Pt. Four: cute together

Ikuto's txt

Ikuto's thoughts

Amu's txt

Amu's thoughts

Pyro: Hi people sorry I took so long to update this story there were so many things I've been doing I kind of forgot about it.

Amu's POV

I sigh when I look to see Utau looking away from Kukai since I told him that she was in love with him. Kukai has a cute little smile on his lips as he looks at Utau.

Ah young love…

I look at my phone to see if Ikuto text me and still I don't know if we got the park or not.

Utau leans over and takes my phone, "There much better. Amu how about we go to the music room for you can calm down a bit."

I nod and walk to the music room with Utau where I sit down at the piano and started to play when I heard my phone go off but Utau has it so she can answer it for me.

"Hello… Hey Ikuto….Yeah she's right by me…. No her hands are full… What do I mean?... Yes I know that she's your new hirey… Don't get sassy with me mister… Fine how about I put you on speaker?... Fine," she stops and puts the phone and speaker phone on the bench.

"Hey who's playing?"

Before I can tell Utau not to tell him she answers, "Amu is playing. Like I told you her hands were full."

I lean over and whisper in her ear, "You are so dead to me."

She laughs, "Payback is a bitch," she whispers back.

"Hey can you two stop whispering and Utau you can leave I just need to talk to Amu real quick."

She shrugs and I stop playing taking him off speakerphone, "What do you need Ikuto?"

"Well I told you I'd call if I got us the park and I got if for in the evening an hour and a half before the sun sets as long as we leave by ten."

"That's amazing Ikuto. I can't' wait. Can we take Ami with us I don't want to leave her with my grandmother?"

"Sure sounds fine with me Amu as long as you're there to take the photos."

I laugh and try to hide my blush just in case anyone looked into the piano room.

"I guess you get to see me shirtless again," he whispers into the phone making everything in my head start freaking even more wrapping around on the memory of Ikuto with no shirt on.

"Ikuto shut up… Ok so I guess I'll see you after school."

He laughs even more, "Ok see you later than Amu."

School ended and when I walked outside with Utau and Kukai standing by his car looking cool as ever is Ikuto. When he sees us he waves and right away Utau says something about hoe Kukai was going to drive her home today.

I turn towards Ikuto smiling as I walk closer to him.

When I reach him I tell him, Utau said something about Kukai driving her home or to the shoot today so can we go pick up my sister now?"

He nods and opens the passenger side door for me. After I climb in, he closes the door and walks around so he can get in on the driver's side and drive to my sister's school. When we pull up I get out and check my sister out like I would about any day I wouldn't be working.

When Ami sees Ikuto she jumps into his arms and yells, "Kitty!"

Making me laugh and study how my sister looks in Ikuto's arms. I smile at them.

They look great together almost like…

"Ami-oni-chan wakie," I feel a hand hit my cheek and Ikuto laughing.

I look up to see Ikuto holding Ami in front of my face and Ami ready to hit my cheek again. I grab her hand as Ikuto gently tosses her into my arms and as I catch her I start to tickle her.

She squeals and giggles, "One-chan stoppp."

I smile and open the back door and set her in and point to the seat belt she nods and pulls it down and hooks it.

I smile at her in approval and Ikuto and I slip into the car placing our seat belt on.

I get a text from Utau and I read it aloud, "Kukai and I passed you two with Ami you guys look so cute together."

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