Last chapter~! I had a LOT to do for it, I had to look up the cities in Okinawa, reseach wedding traditions in Japan...and I've never even BEEN to a wedding so no personal experience to draw on...anyways, enjoy loves! Also, I know Mairu and Kururi wouldn't be wearing Tomesode kimonos as they are unmarried...technically. They consider themselves married to each other though, so I thought they would do it just to weird people out...No Izaya's not in adress...but fanservice requires he wears a womans and enjoy~!

"Uwa! Iza-nii! You look so handsome~!" Mairu tackles me and is quickly followed by Kururi.
"Shizuo….rip…." (Shizuo will rip it off you later, I'm sure) Kururi says with an identical expression to Mairu's.
"Ow! Get off me! I had a baby recently you know!"
"Feh, and you lost all that baby weight to…damn I wanted to tease you more for being squishy and fat!"
"I wasn't fat, I was pregnant!" I argue, trying to get them off me. They wear identical tomesode kimono .

"Mommy! If Auntie Kururi and Auntie Mairu are being annoying I can throw them…" They grin and go to Yuzuki who's in pink with decorative swirls all over her kimono.
"Aw~! Yuzu-chan! You're so cute!"They hug her and Yuzuki squeals and struggles with them, but she's not serious or they would not still be holding her.
"Okay, ladies…let the ring-bearer go please!"
"…movie…"(That sounds like she's from the Lord of the Rings movie now!) Kururi say's happily, but they release Yuzuki all the same.

"Yuzu-chan, is your Dad ready too?"
"Yup! He's supposed to be at the alter first right? 'Cause Mommies are the brides!"
"Iza-nii! You're such a pretty bride!"
"Shut up! It's not like I'm in a dress!" Just a kimono that looks like one…and despite the fact that I'm obviously not a virgin my parents insisted on full tradition and since I'm also obviously the bride that means I got to be painted white, head to freaking toe. I really wish I could have done a western style wedding…Hell we're even at a Shinto Shrine.

"Mommy, do you need help with that?" I even have to wear the ridiculous headpiece and the stupid hood.
"You know, yeah, I think so," I smile as Yuzuki bounces over and helps me with it.
"There, better?"
"Ah, thank you sweetie~!" I kiss the top of her now blonde head. She decided she wanted to look more like her father and she really is a little him…except smarter.

"We ready back here?" Shinra asks, poking his head in and I nod once, following him out. Mairu, Kururi and Yuzuki hurry off since they have duties to attend to…namely being in their places. What a lonely walk down the aisle though…thank god no one decided I had to be 'given away'. Shizuo is in a black Kimono and he smiles gently as he watches me. I don't even hear the flute playing I'm so focused on him and we both face forward as our families rise and face each other.

"We are here today to witness then blending of the Heiwajima family with the Orihara family. The groom will now recite his vows of commitment to the bride," He wasn't even allowed to say them to me, he had to recite them facing forwards but he said them.
"I vow to remain faithful and loving, to care for and abide by my bride through sickness and health, in poverty and riches for so long as I live,"

"The marriage contract is such. That the Orihara family gives their son, Izaya, to the Heiwajima family for their son, Shizuo. In exchange they receive the knowledge that their son will be well treated and loved, that he will be cared for through all and that his husband, Shizuo, will remain loyal and steadfast. If this is not the agreed upon contract either side must speak now, or forever hold," No one said anything and the shrine maidens moved in to pour the sake into the different cups for the San-San-Kudo ceremony. Shizuo raised the smallest cup first and took three sips before setting it down and I raised mine to do the same. Then the medium, then the large cups followed and then the sake is poured for our families –Yuzuki and Yuki excluded of course. They drink and Yuzuki comes up with the wedding rings, his on my side, mine on his and presents them. Now that our families have drunk we get to face each other and exchange our wedding rings. Of course we also have to offer Sakaki to non-existent Kami, but then we can get on with the reception. We offer the twigs with our less-than-sincere prayers but it means I can finally change out of this thing. The procession out is led by our fathers, who walk beside each other, then his brother and my sisters (Who can barely keep their eyes forward I may add), then us, then our mothers. And Yuzuki brings up the rear with Shinra and Celty who are carrying Yuki in a small carrier.

