused and pressed hard against his prostate. "Fuck, fuck," he cried, placing a hand on the counter for leverage so that he could fuck himself on Kurt's finger. "Fill me up, fuck, more, please."

Another finger joined the first, and Blaine groaned, rocking his hips down to meet Kurt's thrusting fingers.

"Yes," he breathed, letting go of Kurt's head and pressing his other hand into the counter to fuck himself down onto Kurt's fingers. "Harder."

Kurt hummed around his cock, and pulled back several inches to suck hard on him. A third finger slipped inside him and Kurt thrust into him harder, matching the movements of his mouth with the jerks of his fingers. His ass was burning from the way Kurt's long fingers were stretching him, but it was most exquisite pain he'd ever felt. Kurt sucked harder on his cock, and started scissoring his fingers inside of him, holding him open wider and wider. A sudden rush swept through Blaine's body and he yanked Kurt's mouth off of his cock, trembling from the effort of holding himself still as he tried to rein in his quickly approaching orgasm.

"Stop, I'm gonna come if you don't stop," Blaine ordered breathlessly. Kurt quickly pulled his fingers out of Blaine's ass and stood up. Blaine hissed at the sudden, heavy emptiness that filled him as his muscles clinched around nothing. He spun around and bent over the counter, shoving his laptop and other supplies to the floor as he arched his ass back towards Kurt. He turned his gaze over his shoulder and captured Kurt's lustful stare.

"Fuck me over the counter, Kurt," Blaine commanded softly, gripping the opposite edge of the counter and stretching back until his ass brushed against Kurt's jeans. "Make me scream."

A loud, desperate moan was Kurt's only reply as he groped for the lube and condoms with one hand, and unfastened his jeans with the other. His shimmied his hips, letting his straining erection spring free , as he tugged his pants down to mid- thigh. Blaine moaned longing at the sight of Kurt's full, hard cock bobbing slightly just a few inches away from his burning entrance. Kurt quickly rolled a condom onto himself and coated himself with lube before stepping closer, and tugging Blaine back by the hips. Blaine arched up against the hot, throbbing flesh, and gasped in need as Kurt rubbed himself over his hole teasingly.

"Fuck. Me," Blaine snarled, jerking his hips back and feeling Kurt sink into him a few inches. The stretch made his back arch and he threw his head back, a howl of bliss pouring from his lips. Kurt eased himself in until his hipbones were flush with Blaine's ass. God, the stretch felt unbelievable. He couldn't believe he'd gone so long without this. Kurt's hand rubbed soothingly up and down his spine for a few moments, but Blaine growled in annoyance. If he'd wanted something gentle he wouldn't had demanded that Kurt fuck him over a desk. He rocked his hips forward, feeling the hot burn as Kurt slid out of him and then he snapped himself backwards, burying Kurt's thick cock inside of him again.

Kurt moaned behind him and reflexively started bucking his hips forward. Sharp gasps were knocked out of Blaine as he clutched onto the counter and let Kurt start slamming into him. God, it felt so good. Kurt's hips pulled back until he almost slipped out, only to slam back into him and stretch him out just as the empty ache started up again.

"God, you're so fucking tight," Kurt groaned, thrusting harder and tugging Blaine's ass cheeks apart. Blaine dropped his head onto the counter and whimpered. He knew he was going to have bruises on his ass from where Kurt's hipbones were hitting his ass cheeks, but, fuck, he didn't care. He'd never been so full in his life. A hand tangled into his curls and yanked his head back hard as the wet sounds of their flesh slapping together echoed off the walls. Blaine shouted in rapture and arched his ass higher. The slight change in the angle had Kurt pounding right against his prostate.

His screams echoed around the library entrance. Behind him Kurt grunted and quickened his movements, pounding into him violently as he tugged on his hair and gripped one of Blaine's shoulders to hold him steady while he fucked him.

