Amuto- Please be My Master

Pyro: OK so I've been running into neko stories a lot and the first thing to come to my mind is Ikuto and Amu even in the master and pet ones


Ikuto: *sad face* oh my cute little kitten that hurts me

Pyro: *Sighs* Ok we all know you are in love with him, but you won't admit it. If you don't like that idea well you get to boss around Ikuto

Amu: *Smiles looks at Ikuto and starts to blush*

Pyro: *Thinking this* OMG I working with a horny little girl

Ikuto: *Smirks* I'll do as you command, Amu-sama

Pyro: Ok let's get this story on the road before I have to get the cold water.

Ikuto and Amu: *shivers hating the idea* Pyro does not own Shugo Chara, but this girl sure can wish

Pyro: Usai

Ikuto and amu: *look at each other and sigh*

Amu *whispers* she's scaring and confusing

Ikuto: *Whispers back* I know just start the story

Ikuto POV

As always I've been walking around the streets to find some fun as always there is nothing to do. At least until I spot a certain pink haired girl wearing dorky nerd glasses and short hair in a pony tails who's 18 so she's maybe 3-4 years older than girl seems to be in a hurry because she's seems to struggles with her coat and tie to her starts to run into the street without looking as a truck comes into one seemed to notice so I rush and pull her out of the way in time.

To me I think we did a pretty cool flip when we land onto the sidewalk and she's on top of me. To put it also more plainly she's sitting on my waist. Also I realized it's practically inhumanly impossible at how fast I moved.

Why did I save her? It's such an odd thing for me to inner self just smiles because she's smells like strawberries and she's really pretty. Stupid fucking cat instincts want me to just take her right now in public. Shit I thought I had all of this under control.

I've just been sitting here with her sitting there all confused and no one seems to notice us. Still it took her a few minutes to realize that they'll be no impact. She looks down at me with gold honey eyes that look like they had captured the rainbow also they are so round and looks so cute when she's confused, "Where you the one that saved me?"I look around to add effect to what I tell her with my world famous smirk, "Well yes I am the one that saved you."She starts to laugh and I have to say that it's kind of cute, "I should have thought as much. Sorry but I have to go. Still thank you so much for saving me from getting hit by that truck"

I keep my smirk on my face, "Yeah, I should go as well but you're kind of sitting on me.""Oh... I'mmmm... Sooo... Sorry..." (Well however you'd write a stutter) she jumps off of me but falls on her butt.I stand up and put m hands in front of her offering to help her takes them and smiles at me and I have to say that smile makes my heart stop. I pull her up, "Thank you again. Still this day couldn't get anymore embarrassing.

"I chuckle, "Now never say that. Also no problem I loved that I could be a help."

She didn't stutter this time nut she was close, "Ummm... No problem... Wait what time is it?"

I rub my sensitive ears before looking at my watch, "It's almost eight."

She grabs on of the bags on the ground next to us before shooting up again, "what? Shit she's so going to have my head! Oh god I'm going to be so late. Sorry but I really have to go it was nice talking to you."

She ran off faster than anyone she's regular. Man she must be a track star. It did look like she was late for something instead of getting away from the stranger. I wonder what my next class is. I look at my watch again and hate that I really have to think about it. Oh I have three hours. I look down at the last bag on the ground and pick it up. This bag is way to heavy to be mine I look at it closely its the same bag design, color, and brand it just has charms of a spade, an ace, diamond, and clover. The bag must be the pinkette's. So if this is her's she must be mine.

Damn now I have to find her in three hours or else Sensei will literately kill me. I run to my flat and place the bag on the table in the middle of my living room. I must have been staring at it for twenty minutes as I pace back and forth in front of the it.

"I give up!"

I open her bag and find a folder with some high standard academy name on it that seems familiar. I open it still to find out that it's a photo folder for a photography class. Which would make sense since there's a camera in the bag. Along with a few books on random regular accicular classes, five note books color coded with folders, and a schedule only to see her first class is photography.

I put everything back in the bag in order and decide to roll her name of my tongue, "Hinamori Amu."

I almost sigh at how nice it sounded but I couldn't' stop the shiver to go through me. Again I seem to act weird because of the thought of her makes me smile for real not my normal smirk. This girl is no more woman than that. She's more woman than most that I've met my age. Still I sigh no one has caused this much trouble in my head. Well except me worrying for my family.