We have to separate to change though, but this time it's into a tux which is more comfortable. The guests have to change too, but we're moving locations anyways since June is wedding month in Japan and all.

Yuzuki is in a pink dress and on Shizuo's lap, complaining.
"Everyone else drank some!" She wines.
"Yuzuki, everyone else is also an adult, you're not, no sake until you're an adult!"
"Trust me Yuzuki, it's not worth it now…you start high school next year, remember?"
"Yeah!" Everyone already had one piece of the large cake so she bounds over for a second piece and Shizuo leans in to give me a chaste kiss before he goes to help her with that. Celty is wearing a black dress that has a cape and hood to conceal the fact that she has no head and she's trying to stop Shinra –in a classier suit than usual—from bothering me. She doesn't succeed.

"Izaya! I figured out what it is! You're an albino too!" He bounces a little.
"I…am?" That's news.
"Yes! You have what's known as ocular albinism, it's why you're paler than, everybody! Yuki has oculocutaneous albinism, probably OCA4 type, so he may get more pigment in his hair later on! Your albinism also affected your eyes, that's why you have red eyes you see! Though blue is more typical and even purple is more common than red!"

"Shinra…this is interesting and all but…" I smile sweetly at him and he gulps a little.
"R-right…so Mairu and Kururi look like they could die happy now,"
"Heh, yeah, they finally met their idol…"
"Hey now that the cakes done the dancing gets started soon, right?"
"Ah! Shoot, I don't know if Shizuo can even dance!" I can, I love to, but whether he can or not….

"I think we're about to find out…" He says as Shizuo comes back over, Yuzuki sitting down to eat her second piece of cake.
"I think we have to dance first…?" Shizuo says, the palest hint of a blush on his cheeks as he offers me a hand. I grin and take it and he leads me onto the dance floor. The music changes into something instrumental, I know the tune, but I can't place it either. Seems he can dance after all…he leads of course as we waltz across the floor in the first dance. People join us on the dance floor after the first one and the second time we do a lively Rumba…that one really gets us noticed too. I read his movements and he reads mine and we move in sync like we rehearsed it for months…but then again, we were doing this for years. Of course once the music stops for that one we move aside.

"When did you learn to dance?" I mumble softly in his ear and he grins at me teasingly.
"You were gone eight years…I got bored not having anyone to chase all over Ikebukuro so I took up dancing,"
"I see…"
"When did you learn?"
"I'm an informant Shizu-chan…I know everything," I tease, "besides, I always considered fighting you a dance~"
"Huh…me too," I smile and watch the others dancing. Kasuka is generous enough to dance with both my sisters, once each on their own and once together in an awkward group of three. Kida and Mikado dance awkwardly since Mikado's expecting now too. Their wedding was a few months ago though, March. Walker dances with Erika and Togusa respectively, though more with Togusa even though he's awkward with both given his much larger stomach…Shizuo wanted them there so they came. Vorona and Tom dance together too though Shizuo does give her one dance…it makes me jealous but I get my new husband back pretty quickly too.

"That's you're Yuzuki, and Yuki will be in our room with us!" Shinra says happily.
"I really get to sleep over for a whole week?" She asks happily.
[Yup! And we're going to have lots of fun!]
"Yay!" She hurries into her room and then back out to give me and Shizuo a hug, "Bye Mommy, bye Daddy, see you when you get back!"
"And remember to be safe!" Shinra says solemnly making me blush and Shizuo scowl at him.

"Why? I'd love another sibling!" Yuzuki says.
"Yuzuki….why did you have to get my brain…" I mumble, hiding my face in Shizuo's chest.
[You're going to miss your flight if you're not careful] Celty warns us.
"We'll call as soon as we're in the hotel, okay?" I assure them and Shinra nods.
"Yeah…come on, go! You're on your honeymoon!" Shinra says making a shooing motion with one hand and finally we leave.