The hand on his shoulder curled and moved down his back, the nails scratching roughly into his skin. Blaine spread his legs wider, inviting Kurt in closer and felt Kurt slam into him, his ball sack knocking against Blaine's. He whimpered as Kurt's grinded against his ass while still buried deeply inside of him. Reflexively, his hand smacked down hard against the counter top as Kurt's cock pushed against his prostate.

A sweaty hand tugged on his ass as Kurt yanked him up by the hair. Kurt's hips pulled back, his cock slipping all the way out before he thrust forward and stilled again. Fuck, he just wanted to sob because of how incredible it all felt.

"God, you were just made to be fucked, weren't you?" Kurt growled in his ear, snapping his hips harder and then stopping after one thrust.

"Can't you fuck me and have an epiphany at the same time?" Blaine snarled, clinching his internal muscles and squeezing Kurt's cock as tightly as he could. A deep, gasping groan was Kurt's only response. "Or are you just too tired to finish what you started?"

He squeezed Kurt's cock again and the man's hips snapped forward harder than before. When Kurt stopped again, Blaine rocked himself up and forward, and then pushed back onto Kurt's cock roughly. He felt Kurt's body tense and shake a little as Kurt took a step back to steady himself. But Kurt's hips still remained motionless, and Blaine jerked his head out of Kurt's grip and looked over his shoulder and right at Kurt's face.

Kurt's eyes were shut, his lips were parted, and he was trembling and looking thoroughly overwhelm. And Blaine realized without a word from Kurt that the other man had stopped so he didn't come now.

Blaine let his head drop back onto Kurt's shoulder and started to fuck himself on Kurt's cock. "You do realize that coming is the entire point of what we're doing?" he rasped, panting as Kurt's hips started to rock with his movements. "You can fuck me for hours on end later. I want you to fucking come in my ass right now."

A sharp prick of pain on his shoulder made him moan loudly. Kurt bit down harder into his damp skin as they jerked their hips together faster.

"Oh, fuck, oh, god," Kurt whimpered, his teeth releasing Blaine's shoulder, but his hot, open mouth was still pressed against the flesh. Blaine could feel the muscles in Kurt's chest and arms starting to seize up against him. He fucked himself back harder, clinching tightly as he took Kurt's cock back inside of him again and again. Kurt's breaths suddenly became sharper and quicker, his thrusts becoming shorter and quicker as his hips spasmed, snapping forward off- tempo and wildly.

"Yes," Blaine moaned as Kurt jerked behind him. "Fuck me just like that. Hard and fast."

The shout of ecstasy that escaped Kurt's mouth momentarily deafened him, and then he could feel Kurt's cock twitching inside of him as Kurt stopped thrusting. He tightened his internal muscles again, and Kurt's teeth reattached to his shoulder, biting down so hard they pierced his flesh. He moaned softly, and continued to rock his hips, slower now as Kurt shook behind him. Kurt hissed slightly at his movements, but dropped his hands down to Blaine's ass and tugged his cheeks apart. Kurt's head slid back on his shoulder a bit, until his forehead was pressed against Blaine, and Blaine swore as he realized why.

"You like watching me fuck myself on your cock," Blaine murmured, breathing heavily as he rolled his hips a little harder. "You feel so good when you're pulsing inside of me. Stay hard for me, Kurt."

Kurt whined softly, and pushed his hips forward a few times as one of his hands drifted around to Blaine's wet, heavy cock. He breathed in sharply as Kurt started fisting him, and changed the angle of his hips until he was fucking himself back onto Kurt's cock and thrusting up into the tight circle of Kurt's fist.

"Would you just fucking come already?" Kurt demanded, hissing again as Blaine jerked back onto him harder. "Fuck," he swore, and Blaine knew how torturous it was to still be inside of someone – fucking someone –after he'd already come. It was a mind- numbing mixture of exquisite pleasure and delightful pain, and even the sharp twinges couldn't stop the movement of his hips that were longing for the twists of excitement that coiled in his gut.

