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"Will, it's me, Abby... Of course it's me, you already know that, I mean you've got caller I.D and everything... But um, there's something you need to see. I got this call that they'd found an abnormal passed out in the alle- No! It's important! No, look I'll just be a second! No wait! Please! I'm with the FBI! This man is dangerous- ... No, please there are people who need to kno- ... Look, I know what I'm-... Please!... Will, look I'm sorry, I've got to go but please, you have to call me back, it's urgent."

One hour earlier:

"Yes?" Abby said curtly as she answered her desk phone. Her day had barely started and already she'd had at least four abnormal sightings, all of which turned out to be fake and she really wasn't in the mood to deal with another crazed old woman who was convinced that the shadows outside had fangs. Her date with Will last night had been cut painfully short when he was pulled away and, although he'd tried to stop by her place this morning with coffee to make up for it, she'd been in such a hurry that she'd pecked him on the cheek, dashed out the door, sculling her coffee and burning her tongue in the process. She'd actually been looking forward to a quick break, if only so that she could call and apologise but clearly the odds were not in her favour.

Turning her attention to the voice of her boss floating down the line, Abby bit back a sigh as she reached for the gun she'd only just put down.

"St James' hospital?" she echoed, confused.

"Yes, apparently this one was found in an alley way, unconscious, his entire body sprouting some kind of electrical shocks. They actually had to use rubber gloves to move him," her boss confirmed.

"Well then I guess this one probably isn't a hoax," she agreed, a little worried. For the most part, the Sanctuary team took care of the really dangerous abnormals, only ever crossing paths with her team once they'd 'bagged and tagged' the creature. Since their first encounter in the sewers, their response time had gotten quicker and quicker and while Abby resented the fact that they were probably tapping the FBI tip lines, she was also immensely relieved that they were still determined to do their job. As much as she liked to believe that her skills matched theirs, she knew that, when push came to shove, it was better to trust the Sanctuary than demand they step back.

"I don't think so," came the response that brought her back to reality. With a few more gruff words, Abby hung up, grabbing her jacket and striding out of the office, prepared to deal with an actual emergency and ever so slightly excited about the prospect.

"FBI," Abby almost barked, enjoying the small spark of pleasure she always felt when that little spark of respect appeared in the orderly's eyes. No one ever seemed to think she could be more than a dumb blonde until she flashed that pretty little badge. Of course, she knew her sugary voice and inability to stop smiling didn't help her cause but still, that badge seemed to make people show her just a tad more respect and she liked it.

"Right, of course, this way," the flustered man said, ushering her down the corridor. They walked in silence for a few minutes and Abby, despite her best efforts, lost all sense of direction, following her guide blindly. After a few minutes, they arrived outside a small, ambiguous looking room. The orderly rocked back on his heels, looking sheepishly at her.

"He's stable for now but he's unlike anything I've ever seen. We can draw blood from him but, a minute later, it's like nothing ever happened," the man confessed, sounding ever so slightly afraid. "And his blood is... I dunno, it's strange. There's something about his DNA that makes me think that he's not quite human," he added in a hushed tone, as if afraid he might be overheard.

Pulling a business card from her pocket, she gave the man a kind look.

"Take this," she said, holding out the card, "and call that number. They'll be able to explain everything to you." The man nodded, looking unconvinced but, with one last cautious look at the door, booked it down the corridor at a much faster pace than Abby had expected. Not a hoax then, she though, taking a deep breath before putting her hand on the door and slowly pushing it open.

The room was unexpectedly devoid of hospital staff, it's only inhabitant the patient that had sent the orderly into such a tailspin. Barely looking at the man lying either asleep or unconscious (she couldn't tell which) on the bed, she instinctively scanned the perimeter, please that, should this abnormal feel incline to escape, he'd have a hard time doing so. Aside from the tiny ensuite bathroom and the door through which Abby had come, the tiny window was the only other route out of here and it was conveniently bolted shut.

Safe in the knowledge that the man wasn't going to escape, Abby returned her gaze to the small hospital bed. And then she gasped. He was very clearly unconscious (after all, she'd been told on many occasions that sleep was all but impossible for him) and his face drawn a grey. His normally immaculate hair was matted with filth and grime, dark circles prominent under his eyes. His breathing was shallow, gasps drawn in through pale and chapped lips and he looked, if possible, thinner than before. The man lying before her was completely vulnerable and unthreatening yet Abby took a step back. A big step back.

"Oh god," she whispered, fumbling with the pocket of her jacket for her phone. With shaking fingers, she hit the speed dial, bring the phone to her ear as she began to pray.

"Come on Will," she muttered, crossing her fingers as she glanced back to the bed. Biting her lip, she again turned away as the phone continued to ring.

"Hi, it's Will. I can't answer your call right now so leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible..."

Holding back the curse that was bubbling on her tongue, she made a face as she heard the beep sound in her ear.

"Will, it's me, Abby..." she started, nerves coursing through her veins. "Of course it's me, you already know that, I mean you've got caller I.D and everything... But um, there's something you need to see. I got this call that they'd found an abnormal passed out in the alle-."

"Honey, you can't make a call in here," a stern looking nurse said as she stepped through the door, pushing a tray of what looked to be some kind of testing equipment. Abby contemplated advising them against further experimentation but decided the call was more important. Dr. Magnus could would probably want to use the test results anyway.

"No! It's important!" she protested.

"And so is his treatment," the frumpy nurse argued.

"No, look I'll just be a second!" Abby tried, all but pleading with them as one of them tried to pull her from the room. "No wait! Please! I'm with the FBI! This man is dangerous- "

"He's sick," the woman said, grabbing Abby and pushing her towards the door.

"No, please there are people who need to kno-."

"Make your call later or out of here!"

"Look, I know what I'm-."


"Please!" Abby begged as they shoved her from the room, shutting the door in an attempt to keep her out. She tried the knob but either they were holding it shut or it had been locked. "Will, look I'm sorry, I've got to go but please, you have to call me back, it's urgent."

With that, she snapped her phone shut, shoved it in her pocket and began striding down the corridor to where she hoped to find a nurses station. Those women had no idea what they were dealing with and, should he wake up, they would be in a whole lot of trouble that Abby didn't want to even think about. That man, as sick as he may look, was not going to take to his almost captivity very nicely.

Despite the fact that he looked nothing like his previous self, Abby had known in a heartbeat that the man lying before her was none other than Nikola Tesla. And boy was he gonna be pissed when he woke up...