To: Elphie Thropp
Shiz University, Dorm B, Room 6511

From: Miss. Galinda Upland
Upper Uplands, Gilikin, 2486

Hello there my darling Elphaba,

Notice how I sent this letter to our room at Shiz? I realised that by the time this letter reaches you we'll be back at school so I figured I should just send the letter to school and you can read it whilst I watch you read it. (That's not creepy is it? It sounded less creepy in my head.)

Your letter made me so happy that I literally ran out of my room high-fiving everyone I came into contact with. I scared the life out of poor Rentsa when I ran into the kitchen where she was cooking and screamed 'SHE LIKES ME' and high-fived her on the back. I also had to apologise to Sugarcube when I burst into her stable and made her hit her nose…in hindsight I probably shouldn't have startled a large animal but I was just so happy.

So if you look up right now…
Now Elphie. Are you looking? I'm waving; see?

I want you to know that I love you so very much. I have kept ALL of your letters in a little box under my bed which I did bring with me. I don't think I meant to tell you all that. See Elphie! You make me speak too much. It's like my heart is rambling and it's the most terrifying, awesomest, specacularfying feeling in the entire Oz realm.

When you were away from me I felt so lost, like there was a whole in my tummy that was unable to be filled with food and drink (no matter how hard I tried. I really like food. Like REALLY like it.) I can't believe it took me till the end of our long vacation to realise that it was you that was missing. I needed you to fill that void and until you told me you loved me back, I struggled to figure out how to make that happen.

Oz I promised myself this wasn't going to be a sappy letter. I am not writing another letter, it's too much writing for one little hand. You'll just have to put up with sap. Sorry.

So we're back in our little dorm room. Guess this makes it our last letter. I'm honoured to be the one to close the link but I still don't want this to end. Waiting for your letters was an exhilarating feeling and when one would come I'd be bouncing with so much energy that my father told me I could be a battery for his mechanical cars. I was not amused.

I guess I'll just have to wait on something else now. Maybe…a kiss?

I love you always my Elphie.
Till the end of time
Your Lyndie


Hey guys, we've made it. This was the final installment of Letters From Home. It's always sad when a story ends but Sammich and I believed that this was the most organic time to close it all off.

I want to personally thank every one of you who favorited, liked, subscribed, read and reviewed this story. Some of you were guests and I could never thank you properly for your contribution, others never reviewed but merely followed and kept up with our sorry excuse for updates :) You're ALL amazing :D

This was the first story Sammich and I wrote together but it won't be the last. We have actually opened another account on which we will be moving this story over to as well as beginning a whole new series of stories. Our combined page is called Grumbello's Hoot and we'd love for you to join us there.

Till we meet again friends
Stay safe