"It's not my fault my stamina's better than yours," Blaine panted, letting his eyes drift shut as the familiar rush started tingling up from his toes and fingers, through his limbs, and to his abdomen. The heat coiled tighter and tighter, and he gasped and jerked powerfully as the sensation continued to build well beyond its usual strength. God, he was going to come harder than he ever had in his entire life.

"Fuck," he whimpered, squeezing himself around Kurt one final time. "I'm coming, shit, oh, god! Kurt!"

The warmth that had been building in his stomach crested and snapped. Wave after wave of pleasure rippled through him until he was so dizzy the edges of his vision turned white. His cock jerked in Kurt's fist, sending ropey strings of cum all over his fist and the counter. His hole constricted more and more around Kurt's cock, to the point where he couldn't even control it as he lost all power of his muscles. He thrashed back against Kurt's chest as his gasping, elated shouts echoed off the walls and around the entry way. Kurt continued to slowly pump his cock, milking the last few streaks of cum from him before his legs gave out and he collapsed forward onto the counter, his chest heaving as he swallowed huge lungfuls of air.

A hand slapped down on either side of him and Kurt's chest dropped down onto his back. The damp heat that was suddenly trapped between their bodies was almost unbearable to feel. But, god, he didn't think he was ever going to move again. The security guard would come down to the lock the doors after him at midnight, and find them lying on the cum- covered counter with Kurt's soft cock still deep in his ass.

Blaine sunk down a little further, turning his head so that his cheek pressed into the cool, slightly sticky counter. He was probably getting his own cum all over his face, but he couldn't find a reason to care right now. Hot, gasping breaths brushed over the sweat on his back and he felt Kurt's swollen lips dip and press softly against his spine. To say he was shocked was an understatement. Kurt had never given the appearance of being loving or gentle, just ridiculously horny and handsome.

"So was it just me, or was that the most magnificent sex ever?" Kurt mumbled against his skin.

Blaine allowed himself a handful of deep breaths before answering. It definitely was the best sex he'd ever had. Of course, he'd been without for several months, and hadn't been fucked good for even longer, but regardless, he'd never experience a rush like that. Instead of agreeing, he said, "I think it'll be better the second or third time around."

Another kiss was placed on his spine, slightly lower this time. "I was hoping you'd say that. I really like topping a nice ass when I get the chance." The usual, flirtatious sass was back in Kurt's tone. Blaine wasn't sure if he had missed it or not – Kurt's personality was the biggest reason he only wanted the man for fucking and nothing else. A hand traced over his ass as he felt Kurt slip out of him. He bit his lip and tried to fight down the hiss of discomfort brought on by the sudden, aching emptiness.

"Jeez, sorry," Kurt said in a rush. One of Kurt's hands massaged his ass for a moment, and Blaine sighed a bit as the ache dulled from the sharp sting. It felt strange hearing Kurt apologize over something so trivial. It would have hurt the same regardless of how fast he'd pulled out or if he'd warned him first. It felt like Kurt was slipping between two alternate personalities or something, which seemed strange to think. But, whatever, the man could fuck, and Blaine was going to take him back to his apartment and ride him into the mattress until dawn.

He stood up slowly, grimacing as the cum that had started to dry between his chest and the desk caught of his chest hairs. Kurt was already tugging his worn out jacket back on when Blaine turned around to find his pants. He didn't even bother with his underwear as he yanked his jeans on and then tugged his shirts back over his head. The tie got tossed into his bag with his boxers, the giant lube bottle, and the condoms.

"I think we broke your chair," Kurt told him, blushing slightly as he spun what was left of it around. The entire back had broken off and was dragging the floor as it spun slowly around. Blaine smiled almost genuinely at the man, because, god, that fucking blush and bashful smile were cute.

