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Long Overdue

Chapter 10

The next few days were some of the most awkward that Blaine could remember. Anytime he was with Kurt both of them because very bashful and spent more time blushing than anything else. By Wednesday they were avoiding each other, according to Cooper at least, though Blaine just chalked it up to them both being so busy. He was prepping for the concert the following evening and Kurt had two major papers due on Friday.

On Thursday morning when Santana found out what Cooper believed they were doing, and realized that they still hadn't told each other anything, she stopped talking to Blaine completely. Instead she shoved, poked, smacked, and pulled his hair every time she saw him, regardless of where they were. There had already been a difficult to explain incident that morning in their first class when Santana had stalked in, taken one look at him, and then, without warning, smacked him across the face. The professor had just walked in as she'd slapped him, and had pulled them both out into the hall. At the time Blaine hadn't realized that Cooper had told her anything about Kurt and him avoiding each other, but it had all come out then.

He'd spent the rest of the day hiding from her, too. It was a lot easier than he'd thought because he had almost a dozen songs to go through and practice, and then his solo piece which his instructor had deemed fantastic, but that Blaine still knew he could do better on. Cooper brought him dinner while he was holed up in the practice room at the concert hall, doing his best to distract him by making him think Kurt had just appeared behind them every five minutes.

By the time Cooper left to go buy his ticket and find a good seat, presumably with Santana and – Blaine's heart twanged – Kurt, Blaine was a nervous wreck like he'd never been before. With Cooper's constant babble about Kurt this and Kurt that, and how Kurt would be watching so he better not fuck up or trip Blaine was nearly trembling as he joined the rest of the band and the director. After a short meeting and warm up everyone shuffled off to change into their concert attire and then they were heading to the stage door, Blaine stumbling behind the rest as Cooper's words played over in his head.

"And don't pick your nose, cuase Kurt will see and never let you finger him again. Oh! And don't sing off-key. He's a theatre major, remember? He'll wring your neck and never sing those screaming high ntoes with you again– "

Cursing under his breath, Blaine tried to steady himself as the other students began to file in. Their director, Professor Barton, gave his shoulders a brief squeeze as they waited to file in to the loud applause.

"Not nervous, I hope," he laughed, patting Blaine on the shoulder. "Tonight's your night to really shine. Got anyone special coming to watch you?"

Blaine's stomach churned at the thought. "Um, yeah, h- he should be here."

Professor Barton glanced over at him. "Huh, you are nervous. That's not like you at all. Whoever 'he' is must be important."

Blaine nodded a little as he filed out with the percussion section, leaving Professor Barton to head to the front of the stage as he took up his spot behind the piano of the far side of the stage. Tonight he would be shifting back and forth between several instruments throughout the concert, helping the percussion section at some points, playing a few acoustic guitar and bass pieces, but mostly sitting tight at his piano.

As Professor Barton made his opening speech, Blaine glanced out at the audience. It was incredibly difficult to see, and spots were flashing before his eyes from the bright spotlights, but he was almost positive that Cooper was in the front row, Santana and Rachel on one side and Kurt on the other.

The people around him raised their instruments and the percussionists moved to their various spots. Blaine shook himself and moved his first bit of sheet music over on the piano. As soon as he began his opening notes Blaine began to feel at ease once more. All of his nerves vanished instantly and he was very grateful for it. Music had always had that calming, soothing effect on him and right now he definitely needed it.

The concert continued on, Blaine switching back and forth between the piano, guitar, bass, and a xylophone. As his solo approached however, some of his nerves returned. Kurt was here, would be watching him because he was tucked away in the back and was the main part of that piece. A piece that would feature his piano playing, front and center. He gulped as the song they were on came to an end and Professor Barton once again turned to face the audience and announce him as the soloist for the next piece.

"As I'm sure some of you have noticed by now, we've got our own personal band back there on the piano," Professor Barton began, waving Blaine up.

A few of the percussionists helped Blaine move the piano to the front of the stage as Professor Barton introduced him to their audience, causing Cooper to shriek louder than ever and starting pointing at him. While the majority of this next song fell to him the band would still be backing him throughout the piece. Professor Barton continued on, telling the audience how impressed he'd been with Blaine during his first class three years ago as the two of them set up.