I get to the girl's school to realize how do I explain myself. Still I go to the office sighing to see that it was only half way into first hour.I walk to the office and realize that this Amu goes to the same school as Utau. Oh come on she must know my crazy little sister.

I sigh as I go to talk to Mia, "Hey Mia can you tell me where Hinamori Amu is?"

"Why would that be?""

I ran into this morning and we grabbed the wrong bags. And before you get the wrong idea I saved her from getting hit by a car where we dropped our bags. She may need her bag and I really need mine."

Mia laughs, "Still sounds something that you two would end up doing. Ok Ikuto I let you to go swap each others bags back and come here so I know that you're leaving in Karomi-sensei's room. You remember where that is right?"

"Yeah I remember. I believe."

I walk out of the office and start walking through the hall playing with the visitor tag that I have that I use whenever I have to drop things off or doing a class. I sigh until I hear giggling ugh kids sneaking off in the middle of class are disguising. I sigh and get to the class room number and knock on the door. I hear an enter and I do so.I stick my head in to see Amu head pop up and right away I know that she knows why I'm here. A bad thing is my sister is in the think the two of them had talked about what had happened and right away my sister pulled Amu up and dragged her to the door

."Sorry sensei my brother has something to talk with about and Amu needs to tell us about her idea for my next album. My brother needs to ok the ideas."

Karomi just nods and goes back to explaining to the class about the next project. "So this is your brother.

"My sister nods, "Yeah well I guess you two have already met."

Amu blushes handing me my bag, "I'm sorry I went through it. I just thought for a little that I had grabbed a few of the wrong things."

I laugh, "Well I guess we're even because I had to see what school you went to. I like your work I was wondering if I could have you help out with my photos for my tour that I'm going to go on soon."

"Yeah I would like that. To be properly introduced now is a good idea. My name is Hinamori Amu, but just call me Amu I hate having suffixes. And Utau told me that you are Tsukimori Ikuto."

I feel my ears and tail pop out and right away my sister tries to hide them for me.

"Oh shit," I whisper.

"Huh your a neko," I heard that and I almost fall down laughing.

"You know about us?"

She simply nods, "Yeah I read about them in history class but they are more commonly used in mangas and animes. My cousin had a neko."

"No way for real," we both just look at Utau and her big mouth.

"Ummm... Yeah and I know that your boyfriend that you started dating and never called him his name and one day you decided to and upps there goes his cover."

I smile more and hug her, "Sis can I keep her?"

Utau seems annoyed but she shrugs it off, "Dear brother the question since of what we are is will she keep you?"

My sister is right for once the real question is will this girl Amu keep me or will I be casted aside after I lose purpose?

The said girl who is my master just told us, "You got to be kidding me. I can't boss anyone around me kind of suck at it. If you two haven't ever noticed that I'm open of the kids that get bossed around? What am I supposed to do anyways?"

Utau looks at me with the most serious face I've seen on her, "Look I love my brother and in my family it tends to kill us when we find our master and then they don't' take us in. Please you don't have to boss him around just see him one or something times a day and it'll keep him strong and alive. The stronger your bonds becomes you'll only have to see him once a week or even a month."

She sighs telling me she's feeling guilt, "Fine I'll do this only because I don't want anyone to get hurt. So Ikuto I'll keep you as my neko, or do you guys like…"

They sigh truth is we hate being called that because then people say that we are somehow related to the demons in the stories called nekos that eat humans, when in truth we don't' we don't like that kind of taste at least that's what I read in our history book."

Her eyes were shining like stars, "History…! History that doesn't deal with humans can I please read?"

Her puppy dog eyes are so sticking cute.

I chuckle, "Yes, I think I can dig up some things that are real history well if I get permission."

I become surprised that was all I had to say was that because she threw herself into my arms hugging me to tight.

"Thank you Ikuto-kun," her voice was innocent, sweet, kind, and loving all at the same time oh my god I want to kiss her.

That wasn't all that surprised me with her holding me tight and speaking so sweetly. What almost did me in is when she pulled me to her and kissed me on the lips smiling innocently when she pulled away.

Utau squealed and made gagging noises later making Amu chuckle, "Amu-chan and Ani-san kissing. Oh that's kind of gross never thoughts I'd see that."

"Shut Up, Utau," both of us scream at her.

Forgetting we are standing in the hallway of a school in front of the class room luckily they are sound proof for reasons like this I guess you can say.