The flight to Nago on the island of Okinawa isn't long, nor is the taxi ride from the airport to our hotel. Shizuo makes the call while I check out the room we got. Not bad, and the mini-fridge is well stocked too. I open my suitcase and smirk a little. I made sure to bring the only one of Shizuo's birthday gifts we haven't used yet…
"Gonna change," I call to him and he nods, while he talks to Shinra. I slip into the bathroom and out of my usual clothing. It's a bit warm here anyways…I slip on the damnable maid outfit. I hate them, but Shizuo loves them and so for him…I will endure the humiliation…besides it does kinda turn me on. I must admit, Mairu and Kururi do know what looks good on me, even if it is a short skirt. I do look totally hot though. I slip back out and I'm very pleased to see he is turned the other direction. He hangs up the phone and I lean suggestively against the doorway of the bathroom as he turns. His jaw drops a little then he grins.

"Master…I think we should get this marriage consummated…" I purr and he chuckles and comes over.
"You read my mind my pet…" He brushes our lips together, gently at first, then more fiercely as I part my lips for his tongue easily, my own wrapping around his playfully before submitting and letting him control the kiss. His hands move up my back quickly before tugging at the material but it doesn't yield to him.

"What the-?" He can't rip it…I burst out laughing.
"Ha-ha! I should have known! Mairu and Kururi want us to use it more than once!" I laugh and he scowls a little.
"But I like ripping them off you…" He whines and I smirk playfully at him in return.
"But master~, now you get to undress me slowly…hmm, no I have a better idea…" I take his hand and sit him in one of the chairs.

"Izaya?" He watches and pretty soon he can't look away either…not when I turn some music on. I move slowly, sensually rolling my hips with the beat as I stalk towards him slowly, the beat throbbing through me as it guides me towards him. Finally there I move myself over him, the dance becoming more sensual as I move across his lap, letting him steal chaste kisses, his hands coming up after a while to feel my hips move.

I turn to face him and slowly run my hands up underneath the t-shirt he's wearing and when it covers his eyes, but not his lips I pause and breathe across his mouth making him open it hungrily. I flick my tongue out and lick his lower lip before allowing this kiss, his arms freeing themselves from the fabric to hold my body to his as out tongues battle for control. Finally I escape the intoxicating kiss and tug the shirt off him. His fingers claw at my back for the ties that hold the costume in place and I smirk.

"Not yet master…" I purr moving carefully off his lap so as not to aggravate my now throbbing erection too soon. I can't lose myself yet…one hand moves slowly down his perfectly chiselled chest, his abdomen tracing the perfect muscles until I reach the hem of his pants, a small smirk on my lips. I undo the button and the zipper as I get on my knees and he, realizing what I plan, lets me between his legs as I tug his erection out, licking my lips. Then I lick along the vein from the base to the tip before taking him in my mouth.

"Izaaayaaa~" He groans in delight, one hand moving to tangle in my hair as I start bobbing my head, my tongue swirling around the hard organ in my mouth, tasting every inch of it. He moans and tries hard not to buck into my mouth until finally I pull away, my own needs not willing to be ignored any longer. I grab the condom I had enough forethought to put in the pocket of the maid outfit and rip it open, rolling it on his shaft quickly. Then I slide into his lap easily, guiding him inside me with one hand.

"Nnn~! You really must be a monster, I s-swear you get b-bigger every time!" I whine, rolling my hips a little, making him groan again. My own arousal rubs nicely against his hard abdomen as I start to move my hips, the head of his erection bumping my prostate perfectly with each thrust. I keep the pace steady even though it kills me until finally he grabs my hips and holds me still so he can start bucking inside me.

"Nn~! Hahh~! Sh-Shizu-chan! Ahh~!" It's so good my toes are going numb! The moans tumble out of my mouth uncontrollably as our lips meet and part, breath mingling.
"Mmn~! AH! I c-can't~! Sh-Shizuo! SHIZUO!" I grip his arms so hard I scratch him as I come. I feel his muscles tense as he comes with me, burying himself deep inside me. We stay still a moment, our breath coming in ragged, heaving pants before I move enough to kiss him. He nuzzles my neck affectionately when I pry my lips from his.

"I love you Izaya…" He murmurs softly.
"I love you too, Shizuo…" I mumble, just as soft.

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