The lighting dimmed around him, and the main spotlight turned from Professor Barton to Blaine. Thank god, he didn't have to sing right now. His mouth was so dry and his throat was so tight he was almost positive if he'd tried to sing he'd just end up squeaking shrilly... Kind of like what Cooper was doing out in the audience right now as the people applauded politely. It as the words that made him certain it was Cooper making that noise. Nobody else would refer to him as their "baby brother".

With a quick, croaky introduction Blaine announce that the piece was an arrangement of his own that he had been working on since the beginning of the Fall semester for his private piano instruction. After a deep steadying breath Blaine played the first note, letting his fingers fly over the keys as he'd been training them to do for so long. The band joined in softly behind him a few measures later, and despite the fact that he knew Kurt was watching him, Blaine smiled to himself. This was where he belonged, relaxed and sinking into himself with his fingers brushing over these keys. At least this was where he belonged some of the time – the rest of the time he how his sanctuary in Kurt's arms.

Kurt's face hurt by the time the band filed off the stage. An enormous grin had taken over his features as he'd watched Blaine shuffle around to his various instruments during the concert, and by the time Blaine had moved forward to play his solo Kurt's cheeks had started to ache as his grin stretched wider. He didn't quite understand why he felt so proud to see Blaine play his heart out or to see the audience give him a standing ovation at the end of the piece, but he did.

Cooper had been bouncing up and down in his seat between Kurt and Santana and even if they'd wanted to they wouldn't have been about to muffle his proud shrieks. As the crowd headed for the doors to the entrance hall Rachel led them down to the left side and out the hidden doors down there, taking them on a short walk to the rehearsal hall where the band was. There was a loud rumble of noise as they approached and Kurt raised up on his tiptoes, looking for Blaine's curly head.

Cooper, the tallest of their group, spotted him first. "Blainey!" he crowed at the top of his lungs as he pointed towards the far left corner. "Come give the proudest brother in existence a big hug!"

As Cooper rushed over, with Rachel a few steps behind him, Kurt gulped loudly and clutched the surprise he'd brought more tightly behind his back.

Santana pinched his neck hard, glared at him, and then jerked her head towards Blaine, who was currently being paraded around the room on Cooper's back. The Latina girl had stopped talking to both of them a few days ago. Unfortunately that didn't stop her from acknowledging them in violent ways. Even wordlessly her point was clear.

Kurt took a deep breath before he followed her over, making sure to keep his surprise behind his back and out of Blaine's sight. Cooper was just dropping Blaine back to the floor when they came up next to the brothers. Rachel was beaming, and quite obviously batting her eyelashes in what she seemed to think was a flirtatious manner.

"Hey," Blaine greeted, beaming at them despite Santana's silence. "I'm so glad you made it."

"We wouldn't miss it," Rachel informed him, still eyeing Cooper hopefully.

Blaine saw were she was looking, and more importantly how she was looking at Cooper, and rolled his eyes as he turned to Kurt. Kurt tentatively smiled back at the other man's flushed face.

"I brought you something," Kurt said, deciding not to postpone the moment, because it would look rather suspicious if he kept his hands behind his back for a long period of time. Hands shaking Kurt twisted his arm around and present the bouquet of roses to Blaine.

He'd had no idea what kind of flowers Blaine liked, or if he even liked them at all, but it wasn't unheard of for a performer to be presented with a bouquet of flowers after a show. Carole and Burt had given Kurt a huge one after they'd seen him in his high school musical years ago. Since e hadn't known Blaine's preferences he'd decided on roses and then picked two colors based on the meanings attached to them. Half a dozen deep red ones for them as romantic lovers, and six lilac ones to convey the beginning of, what Kurt hoped was, true love. Whether or not the other man knew the meaning behind the second was uncertain, and part of Kurt wasn't sure he wanted Blaine to know it.

Much to Kurt's delight Blaine's face lit up at the sight, along with a faint flush to his cheeks.