He leaned back on the counter and traced his eyes over Kurt's now clothed body. The desperate heat was already starting to make his stomach clinch again. "Think we can break my bed, too?" he asked sultrily, catching a strap on Kurt's jacket and pulling him close.

Kurt's chest rumbled a little as he let Blaine press their bodies together. "Well, we do have quite a supply of condoms still to get through."

Blaine tugged Kurt's mouth down and sucked on his lower lip for a moment. "I've got a whole drawer full if that's not enough." He soothed his tongue over Kurt's lip, and felt it tremble as the other man breathed in sharply. "I hope it's not."

"That sounds like a theory we should test," Kurt whispered enthusiastically. His hands pressed into Blaine's sides, pulling gently at his sweater as they traced down his ribs to his hips. Blaine curved his hips forward and leaned his upper body back slightly as he looped his arms around Kurt's neck.

"Yeah, I think we should," Blaine agreed, tightening his arms and using one hand to cup the back of Kurt's head. He tilted the other man's head back and attached his lips to Kurt's neck. God, it was so nice to not have to bend his own head down for this. The skin under his lips vibrated as Kurt hummed in pleasure and held him tighter. A hot pulse of arousal shot down his spine and throbbed across his cock. Fuck, it was insane how quickly he was getting hard again.

The grandfather clock across the entrance hall started chiming loudly behind him. Most nights he enjoyed the few hours of solitude that he could devote to papers and reading, but for the first time ever he was overjoyed that it was midnight. Because midnight meant dragging this gorgeous man home and fucking each other senseless.

Kurt seemed to realize his shift was over as well, because he quickly broke away and grabbed some tissues to wipe down the counter. Blaine shoved the rest of his belongings into his bag quickly and, after a moment's indecision, left a short note explaining how Santana had broken the chair. In a warped sort of way, it was her fault. She'd supplied them with the lube and condoms. Without those they certainly wouldn't have had the means to get to the point where they'd broken the chair. Or at least that's what he'd tell her when she raged at him for the lecture she'd get for trying elaborate rolling chair dance routines in the entryway.

Blaine cut the lights, leaving only the emergency ones on for the night, and grabbed Kurt's hand and tugged him towards the door. The guard would be down to the lock the door eventually. He didn't need Blaine here for that.

"Come on," he said, his breathing already starting to get erratic again, "you've got a cock I want to pound myself down on."

Kurt made an indistinct noise in his throat and Blaine's arm was suddenly yanked back so hard it felt like it'd been pulled out of its socket. Before he had the time to made a furious comment, he was back in Kurt's arms and being backed up against the glass doors.

A hot, eager mouth covered his, swallowing his desperate moan as he was slammed flat against the door. Strong hands latched onto his biceps and forced them against the door as well. He scraped his fingernails on the wooden door frame, feeling the paint peal and chip as his nails dug down. Somewhere in the back of his mind he was incredibly thankful the door had to be pulled from this side and not pushed as he went limp against it. He would have hated to interrupt their potential sex marathon with a trip to the emergency room.

Kurt's lips moved roughly against his own, wet, forceful, and smooth. There was no tongue this time around, but somehow, it just made Blaine's body ache more, made him want it worse than if Kurt's tongue had been thrusting into his mouth, mimicking the tempo of how they'd soon be fucking. They mouthed against each other, swallowing each other's hot, gasping breaths as Kurt held him against the door, bucking his hips roughly against Blaine's hard- on.

"You can't fucking say things like that," Kurt warned him. "I'm going to end up fucking you right here." Blaine whimpered as Kurt's tongue traced around the edge of his lips before slowly dipping in for a taste of his mouth.

"I don't recall complaining earlier," Blaine murmured as his hips bucked forward urgently. Fuck, if anything he felt more desperate than he had an hour ago. Or maybe it was just the fact that he knew what was coming now. He knew how unbelievable it was going to feel, how utterly fantastic it felt to have Kurt's thick cock pounding into him, how strong Kurt's body felt against his own.