"They're beautiful, Kurt," Blaine gushed, gently taking the roses from Kurt's grasp. "Red for lovers," Blaine remarked, pressing his nose against one and breathing deeply. "Thank you."

Kurt nodded and let Blaine pull him in close. Warm lips brushed his neck for a brief second. "Lilac for the start of a love that is true," was whispered in his ear. Then Blaine pulled back, looking nervous at the quiet words, but not ashamed or frightened at the idea.

Kurt's shoulders relaxed as he breathed a sigh of relief. Cooper suddenly cleared his throat loudly and stretched his arms over his head.

"Well, looks like it's time for that post-concert piss break, huh, Santana?" Cooper reminded her chirpily.

"No better time for it," Santana agreed, tugging a confused looking Rachel backwards a few steps towards the doorway.

"What– but I don't have to– "

"Buddy system," Santana insisted. "Since when do ladies let other ladies go into the bathroom alone? Get with it, Berry."

"Wha– oh, OH! "Rachel said loudly, cottoning on as the other two dragged her away. There was brief moment where she pulled free enough to turn and flash Kurt and Blaine a huge grin and call out, "Call us when you're official!" before they disappeared.

Heat was spreading rapidly across Kurt's cheeks. He glanced over at Blaine and a tinge of delight flooded his chest when he saw the other man pressing his nose against the roses once more.

"Let me get changed," Blaine decided, "then we can find somewhere quieter to talk."

"Okay," Kurt breathed as Blaine headed back into another room, presumably a changing room of some type.

Kurt stood around awkwardly for a few minutes, looking through the excited students chatting and accepting bouquets of their own. He hadn't expected Blaine to know the meaning behind the lilac roses, but the fact that he not only did, but seemed quite content with the idea made Kurt feel more at ease than he had in weeks when he'd thought about all of their possibilities. This was stepping into new territory for him – his first real romantic relationship. The very thought made him feel lightheaded.

A few minutes later Blaine reappeared, no longer in his tuxedo, but a pair of dark jeans, thermal top, and a his jacket.

"Let's go out the back door and circle around to the front to meet them," Blaine suggested, sliding his hand into Kurt's and squeezing it tight. "It'll give us some time to... talk."

But once they had left the loud crowd and made their way down the hall to the back exit they both fell silent. Kurt wondered if Blaine was having the same problem he was, being too nervous to find the right words to begin this conversation that he was pretty sure they'd both wanted to have for weeks now. Instead Kurt grasp onto the first thing that came to mind.

"Your piano playing has improved a lot," Kurt remarked, pulling his hand out of Blaine's and instead hooking it around the other man's waist. Blaine fell into the movement, circling his left arm around Kurt and dipping his hand into Kurt's front pocket as they strolled down the walkway.

As soon as Kurt had said it he realized that in Blaine's memory this was the first time Kurt had ever seen him really play the piano. At least this could lead into what they really needed to discuss.

"I– Kurt, you've never seen me... at least I don't think you've ever seen me play," Blaine amended, sounding confused. He glanced over at Kurt.

Kurt looked away bashfully and bit his lip. It was now or never, wasn't it? They'd both put this off for far too long.

"I... last year my roommate was kind of obnoxious and loud, always had people over when I was trying to work," Kurt began, trying to keep his eyes trained on the path they were walking, but he couldn't help but to keep shifting his gaze towards Blaine. As much as he was dreading Blaine's potential negative reaction, he couldn't stop himself from watching and hoping for something else. "I ended up going to that little coffee shop across campus. That back corner, the little nook with the big armchairs?" Blaine nodded, letting Kurt know he knew the spot. "It sort of became my study spot."

"You saw me playing all the time," Blaine said in disbelief.

Their footfalls faltered, and Kurt turned to face Blaine, waiting for Blaine's shock to morph into something mean or accusatory. "I... you were so you when you were up there and– I couldn't– I didn't– "

"Why didn't you ever introduce yourself to me?" Blaine whispered sadly. "That corner, it's too dim to really see from the stage, but– Kurt, I wish you had."

Kurt shrugged uncomfortably. "I... at first I figured you were straight, but then I saw those buff guys that were always around and... I didn't think I was your type," Kurt confessed quietly. "Not next to them. But I still stayed to watch. I kind of loved the idea of falling in love with you."

"It's a beautiful idea," Blaine agreed quietly. He stepped in closer, until they were chest to chest and Kurt could feel the pounding of Blaine's heart against his. "I'd do anything for you, Kurt, e- even fall in love. Well, allow myself to admit to it, I guess."

"Is that what we're doing?" Kurt asked nervously. As an answer Blaine looped his arms around Kurt's neck, pressing their foreheads together and letting their noses brush.

"I hope so," Blaine murmured. "As scary as the thought is, I'd really like to love each other... e- even if it all crumbles down around us someday. You're worth the heartache that might happen."

"It won't," Kurt promised, one hand tangling around Blaine's waist as the other reached up and cupped his cheek. "I've waited too long for someone like you to even think about screwing this up."

Their lips met tentatively, and it was both refreshing and a little odd considering how many times they'd kissed before. Kurt let himself sink into the soft brushes and the gentle caress of Blaine's thumb over the back of his neck. This was serenity, a true and strong connection he hoped was never broken. Together they just felt natural, whole, and more content than Kurt had ever felt in his life.

Blaine's lips shifted some, catching the corner of his mouth, his hot breath breezing over Kurt's cheek.

"Kurt Hummel," Blaine said dreamily, "my boyfriend. I'm definitely going to like getting to say that."

"Not as much as I'm going to like getting to tell you t- that I love you." Kurt meant to sound witty, or too come off as humorous, but his words came out rushed and his heart had crawled up his throat and was beating so hard it felt like there was a fist trying to punch its way out.

A slow grin pulled back Blaine's lips, and Kurt was once more struck by the difference between that smile and the one he remember from before they'd been introduced.

"I love you, too."

In love. They were in love and together. Everything Kurt had ever wanted was falling into place – or really, he and Blaine had had to fall into the right places in order to actually see each other as they were. Blaine pressed back in, kissing him a little harder, but the sweetness still lingered. Nothing could ruin this moment, nothing except–

"Fucking finally!" Cooper shrieked, tumbling out of the nearest row of bushes. Rachel and Santana cried out in alarm as his arms caught them and dragged them down with them.

"Oh, god," Blaine groaned in embarrassment as Kurt started to giggle. "I– I'm not speaking to any of you ever again."

"But– "

"Shut up, Cooper, or I'll tell Mama what really happened to her favorite dress," Blaine threatened.

Kurt cocked an eyebrow as Cooper's face paled. "Cooper and a dress? This is a story I've got to hear."

"Me, too," Santana agreed, eyeing Cooper carefully. "There's no way those shoulders would fit into Mama Anderson's clothes."

"I'll tell you guys over dinner, yeah?" Blaine offered, hooking his arm around Kurt's waist. Kurt smiled widely at the contact and did the same to Blaine.

"You will not– " Cooper began crossly. "Or– or I'll tell them about you and the bra– "

Blaine's face flooded with color at his words. "I was nine!"

Santana and Rachel linked arms and pressed onto Kurt's other side as they started up the path towards the main entrance. "It's about time you had a proper boyfriend," Rachel remarked as Cooper yanked Blaine from Kurt's side and tried to drag him to the ground as they continued to bicker loudly.

"Hey, boyfriend," Kurt called, a tingling thrill going down his spine at the word. Boyfriend. He, Kurt Hummel, had a boyfriend. The two brothers stopped fighting abruptly. "Walk with me to dinner?"

Blaine bit his lip to try to hold back his smile, and nodded almost bashfully. "Okay, boyfriend."

As Blaine hopped to his feet and swept back over to his side Rachel sighed loudly and Santana groaned as the two men brushed noses and grinned so wide it was almost painful.

"Ugh, I'm already sickened by you two and you've only been together for five minutes," Santana whined, hoisting Cooper to his feet and shoving him up the path.

"Come on, Jollywood. Let's get out of here before I start projectile vomiting."

Rachel skipped off to join them and Kurt and Blaine took up the rear, hand in hand.