Blaine rocked his hips with Kurt's. It was really the only part of his body he could move at the moment. Kurt literally had his upper body pinned against the door, and even though he was probably strong enough to fight out of the hold, he didn't want to. Letting Kurt take complete control spiked his adrenaline and made his head spin. It was such a change of pace from his previous relationships and sexual encounters. None of those men had stood a chance against his willpower – most hadn't wanted to try.

They rocked together against the door, no longing kissing, just Kurt holding him in place and staring hungrily into his eyes. There was a primal power mixed in with the hazy lust and the hint of surprise swirling through those galaxy- like eyes – a heady rush brought on by the adrenaline of having the upper hand in the dynamic. Blaine panted out a breathless moan and stretched his neck forward, desperate to pull Kurt's tongue into his mouth and suck on it, or his lips, or just to feel the moist brush of their mouths working together furiously as the heat rushed through them.

"No," Kurt commanded softly, and Blaine keened loudly in disagreement.

"Let me fucking kiss you," Blaine growled, and with a sharp yank he jerked one of his arms free. But Kurt had predicted his movements apparently, because he hadn't even tangled his fingers through Kurt's hair before he was shoved back against the door with enough force to crack the glass. Luckily it didn't. That would have been much more difficult to explain away. The hands on his arms relaxed and then Kurt was leaning forward, framing Blaine's face between his forearms as he rested them against the cool glass.

Kurt's breath ghosted hot over his face, briefly fogging up his glasses as a few fingers playfully twisted his curls. "We're going back to your place," Kurt told him. "And you're going to ride my cock until you feel like you've been split in two." Blaine groaned in approval, because, god, yes, that was his original plan. He wanted to be so swollen and sore he couldn't make it down the hall to the kitchen without tears stinging his eyes tomorrow morning. "Or," Kurt continued, looking hopeful and inspired by his control. "You could just lay there and let me pound into you until I'm so exhausted I can't remember my own name. Then I'll be all yours to fuck until you're as exhausted as I am."

Kurt thrust his hips forward, and rubbed their cocks together through the thick fabric of their jeans. Blaine grunted at the coarse friction, and rolled his hips against Kurt's forcefully. A deep moan answered his movements, and Kurt's eyes slipped close. This time, Kurt was too focused on his own euphoria to catch him. With a quick jerk, Blaine regained control of his arms, grabbed the shoulders of Kurt's jacket and rolled himself off the door and shoved Kurt's back into the blank stretch of wall.

"I'm just going to ignore the 'or' in that statement, and say we do everything you just mentioned," Blaine rasped, pressing a quick, bruising kiss to Kurt's swollen lips. From around the corner Blaine heard the door to the east stairwell hiss open. "Quick, come on. I'll drive," Blaine said, pulling the door open and dragging a slightly dazed Kurt out into the frigid January night. After a moment, he added, "Fast. I'll drive very fast."

Kurt stumbled up behind him as he half- ran towards the parking lot, and wrapped his arms around Blaine's waist. "I dunno," Kurt whispered, hands on Blaine's hips as he waddled behind Blaine, who kept up his pace. "Unless you're planning on coming fast, then you should drive slow. I really want to blow you while you're driving."

Blaine's footsteps faltered and he stopped at the edge of the parking lot. His cock throbbed and twitched in his pants. Not even the cold wind seemed to be able to penetrate the sexual heat coursing between them. Kurt's chest pressed against his back, and a hard bulge was ground against his ass.

"Fuck," Blaine swore, arching himself back against Kurt, "stop having fantastic ideas or we'll never make it there."

"Stop being the sexiest thing I've ever seen," Kurt countered. "It's your own fault I want to explore every pore on your body and fuck you at every angle imaginable."

Blaine sucked in a breath, the sharp, bitterly cold air searing down his throat and into his lungs.

"You better be a man of your word, Kurt Hummel," Blaine threatened huskily, stepping out of his arms and quickly pulling him over to his car.